The June Allyson Collection

Battle Circus
    Starring: June Allyson, Humphrey Bogart, Keenan Wynn,
                    William Campbell, Patricia Tiernan
                        & Steve Forrest

Nurse Lt. Ruth McGara is assigned to a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital unit near the front lines of the Korean War. There she meets and is roughly romanced by Major Jed Webbe, one of the unit's surgeons. Webbe is pushy and seems to care only for momentary pleasures, but McGara falls for him just the same. Their romance blossoms in the midst of overwhelming numbers of casualties, threats from the enemy and from the weather, and emergency evacuations that test the mettle of even a unit whose very name suggests quick mobility.

The Bride Goes Wild
    Starring: June Allyson, Van Johnson, Hume Cronyn,
                    Arlene Dahl & Una Merkle

McGrath publishes books for children and Uncle Bump is one of the best sellers. Unfortunately, Greg, who is Uncle Bump, tends to drink too much and has not started his next book. Martha won a contest to illustrate the book and the first thing that happens is that Greg gets her soused. To keep her there to illustrate, John gets a juvenile delinquent named Danny to play his son and show how much pressure he is under. The ploy works at first, but Greg's heart was broken by Tillie, and Martha may be the girl who makes him forget all about her.

Executive Suite
    Starring: June Allyson, Barbara Stanwyck,
                   William Holden
, Frederic March,
Walter Pidgeon, Nina Foch, Dean Jagger
Shelley Winters & Tim Considine

Avery Bullard, President of the Tredway Corporation has died. But he never named a clear successor, so the Board members must choose a replacement. The most likely is Loren Shaw, a skilled businessman, but some of the others don't like his calculating ways. But to stop him, they'll have to find someone else they can back. Will it be the engineer Don Walling? That will take convincing, they don't trust his youth and idealism. And he isn't even sure he wants the job, he might be happier creating rather than politicking.

The Girl in White
    Starring: June Allyson & Arthur Kennedy

The first female doctor in New York City comes up against prejudice from male counterparts who feel threatened by her skills. Eventually, though, they come to respect her and romance blossoms between her and the head doctor.

Her Highness & The Bellboy
    Starring: June Allyson, Hedy Lamarr & Robert Walker

The romance between a New York bellhop and a European princess falls by the wayside as each secretly longs for another.

Music for Millions
    Starring: June Allyson, Jimmy Durante &
                        Margaret O'Brien

This is an unusual WW II film but it's quality all the way. June Allyson plays cello in Jose Iturbi's orchestra. She is pregnant and as the orchestra tours, her fellow girlfriend orchestra members try to keep the news from her that her husband is missing and reported lost. It's a real tear-jerker but one filled with hope. Margaret O'Brien is her usual earnest and precocious self as the star of the film, believing in just about everything good and in people foremost. Marsha Hunt (looking for all the world like a very young Rita Moreno) does a fine job heading the supporting cast of protective girlfriends.

The Reformer & the Redhead
    Starring: June Allyson & Dick Powell

Hot-tempered Kathleen Maguire enlists the services of a young attorney to help her zookeeper father get his job back after he is fired for political reasons. In the midst of uncovering local political corruption and dealing with a lion that's escaped from the zoo, the two manage to fall in love.

The Secret Heart
    Starring: June Allyson, Claudette Colbert
                    & Lionel Barrymore

Psychological drama about a disturbed teenager obsessed with the memory of her dead father and unable to embrace her stepmother. Following the suicide of her father, Penny Addams begins to behave strangely, even locking herself in her room and playing the piano in his memory. Greatly worried, Penny's brother Chase and stepmother Lee consult a psychiatrist, Dr. Rossiger, who suggests that Penny be returned to the family's country home. Since the site is where the suicide took place, Rossiger believes that confronting the scene will force the young woman to mentally face the reality of her father's death. Once there, however, Penny becomes disenchanted with her father's memory.

Shorts Showcase: Classic Stars, Classic Films
Each Volume of  “ Shorts Showcase “ gives you almost 2 hours of those classic mini – films & those classic stars, that were a part of every movie showing, from an era now lost

Volume 2:
    The Knight is Young – Starring June Allyson & Hal LeRoy
    The Amazing Mr. Nordell – Starring Leon Ames & Clinton Sundberg
    Souvenirs of Death – Starring Barbara Billingsley
    Every Sunday – Starring Judy Garland & Deanna Durbin
    Andy Hardy’s Dilemma – Starring Mickey Rooney & Lewis Stone
    King for a Day – Starring Bill Robinson & Ernest Whitman
    So You Want to Hold Your Wife – Starring George O’Hanlon & Jane Harker
    That’s the Spirit – Starring Noble Sissell &  Miller & Moreland

Strategic Air Command
    Starring: June Allyson,
Jimmy Stewart,
        Harry Morgan & Frank Lovejoy

Demonstrations of classic military tactical procedures and excellent footage of vintage aircraft (like the rare B-36), combine here to give viewers a cold war primer on the Air Force's defense capabilities, circa 1955. Former World War II pilot James Stewart is called out of retirement to assist in the strengthening of the Strategic Air Command, the new bomber forces that are America's first line of defense against the Russian nuclear threat. Wife June Allyson sits at home and frets over her husband's devotion to duty, while Harry Morgan lends a hand on the aircraft. Through Stewart, director Anthony Mann takes us on an ersatz tour of the elite Air Force operations that safeguarded America at the time.

Too Young to Kiss
    Starring: June Allyson & Van Johnson

Eric Wainwright, a busy impresario, is besieged by hordes of wannabe concert stars, eager for their big break. One of them is Cynthia Potter, a talented pianist... but she can't get in to see him. When she learns that Wainwright is auditioning young musicians for a children's concert tour, Cynthia dons braces and bobby sox and passes herself off as a child prodigy.

Two Girls & A Sailor
    Starring: June Allyson, Van Johnson, Gloria de Haven,
                     Harry James, Jimmy Durante, Gracie Allen,
                     Xavier Cugat & Lena Horne

A sailor helps two sisters start up a service canteen. The sailor soon becomes taken with gorgeous sister Jean, unaware that her sibling Patsy is also in love with him.

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