The Joan Blondell Collection

Advance to the Rear
    Starring: Joan Blondell, Glenn Ford, Stella Stevens
                    & Jim Backus

A Union army outfit of misfits and rejects is sent to the Western territory. Southern spies try to figure out what they're up to.

Back in Circulation
    Starring: Joan Blondell &
Pat O'Brien

Morning Express ace reporter 'Timmy' Blake uses her wiles and charms to get the scoop on rival papers, and keep her editor happy. When the Express gets a tip that a wealthy old man was poisoned and 'Timmy' spots the young widow in a nightclub only a day later, she descends on the town where the death took place to dig out the facts. When her reporting results in the arrest of the young widow, 'Timmy' continues to dig, since she isn't quite convinced that the facts she reported cover all the angles.

The Blue Veil
    Starring: Joan Blondell,
Jane Wyman, Natalie Wood
                      & Charles Laughton

Story of a young Frenchwoman named Louise, who, after losing her husband and child in WW I, devotes the rest of her life to selflessly caring for other people's children. In true "woman's story" fashion, Louise ages and ages beautifully, sacrificing all for the sake of others. On the brink of destitution, she is rescued by her former charges, all nicely grown up and boundlessly grateful. This movie asks the question "Who is the real Mother of this Child? The woman who gave it life... or the woman who gave it love?”

* Please note there is a 30-second segment with a slight picture distortion

Central Park
    Starring: Joan Blondell & Wallace Ford

Rick and Dot, two penniless New Yorkers, meet and fall in love in Central Park. Promising to meet later, they separate. Dot is picked up by small-time hood Nick Sarno, posing as a police inspector, who promises to pay her $100 to help in a sting operation at a local charity benefit. She agrees, unaware that Nick and his gang are merely using her to steal the charity receipts themselves. Rick, picked up by Sarno for being seen talking to Dot, is held captive by the gang at their hideout. He breaks loose and rushes to the charity affair to try to save Dot before she becomes involved in the heist.

Cry Havoc
    Starring: Joan Blondell,
Margaret Sullavan,
                    Ann Southern, Marsha Hunt,
                      Ella Raines & Francis Gifford

The Army nurses on Bataan need help badly, but when it arrives, it sure isn't what they expected. A motley crew, including a Southern belle, a waitress, and a stripper, show up. Many conflicts arise among these women who are thrown together in what is a desperate and ultimately hopeless situation.

For Heaven's Sake
    Starring: Joan Blondell, Joan Bennett, Clifton Webb
                      & Robert Cummings

Two angels, Charles and Arthur, are sent down to retrieve a young girl who has selected the couple she wishes to be borne to but who are so involved in their theatrical lives that procreation doesn't get a look in. To try and ginger things up Charles materialises and poses as a rich potential backer for their next show, only to discover that life on earth can be quite fun.

Gold Diggers of 1933
    Starring: Joan Blondell, Ginger Rogers, Dick Powell
                        & Ruby Keeler

A musical about the Depression? It's so crazy, it just might work. A poverty-flummoxed producer tries to mount an extravaganza with a handful of his favorite showgirls and an assist from a young composer with a fat bankroll and a secret.

He Was Her Man
    Starring: Joan Blondell & James Cagney

Flicker Hayes informs the police after he sets up two men to be caught in a phony robbery attempt, because they were responsible for his going to prison. Dan Curly escapes, but the other kills a policeman and goes to the chair, so Dan wants two hitmen to get Flicker, who plans to leave the country. But he meets down-and-out Rose Lawrence, an ex-prostitute looking to hitch a ride to a small fishing village in the south to marry a Portuguese fisherman, and Flicker decides it would be a nice place to hide. After he seduces Rose, Flicker stakes her to a bus ticket and goes with her. But Pop Sims, who follows them and reports Flicker’s whereabouts to Dan, has spotted him. Meanwhile, Rose falls in love with Flicker, who is unaware that the hitmen are coming to kill him.

I've Got Your Number
    Starring: Joan Blondell & Pat O'Brien

The adventures of wisecracking telephone repairmen Terry and Johnny are by turns comic, risqué, and heroic. Terry pursues Marie, a hotel switchboard operator, who loses her job when she innocently does a favor for gangster Nicky. Terry gets Marie a job with financier Schuyler; but Nicky has new plans for her.

The King and the Chorus Girl
    Starring: Joan Blondell, Jane Wyman & Fernand Gravey

Ex-King Alfred VII is a young, handsome, and charming erstwhile monarch who once ruled a nation of two million people. Now all he has left are Count Humbert and Duchess Anna, along with enough money to live an ideal life in Paris with dozens of servants. He hasn't seen daylight in years; he prefers instead to drink himself into a stupor regularly. He's phenomenally bored, and a routine trip to a tedious cabaret finds a chorus girl flirting with him. He soon finds that to have her love, he will have to work it. Something he is not accustomed to doing.

Ride Beyond Vengeance
    Starring: Joan Blondell, Chuck Connors, Gloria Grahame,
                    Bill Bixby, Claude Raines, Michael Rennie,
                    Jamie Farr, Kathryn Hays, James MacArthur
                    & Frank Gorshin

Buffalo hunter Jonahs Trapp returns to claim the woman he left behind-10 years ago. On his way into town he is robbed of his fortune, and there are several suspects Trapp will have to investigate. One of them is his estranged wife's suitor.

Sons O' Guns
    Starring: Joan Blondell & Joe E. Brown

Broadway star Jimmy Canfield stars in a patriotic show on the great white way during WWI. He plays the heroic soldier, but he is doesn't want to join the Army. To evade some troubles with Bernice, another actress, he acts like joining the forces going over there, but that turns out to be real. In France he falls in love with Yvonne, a French barmaid and is arrested as spy. He escapes from prison, only to end in the uniform of a German officer leading "his" soldiers in an Allied trap. But being escaped from prison and wearing the enemy's uniform isn't that healthy in wartime.

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