The Dana Andrews Collection

Ball of Fire
    Starring: Dana Andrews, Gary Cooper
                        & Barbara Stanwyck

Sexy, wisecracking nightclub singer Sugarpuss O'Shea is a hot tomato who needs to be kept on ice: mobster boyfriend Joe Lilac is suspected of murder and Sugarpuss' testimony could put him away. Naive Professor Bertram Potts meets Miss O'Shea while researching an article on slang and in true romantic comedy fashion the two worlds collide. When Miss O'Shea hides out with Potts and his fellow professors, everyone learns something new: the professors how to cha-cha and Potts the meaning of "yum-yum"!

Belle Starr
    Starring: Dana Andrews, Gene Tierney & Randolph Scott

The setting is the Civil War and its aftermath. Belle's family has lost their land to Yankees. She marries Confederate guerilla leader Sam Starr and they continue activities against exploiters until she is shot riding to alert Sam to a trap. Highly romanticized and little connection with history.

Berlin Correspondent
    Starring: Dana Andrews & Virginia Gilmore

American correspondent Bill Roberts (Dana Andrews) is a thorn in the side of the Nazis, as his paper always scoops the world with the truth about Germany. Gestapo Captain Carl Von Rau (Martin Kosleck) means to plug the leak and assigns Karen Hauen (Virginia Gilmore), who he attends to wed, to the case. Roberts is obtaining his information for his stories and broadcasts from an elderly stamp collector who, defiantly opposed to the Nazis, sells the "proper" stamps to Roberts, giving him the information. Attracted to Karen, Roberts invites her to his apartment where she learns his secret. The old philatelist is sent to a concentration camp, and then Karen learns that he is her father (Erwin Kalser). She appeals to Roberts for help and he, in loyalty to the old man and now in love with Karen, agrees to help.

The Best Years of Our Lives
    Starring: Dana Andrews, Fredric Marsh,
                    Myrna Loy, Theresa Wright,
                        Virginia Mayo & Harold Russell

Three American servicemen return home to Boone City after the war, to find their lives irrevocably changed by their military experience. Homer Parrish has lost his hands, and has become distant from his fiancee and family as he struggles to overcome his disability. Al Stephenson returns to a family which has grown and changed during his three years away. And Fred Derry finds himself stuck in a lousy job and a loveless marriage, while at the same time falling in love with Al's daughter. Together, the three must find a way to come to terms with their experiences and pick up the pieces, lest wartime turns out to be "the best years of their lives".

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt
    Starring: Dana Andrews & Joan Fontaine

A writer sets himself up to take murder rap to show the errors of circumstantial evidence. With a friend holding back evidence so he can prove his innocence at the last minute, he goes to trial. But during the trial, his friend is killed in a car accident.

    Starring: Dana Andrews, Jane Wyatt, Arthur Kennedy
                    & Lee J Cobb

This dramatization of a factual incident opens in a quiet Connecticut town where a kindly priest is murdered while waiting at a street corner. The citizens are horrified and demand action from the police. All of the witnesses identify John Waldron, a nervous out-of-towner, as the killer. Although Waldron vehemently denies the crime, no one will believe him. District Attorney Henry Harvey is then put on the case and faces political opposition in his attempt to prove Waldron's innocence.

Daisy Kenyon
    Starring: Dana Andrews, Henry Fonda & Joan Crawford

Commercial artist Daisy Kenyon is involved with married lawyer Dan O'Mara, and hopes someday to marry him, if he ever divorces his wife Lucille. She meets returning veteran Peter, a decent and caring man, whom she does not love, but who offers her love and a more hopeful relationship. She marries him... just as Dan gets a divorce.

December 7th
    Starring: Dana Andrews, Walter Huston
                        & Harry Davenport

This Documentary/Drama shows the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941 and its results, the recovering of the ships, the improving of defense in Hawaii and the US efforts to beat back the Japanese enforcements. This is the rarely scene long version of this classic movie featuring fictional sequences. The introductory sequence shows Uncle Sam on vacation in Hawaii on December 6th. A character embodying the Voice of Responsibility warns him that ignoring Japanese immigrant Fifth Column activity will lead to disaster. The concluding sequence has the ghost of a serviceman killed in the attack, discussing how the US will beat the Japanese with the ghost of a Revolutionary War soldier in Arlington National Cemetery. Directed by John Ford & produced by the US Dept of War.

Fallen Angel
    Starring: Dana Andrews & Alice Faye

Eric Stanton, thrown off a bus for not having the fare, begins to frequent a diner called "Pop's Eats", whose main attraction is a beautiful waitress by the name of Stella seems disinterested in Eric, he decides if he had money she would pay attention to his advances. He marries June Mills for her money, and Stella is mysteriously murdered. Even though June learns of Eric's dishonest plans, she still loves him. It is with her support that he investigates the killing on his own, eventually discovering the shocking identity of the real killer.

Forbidden Street
    Starring: Dana Andrews & Maureen O'Hara

Set in the Victoria era, the film focuses upon Adelaide, a young lady of good family who renounces both name and fame when she marries an impoverished artist. When her husband is killed in an accident, Adelaide is blackmailed by a spiteful old hag, who claims that the girl killed her spouse. Enter a handsome young barrister who is the living image of Adelaide's late husband. He extricates Adelaide from her plight, reunites her with her family, and along the way falls in love with her himself.

