The Jack Benny Collection

    Starring: Jack Benny, Doris Day, John Carradine,
                        & Ruth Hussey

This film was produced by Bank of America in 1954 and dramatizes the formation of the bank which started in California in 1924, and follows its growth to  becoming a major player in the world financial system 50 yrs later. Some of Hollywood’s major stars played the roles of those who built the bank. This film was made for the board of directors of the bank by the stockholders of the bank, and was never theatrically released.

Classic TV Episodes of Christmas Past:
    8 Holiday Episodes From the Golden Age of TV

Robin Hood “ The Christmas Goose” – Richard Greene stars as the wiley Robin in this yuletide tale in Sherwood Forest.
Annie Oakley “Santa Wears a Gun” – Gail Davis stars as the famous woman rancher in this tale of a very different Santa in the wild west town of Diablo.
Burns & Allen “Holiday Show” – Gracie’s nieces arrive to spend the holiday w/ George & Gracie.
Date With Angels “Santa’s Helper” – Betty White helps an overly generous elderly department store Santa.
Dragnet “The Big Baby Jesus” – Jack Webb is hot on the trail of a stolen Baby Jesus statue & a surprise happy ending.
Love That Bob “Grandpa’s Christmas Visit”- Bob Cummings’ lively Grandpa drops in for some yuletide mischief.
Sherlock Holmes “The Case of the Christmas Pudding” – Holmes & Watson deal w/ a vengeful convict on Christmas Eve.
The Jack Benny Show “ Christmas w/ Jack” – Jack & the gang converge on an unsuspecting department store to do their holiday shopping w/ hilarious results.

Classic TV Episodes of Christmas Past Volume 2
7 Holiday Episodes From The Golden Age of TV

Jack Frost- The long lost Rankin/Bass TV Classic featuring their famous stop motion animation.
Christmas Shop  ‘A String of Blue Beads’
Crossroads ‘Our First Christmas Tree’
The Adventures of Long John Silver ‘The Orphan’s Christmas’
The Ruggles ‘Christmas Eve’
The Jack Benny Show  ‘New Year’s Day Show’
The Jack Benny Show  ‘Reminiscing About Last New’s Year Eve’

George Washington Slept Here
    Starring: Jack Benny & Ann Sheridan

New Yorkers Bill and Connie Fuller have to move from their apartment. Without Bill's knowledge, Connie purchases a delapidated old farmhouse in Pennsylvania, where George Washington was supposed to have actually slept during the American Revolution. Much of the humor comes from the couple's many problems they encounter while trying to fix up the place.

The Great American Broadcast
    Starring: Jack Benny, John Payne, Alice Faye
                    & Cesar Romero

After WWI two men go into radio. Failure leads the wife of one to borrow money from another; she goes on, after separation, to stardom. A coast-to-coast radio program is set up to bring everyone back together.

The Hollywood Revue of 1929
    Starring: Jack Benny, Joan Crawford, Conrad Nagel
                    Laurel & Hardy, Norma Shearer & Many More

An all-star revue featuring MGM contract players. This feature has Singing, Dancing, Comedy, Drama & everything You could Want!!! Nominated for Best Picture in 1929.

It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World
    Starring: Jack Benny, Milton Berle, Jonathan Winters,
                    Sid Ceasar, Mickey Rooney, Ethel Merman, Phil Silvers,
                    Buddy Hackett, The Three Stooges, Joe E Brown, Jerry Lewis
                    Spencer Tracy, Jim Backus, Jimmy Durante & Many More

After a long prison sentence Smiler Grogan is heading at high speed to a California park where he hid $350,000 from a job 15 years previously. He accidentally careers over a cliff in view of four cars whose occupants go down to help. The dying Grogan gives details of where the money is buried and when the witnesses fail to agree on sharing the cash, a crazy chase develops across the state.

The Meanest Man in the World
    Starring: Jack Benny, Eddie "Rochester" Anderson,
                        Tor Johnson & Priscilla Lane

Compassionate small-town lawyer Richard Clarke moves to New York City to seek his fortune, but is unsuccessful until he takes a friend's advice and tries to convince the world he's a ruthless heel. Suddenly he's the most popular lawyer in town -- but he could lose his fiancée.

The Medicine Man
    Starring: Jack Benny & Betty Bronson

In this early Benny movie, he's a "Medicine Man" who comes into a small town with enormous fanfare, peddling his all-purpose "health tonic," in his wake, a long trail of empty wallets and broken hearts lay strewn.

USO Christmas Show for the
        US Troops Stationed Overseas - 1957
    Starring: Jack Benny, Bing Crosby, Bob Hope,
                     Jimmy Stewart, George Burns, Kim Novak,
                        Milton Berle, Dinah Shore & Many More

With a personal introduction by President Eisenhower, the first of the joint USO/US Government/Hollywood, annual Christmas shows for the troops gets underway. A great number of Hollywood’s biggest names putting on skits, standup, & musical numbers in an effort to say thanks to all the forces stationed overseas in 1957. As Eisenhower states in the opening, this was shown only to these troops and no one else would see this. 1 reel was made for each overseas base. This is a TRUE COLLECTOR’s ITEM!!! Hope & Berle give two hilarious stand up routines, Stewart, Burns & Benny perform a comical musical rendition of MOTHER, Bing sings White Christmas, and many other gems!!
( Please note that there is a 3 second jump in the tape during Bing’s number, this is due to the age of the original print)

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