The Humphrey Bogart Collection

The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse
    Starring: Edward G Robinson, Humphrey Bogart,
                    Claire Trevor & Ward Bond

Dr. Clitterhouse is fascinated with the working of the criminal mind. His interest is so deep that he finds the best way to observe criminals in action is to become one himself! Whilst robbing a safe at an exclusive party he stumbles across an organized gang trying to the same thing. He teams up with the gang to observe them in action but one of the members, Rocks Valentine would like nothing better than to see Clitterhouse out of the way.

Battle Circus
    Starring: Humphrey Bogart, June Allyson, Keenan Wynn,
                    William Campbell, Patricia Tiernan
                    & Steve Forrest

Nurse Lt. Ruth McGara is assigned to a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital unit near the front lines of the Korean War. There she meets and is roughly romanced by Major Jed Webbe, one of the unit's surgeons. Webbe is pushy and seems to care only for momentary pleasures, but McGara falls for him just the same. Their romance blossoms in the midst of overwhelming numbers of casualties, threats from the enemy and from the weather, and emergency evacuations that test the mettle of even a unit whose very name suggests quick mobility.

China Clipper
    Starring: Humphrey Bogart, Pat O'Brien
                    & Beverly Roberts

Inspired by Lindbergh's flight, Dave Logan sets out with a Washington-Philadelphia airline but suffers financial problems. With flying ace Hap Stuart he tries clipper ships on the Caribbean, then aims for the trans-Pacific route. His relentless ambition forces those closest to him to abandon him.

Crime School
    Starring: Humphrey Bogart, Ann Page
                    & The Dead End Kids

Deputy Commissioner of Correction Mark Braden finds a reform school in terrible condition and assumes control himself. He wins the boy's cooperation by being fair and falls in love with gang leader Frankie's sister Sue. This aides disgruntled employees in challenging Braden. This title is in the public domain and is very difficult to find. It is long out of print .My products are sold for collection purposes.

Deadline - USA
    Starring: Humphrey Bogart, Ethel Barrymore
                    & Kim Hunter

Ed Hutcheson, tough editor of the New York 'Day', finds that the late owner's heirs are selling the crusading paper to a strictly commercial rival. At first he sees impending unemployment as an opportunity to win back his estranged wife Nora. But when a reporter, pursuing a lead on racketeer Rienzi, is badly beaten, Hutcheson is stung into a full fledged crusade against the gangster, hoping Rienzi can be tied to a woman's the 3 issues before the end of 'The Day'.

It All Came True
    Starring: Humphrey Bogart & Ann Sheridan

Nightclub entertainer Sarah Ryan and songwriter Tommy Taylor move in to the boardinghouse run by their mothers Maggie and Norah. Tommy brings along Mr. Grasselli, a "nervous wreck" who keeps to himself.. Sarah recognizes him as the gangster Chips Maguire. He killed a cop with Tommy's gun, so Tommy must now protect him. Grasselli winds up turning the boarding house into a money-making nightclub.

Knock On Any Door
    Starring: Humphrey Bogart, John Derek & Allene Roberts

Andrew Morton is an attorney who made it out of the slums. Nick Romano is his client, a young man with a long string of crimes behind him. After he lost his paycheck gambling, hoping to buy his wife some jewelry, she announced she was pregnant, Later he finds her dead from suicide. When he turns again to robbery he's caught by a cop and Nick pumps all his bullets into him in frustration. Morton's appeal to the court emphasizes the evils of the slums.

Left Hand of God
    Starring: Humphrey Bogart & Gene Tierney

A man in priestly robes, seemingly the long-awaited Father O'Shea, arrives at a little-frequented Catholic mission in 1947 China. Though the man seems curiously uncomfortable with his priestly duties, his tough tactics prove very successful in the Seven Villages, as around them China disintegrates in civil war and revolution. But he has a secret, and his friendship with mission nurse Anne (an attractive war widow) seems to be taking on an unpriestly tone.

The Oklahoma Kid
    Starring: Humphrey Bogart, James Cagney
                    Rosemary Lane & Ward Bond

After his father is lynched, a high spirited gunslinger goes after the villains responsible. Set during the birth of Tulsa. A Cagney classic & Bogey’s only western.

The Petrified Forest
    Starring: Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall
                    & Henry Fonda

The ultra hard to find remake of Bogey's immortal 1936 film, redone for TV's Producer's Showcase in 1957, Idealist/loser Alan arrives at the Maple service station and falls in love with the waitress Gabby Maple. She persuades the Chisholms to give him a ride on their way to California. They are stopped by Duke Mantee and his gang who take the car. Alan walks back to warn Gabby but Mantee is already there. Alan signs over his insurance policy to Gabby and arranges for Mantee to kill him. A posse arrives and Alan is shot in the battle. He dies in Gabby's arms knowing she can realize her dream of studying art in Paris. A true must have for any BOGEY fan!!!

San Quentin
    Starring: Humphrey Bogart, Pat O’Brien & Ann Sheridan

Ex-Army officer Jameson takes a job a prison guard at San Quentin. Joe, the brother of his new girlfriend May, is sentenced to the prison for robbery. When Jameson tries to separate lawbreakers from hardened criminals, badguy Hansen tries to stir up trouble by telling Joe about Jameson's interest in his sister.

The Two Mrs. Carrolls
    Starring: Humphrey Bogart, Barbara Stanwyck
                    & Alexis Smith

Struggling artist Gerry Carroll meets Sally whilst on holiday in the country. A romance develops but he doesn't tell her he's already married. Suffering from mental illness, Gerry returns home where he paints an impression of his wife as the angel of death and then promptly poisons her. He marries Sally but after a while he finds a strange urge to paint her as the angel of death too and history seems about to repeat itself.

Up The River
    Starring: Spencer Tracy, Humphrey Bogart,
                   Joan Marie Lawes & Claire Luce

Two prisoners, Saint Louis and Dannemora Dan, escape during a theatrical production in order to go to the aid of Steve, a former prisoner whose past is about to be exposed by the man who framed Judy unless Steve agrees to help him commit another crime.

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