Hot Rods to Hell
    Starring: Dana Andrews & Jeanne Crain

A man is disabled in a car wreck and decides to move to the desert and open a hotel, only to be terrorized by the native kids, in garish shirts, who chase his family off the road in their souped-up cars and play loud music.

The Iron Curtain
    Starring: Dana Andrews, Gene Tierney & June Havoc

This little cold war story tells the tale of an ordinary man caught up in the intrigue of the atomic spy scandal of the 1940's in Canada. Working as a code clerk in the Soviet embassy in Canada Igor Gouzenko learns that atomic secrets are being forwarded to Stalin through his office. The problem for the Soviet Union is that while in Canada Gouzenko begins to realize that the government he works for and fought for is more of a threat to its people than a protector. He also realizes that the Canadians around him are decent people and no threat to his people. A true story.

Kit Carson
    Starring: Dana Andrews, Jon Hall, Lynn Bari
                    Clayton Moore & Ward Bond

Trapper Kit Carson and his band of men join John C. Fremont on his way to California. Enroute they are subjected to Indian attacks that are propagated by the Mexican Government, that does not want the contingency to reach California. Once in California, Fremont and Carson initiate a campaign to free the state from Mexican control.

    Starring: Dana Andrews, Gene Tierney, Clifton Webb
                    & Vincent Price

Detective Mark McPherson investigates the killing of Laura, found dead on her apartment floor before the movie starts. McPherson builds a mental picture of the dead girl from the suspects whom he interviews. He is helped by the striking painting of the late lamented Laura hanging on her apartment wall. But who would have wanted to kill a girl with whom every man she met seemed to fall in love? To make matters worse, McPherson finds himself falling under her spell too. Then one night, halfway through his investigations, something seriously bizarre happens to make him re-think the whole case.

Madison Avenue
       Starring: Dana Andrews, Jeanne Crain & Eleanor Parker

Ad-man, Clint Lorimer is fired from his job working for a big ad agency, and he is determined to prove himself better than his former bosses. He has two romantic liaisons, one with Peggy Shannon and another with Anne Temaine. Anne works as the advertising agent for a milk company run by a weirdo exec  who plays with toy airplanes in his office, but as time passes he becomes Machiavellian and ego-maniacal. Anne herself changes from a frump to a tough and glossy businesswoman, perhaps making Clint's choice of a future bride easier.

Night Song
    Starring: Dana Andrews & Merle Oberon

Cathy Mallory, a beautiful socialite who prefers classical music, is taken by friends to a back-alley dance club. There, she meets blind pianist Dan Evans, who plays in Chick Morgan's swing band but seems to be a composer of great promise. Attracted but spurned, Cathy feigns blindness herself to get past Dan's bitter facade, scheming to get him to the doctor who can restore his sight...and to Carnegie Hall. But her actions bring about several twists in their relationship.

The Satan Bug
   Starring: Dana Andrews, George Maharis,
Richard Basehart & Anne Francis

A germ warfare lab has had an accident. The first theory is that one of the nasty germs has gotten free and killed several scientists. The big fear is that a more virulent strain, named The Satan Bug because all life can be killed off by it should it escape, may have been stolen.

Swamp Water
    Starring: Dana Andrews, Anne Baxter, Walter Brennan,
                    Walter Huston, John Carradine
                        & Virginia Gilmore

A hunter happens upon a fugitive and his daughter living in a Georgia swamp. He falls in love with the girl and persuades the fugitive to return to town.

Three Hours to Kill
    Starring: Dana Andrews, Donna Reed, Carolyn Jones
                    & Dianne Foster

A wrongly accused stagecoach driver searches for the man who murdered his fiancée’s brother.

Up In Arms
    Starring: Dana Andrews, Danny Kaye & Dinah Shore

Hypochondriac Danny Weems gets drafted into the army and makes life miserable for his fellow GIs. He's also lovesick when it comes to pretty Mary Morgan, unaware that she's in love with his best friend Joe.

Where the Sidewalk Ends
    Starring: Dana Andrews, Gene Tierney & Karl Malden

Cop Mark Dixon is already in trouble with his superiors for his brutal tactics when he accidentally kills a murder suspect. To protect himself, he decides to cover it up and pin the killing on a racketeer he hates and knows has committed many crimes like this in the past, Scalise.

While the City Sleeps
    Starring: Dana Andrews, Rhonda Flemming,
                    George Sanders & Vincent Price

Death of media magnet Amos Kyne is causing power struggle between his executives. In the meantime New York women become prey of a serial killer. Reporter Edward Mobley is in that circumstances faced with almost impossible missions: to catch the killer, to prevent the media empire from falling into the wrong hands and to save his romantic relationship from break-up.

Wing and a Prayer
    Starring: Dana Andrews & Don Ameche

An aircraft carrier is sent on a decoy mission around the Pacific, with orders to avoid combat, thus lulling Japanese alertness before the battle of Midway. All the men have their individual worries and concerns, but become increasingly frustrated at their avoidance of combat, for reasons unknown to them. But in the end, all get their chance to fight.

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