The Jean Arthur Collection

    Starring: Jean Arthur, William Holden, Warren William,
                    Porter Hall  & Paul Harvey

Phoebe Titus is a tough, swaggering pioneer woman, but her ways become decidedly more feminine when she falls for California bound Peter Muncie. But Peter won't be distracted from his journey and Phoebe is left alone and plenty busy with villains Jefferson Carteret and Lazarus Ward plotting at every turn to destroy her freighting company. She has not seen the last of Peter, however.

Danger Lights
    Starring: Jean Arthur & Robert Armstrong

The tough boss of a railroad yard befriends a young hobo, and unwittingly places in jeopardy his relationship with the woman he loves.

The Devil & Miss Jones
    Starring: Jean Arthur, Robert Cummings
                    & Charles Coburn

Department store owner J.P. Merrick finds that several of his employees are unionizing to get more money and better working conditions. In order to find out who the organizers are, he gets a job at the store as a shoe salesman. Not realizing his true identity, he's befriended by Mary Jones and Joe O'Brien, the two ringleaders, and Elizabeth Ellis, a charming older woman with whom he develops a romance.

The Plainsman
    Starring: Jean Arthur & Gary Cooper

Cecile B. DeMille brings you Gary and Jean in their grandest picture...the story of Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane, the hardest boiled pair of lovers who ever rode the plains...a glorious romance set against the whole flaming pageant of the Old West. Wild Bill Hickok attempts to stop an Indian uprising that was started by white gun-runners.

Public Hero #1
    Starring: Jean Arthur, Lionel Barrymore
                        & Chester Morris

The Great Jean Arthur stars in this quirky comedy-drama about an undercover cop (Chester Morris) and the plot to capture a gang leader (Joseph Calleia) who happens to be Jean Arthur's brother. Lionel Barrymore is along for the ride as a drunken doctor (a nice comic turn).

The Saturday Night Kid
    Starring: Jean Arthur, Clara Bow & Jean Harlow

Jayme and sister Janie are salesgirls in Ginsberg's Department Store. Mayme is in love with store clerk Bill, but Janie tries to steal him from her. Hazel, another salesgirl, is Jean Harlow's first credited role.

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