The Bette Davis Collection

20,000 Years in Sing Sing
    Starring: Spencer Tracey, Bette Davis, Lyle Talbot
                   & Arthur Byron

Tom Connors is sentenced to Sing Sing believing his influential friends will soon have him out on parole. A trouble maker, he gets ninety days in solitary and no parole. His girlfriend Fay is injured and Warden Long lets Tom visit her on his honor to return. During a fight with mobster Joe Finn Fay shoots Finn, Tom jumps out the window and is blamed for the death. He gives himself up but it sentenced to the electric chair.

Bunny O'Hare
    Starring: Bette Davis, Ernest Borgnine, Jack Cassidy
                        & John Astin

After a sweet little old lady is thrown out of her home by the bank, she hooks up with a junk dealer on the run for bank robbery. The two of them take to the open road robbing banks to help her undeserving adult children out. While they're on the lamb, they head for Mexico.

Fashions of 1934
    Starring: Bette Davis & William Powell

Sherwood Nash is a swindler who bootlegs Paris fashions for sale at cut-rate prices. His assistant Lynn poses as An American interested in a dress and Snap conceals a camera in his cane. When they try to steal the latest Baroque designs hidden cameras capture them. Threat and counter-threat lead to the suggestion of putting on a legitimate show.

The Private Lives of Elizabeth & Essex
    Starring: Bette Davis, Olivia de Havilland,
                        Vincent Price & Errol Flynn

An all-star cast in a lavish historical epic that featured as many fireworks on the set between Davis and Flynn as appeared on-screen. Davis makes an imperious Elizabeth who is both drawn to and suspicious of the dashing Essex (Flynn), who returns in triumph from Spain.

Right of Way
    Starring: Bette Davis & Jimmy Stewart

Bette Davis and Jimmy Stewart star in this story about about an aging couple who want the right to choose their own time of death. The subject of euthanasia has and always will be controversial. When this telemovie was released in the early 80's, the subject matter was very much ahead of its time.

The Scapegoat
    Starring: Bette Davis & Alec Guiness

John Barratt is a British teacher on vacation in France who is conned into taking on another identity. The identity he assumes is that of his double, Count Jacques de Gue, who has none of John's upright, moral character. Once ensconced as the Count, John discovers that the Count's mother is addicted to morphine; his wife believes he is out to kill her, and the Count's brother-in-law is embezzling funds away from the family business. And those are just a few of his problems, alleviated somewhat by his mistress. Once John realizes how decadent and immoral the Count really is he feels duty-bound to challenge him to a duel.

So Big
    Starring: Bette Davis, Barbara Stanwyck & George Brent

Selina lived well until her father Simeon died. Her aunts sold the estate and put her in a boarding school. As an adult she wants to be a teacher in farming country. She falls in love with and marries Pervus, a Dutch farmer she has been tutoring. When he dies her hopes lie with their son Dirk, who disappoints her by giving up architecture for stock brokerage. Her new hope is Roelfe, the son of her former boardinghouse keeper and a sculptor. Dirk falls in love with Dallas O'Mara, whom Selina hopes will be the inspiration for her son's salvation.

A Stolen Life
   Starring: Bette Davis, Glenn Ford & Walter Brennan

Kate Bosworth and her twin sister Patricia fall in love with Martha's Vineyard lighthouse inspector Bill Emerson. Patricia and Bill are married. To forget, Kate returns to painting. Bill goes to Chile; Kate and Patricia go sailing; Patricia is washed overboard and drowned. Kate's boat capsizes and, when she recovers consciousness ashore, she (believed to be Patricia) is told that Bill is returning from Chile.

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