The Pat Boone Collection

All Hands on Deck
    Starring: Pat Boone, Buddy Hackett, Barbara Eden,
                    Gail Gordon, Dennis O’Keefe, Ann B. Davis
                    & Jody McCrea

The love affair between Lieutenant Donald and Sally Hobson make up the basic story line in this fun movie. Garfield acts as a crazy (and we do mean crazy) Indian to add to the comedy. Hi jinx on the high seas are in order when you add in a stow-away turkey and a snooping Admiral from the Pentagon.

April Love

    Starring: Pat Boone & Shirley Jones

A potential juvenile delinquent is sent to work on a Kentucky farm. There he meets the apple-cheeked girl next door and decides that mending his ways might be an option. Before long, he is devoting himself to the task of training a horse to become a winning trotter. Nominated for an Academy Award, the film's title song proved to be one of Pat Boone's most durable hits. A musical remake of 1944's “Home in Indiana”.

    Starring: Pat Boone, Terry Moore, Janet Gaynor
                    & Dean Jagger

High school students enter a fictional woman's name (bernardine mudd) in a contest. The contestant wins and hilarity ensues.

The Perils of Pauline
    Starring: Pat Boone & Pamela Austin

Pamela Austin plays Pauline, a young heiress who finds herself plunked into one peril after another: a typical dilemma has Pauline at the mercy of an adolescent sheik. Pat Boone plays Pauline's millionaire childhood sweetheart, who follows the girl throughout the world to declare his love but who always manages to miss her as she hops from country to country.

State Fair (1962)
    Starring: Pat Boone,
Ann Margret, Bobby Darin
                    & Alice Faye

Find fun and romance at the Texas State Fair in this homespun musical remake of the 1933 original.

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