The Lucille Ball Collection

Annabel Takes a Tour
    Starring: Lucille Ball & Jack Oakie

Annabel Allison, star of Wonder Pictures, is irked at her poor publicity, especially when a rival gets engaged to a Marquis; so she makes studio head Webb re-hire disgraced publicity agent Morgan for her personal appearance tour. The trip proceeds with a flurry of Morgan's crazy, slapstick publicity stunts. Then Annabel has her chance to "bag" a real Viscount.

Beauty For the Asking
    Starring: Lucille Ball & Patrick Knowles

Spurned by Denny Williams, Jean finds consolation by developing a revolutionary facial cream that makes her a millionaire. Ironically, her financial backer in this endeavor is none other than her romantic rival Flora.

The Big Street
    Starring: Lucille Ball & Henry Fonda

Little Pinks is in love with a nightclub singer named Gloria. But it is an unrequited love, as she does not know that he exists. Pinks is a shy busboy and Gloria only goes out with men who are loaded. When she tries to dump Case for richer Reed, Case dumps her down the stairs. After months of treatment, she will never walk, but Pinks is the only one who takes care of her. He pays all her bills and sends her flowers with unsigned cards. But to Gloria, he is nothing in her eyes. When she wants to leave New York for Florida, to be with the money set, he takes her.

    Starring: Lucille Ball & Anne Shirley

Jenny has always been fascinated with the stage, especially since her mother was a famous actress. She learns that a theatrical company is putting on the play that included her mother's most famous role. She leaves home to join the company. The trouble is, she doesn't realize that the producers consider the moth-eaten play high camp, while Jenny is taking the whole thing seriously.

Don't Tell the Wife
    Starring: Lucille Ball, Una Merkle & Guy Kibbie

Malcolm Winthrop, has greatness thrust upon him when he buys a few shares of supposedly worthless mining stock. Though it looks as though he and the entire town will be ruined financially, Winthrop emerges triumphant when he manages to outwit up a gang of stock swindlers. Steve Dorset, who intends to go straight for the sake of his spouse Nancy, but he can't resist trying to pluck a fat goose like Winthrop.

Facts of Life
    Starring: Lucille Ball & Bob Hope

Bob Hope and Lucille Ball heat things up as two romantic couples. But they are each married to different people! They really DO love each other. At the beginning Kitty (Lucille Ball) thinks Larry (Bob Hope) is un-funny, unendurable, and unrelenting. Larry thinks Kitty is just plain dull. Then three couples cancel their trip. Kitty and Larry are ALONE! At the hotel they go under the silly names of Mr.George Washington and Mrs Martha Washington. Then they fall in love while going fishing. When Kitty caught her first fish she kissed Larry. Kitty and Larry started to spend a lot of time together. Then Kitty writes her husband a letter telling him that she wants Larry, not him. Then Kitty and Larry get into a big fight. They both see that they are making a big mistake. They thought it wasn't right to have an affair at their age (they were middle-aged).

Fancy Pants
    Starring: Lucille Ball & Bob Hope

An American actor impersonating an English butler is hired by a nouveau riche woman from New Mexico to refine her husband and headstrong daughter. The complications increase when the town believes Arthur to be an Earl, and President Roosevelt decides to pay a visit.

Guide For A Married Man
    Starring: Lucille Ball, Inger Stevens, Jack Benny,
                    Jayne Mansfiled, Sid Ceaser, Carl Reiner,
                    Walter Matthau, Polly Bergen, Joey Bishop,
                    Phil Silvers & Marty Ingles

Robert Morse and Walter Matthau are friends. Though both are married, Matthau discovers Morris is fooling around. When asked about it, Morse passes on the oral history and guide to fooling around without your wife finding out. This is done by a series of vignettes with cameos from famous actors that illustrate the point Morse wants to make. Between pieces of advice, we follow Matthau as he begins to prepare for his big affair.

I Dream Too Much
    Starring: Lucille Ball, Henry Fonda & Lili Pons

Jonathan Street is a struggling composer when he meets and marries Annette. The problem is that Jonathan was drunk and does not want to be married. Annette does go with him to Paris and does the cooking and cleaning. To get his music published, Annette takes it to Paul and he is won over - by her voice and not the music. So he manages her career and she becomes a star as an opera singer everywhere she goes. Since Jonathan cannot sell anything he writes, he leaves Annette and that makes Annette sad as she wants only to be his wife.

Next Time I Marry
    Starring: Lucille Ball, James Ellison

Heiress Nancy Crocker Fleming will only receive her inheritance if she marries a "plain American." Her late father was afraid a foreign gigolo would steal her heart and money. So Nancy pays Tony Anthony, working on a WPA road project, to marry, then divorce her. When Nancy inadvertently drives off with Tony's dog, Tony seemingly kidnaps her to retrieve the pooch, which leads to a cross-country race between the two to reach Reno and the divorce court since neither one wants to be the second to file papers.

Panama Lady
    Starring: Lucille Ball & Alan Lane

A weary dance-hall girl in a Panama saloon hooks up with a rough-and-tumble oil driller, who takes her to his oil-field in the jungle to show her what "real" life is like.

Stage Door
    Starring: Lucille Ball, Ginger Rogers, Adolphe Menjou
                        Katharine Hepburn, Eve Arden,
                        Ann Miller & Gail Patrick

Terry Randall, rich society beauty, has decided to see if she can break into the Broadway theatre scene without her family connections. She goes to live in a theatrical boarding house and finds her life caught up with those of the other inmates and the ever-present disappointment that theatrical hopefuls must live with. Her smart-mouth roommate, Jean, is approached by a powerful producer for more than just a role. And Terry's father has decided to give her career the shove by backing a production for her to star in, in which she's sure to flop. But his machinations hurt more than just Terry.

That Girl From Paris
    Starring: Lucille Ball, Lily Pons, Gene Raymond
                    & Jack Oakie

This light-hearted musical romance follows the exploits of a beautiful French opera star abandons her fiance’ and stows away aboard a New York-bound ocean liner so she can be near the bandleader she really loves. At first the swinging maestro doesn't recognize her, but after she sings a few, love blossoms and happiness ensues.

That's Right, You're Wrong
    Starring: Lucille Ball, Adolphe Menjou & Kay Kyser

In this musical comedy, the first in a series to feature Kay Kyser and his popular band, the fellas are seen heading for Hollywood to make their movie debut. Just as it seems they will never be movie stars, a lovely starlet falls in love with their manager and demands that the band appear in her upcoming film. Songs include: "I'm Fit to Be Tied," "Scatterbrain," "Little Red Fox," "The Answer Is Love," "Chatterbox" and "Happy Birthday to Love."

Too Many Girls
    Starring: Lucille Ball, Desi Arnez, Richard Carlson
                        & Ann Miller

Mr. Casey's daughter Connie wants to go to the Pottawatomie college and he sends without her knowledge four football players as her bodyguards. The college is in financial trouble, so her bodyguards use their salary for the college. The football players join the college team, and so the team becomes one of the best. One of the football players, Clint, falls in love with Connie, but when she discovers, that he is her bodyguard she decides to go back to the East, her bodyguards follow her, so the football team is very weak for the game next day.

You Can't Fool Your Wife
    Starring: Lucille Ball, James Ellison & Peter Coyote

Andrew and Clara are school sweethearts whose marriage goes stale after five years. Andrew is a hard worker at the firm, but it seems that all he does is work. When Mr. Battincourt from London must be entertained, Andrew gets stuck entertaining him - and he Battincourt likes to party. Andrew is only doing his job, but Clara thinks differently and tosses him out. Andrew tries to reason with Clara, but Mother is against him. So Battincourt tries to get them back together by giving Clara the beauty treatment and having a costume party. But Mercedes Vasquez is an identical twin at the same party.

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