The Walter Brennan Collection

At Gunpoint
    Starring: Walter Brennan, Dorothy Malone
                    & Fred MacMurray

The peace-loving owner of a general store, who became a town hero when he luckily killed the leader of a gang of bank robbers, is deserted by the townspeople who fear the threatened return of the vengeful bandits.

Banjo On My Knee
    Starring: Walter Brennan, Buddy Ebsen
Barbara Stanwyck & Joel McCrea

Ernie Holley runs away on his wedding night because he thinks he has killed a wedding guest. His father Newt and bride Pearl find him in New Orleans and persuade him to come home.

The Cowboy and the Lady
Walter Brennan, Gary Cooper & Patsy Kelly

Poor Mary Smith can't go night-clubbing or have any other fun because any hint of scandal could damage her father's political career. She decides to rebel and convinces her two maids to let her go along with them on a blind date with some rodeo performers. She tells her date, Stretch, that she's a parlor maid and that she left home because her father beat her. The two fall in love and elope. Now Mary has a double dilemma: continuing her charade with Stretch and keeping her marriage a secret from her father.

Home in Indiana
    Starring: Walter Brennan, June Haver,
                    Lon McCalister,Ward Bond

                    & Jeanne Crain

A lad with a penchant for trouble is sent to live with his aunt and uncle in Indiana. Though he's not happy about the arrangement at first, his love of horses and his affection for a young colt that he plans to race makes life bearable. He also finds romance with tomboyish Char who shares his love for horses. Wonderful film for lovers of horses and racing.

    Starring: Walter Brennan, John Payne & Brenda Joyce

When a widow, tormented by the hunting death of her husband, she forbids her son to have anything to do with horses. But when her son falls for the daughter of his father's trainer, he defies his mother by entering the annual Maryland Hunt.

Nobody Lives Forever
    Starring: Walter Brennan, Geraldine Fitzgerald
                      & John Garfield

Ex-GI Nick Blake gets involved in a scheme to fleece a rich young widow, but finds himself falling for her for real, much to the displeasure of his racketeer cohorts.

Pride of the Yankees
Walter Brennan, Gary Cooper, Teresa Wright,
                        Dan Duryea & Babe Ruth

This Biopic traces the life of Lou Gehrig, famous baseball player who played in 2130 consecutive games before falling at age 37 to ALS, a deadly nerve disease which now bears his name. Gehrig is followed from his childhood in New York until his famous 'Luckiest Man' speech at his farewell day in 1939.

The Princess & The Pirate
Walter Brennan, Bob Hope & Virginia Mayo

Princess Margaret is traveling incognito to elope with her true love instead of marrying the man her father has betrothed her to. On the high seas, her ship is attacked by pirates who know her identity and plan to kidnap her and hold her for a king's ransom. Little do the cutthroats know that she will be rescued by that unlikeliest of knights errant, Sylvester the Great, who will lead them on a merry, and madcap, chase.

Stand By For Action
Walter Brennan, Robert Taylor, Brian Donlevy
                      & Charles Laughton

This is a gentle comedy wherein a Lieutenant fresh from Harvard University sees his first action as second in command under gruff but human Lt. Commander on a recommissioned WWI vessel setting out in convoy against the Japanese following the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Stanley & Livingstone
    Starring: Walter Brennan, Spencer Tracy,
Cedric Hardwicke & Nancy Kelly

When American newspaperman and adventurer Henry M. Stanley comes back from the western Indian wars, his editor James Gordon Bennett sends him to Africa to find Dr. David Livingstone, the missing Scottish missionary. Stanley finds Livingstone blissfully doling out medicine and religion to the happy natives. His story is at first disbelieved. When Livingstone later dies, Stanley returns to continue the good doctor's work.

Swamp Water
    Starring: Walter Brennan,
Dana Andrews, Anne Baxter,
                    Walter Huston, John Carradine
& Virginia Gilmore

A hunter happens upon a fugitive and his daughter living in a Georgia swamp. He falls in love with the girl and persuades the fugitive to return to town.

Task Force
Walter Brennan, Gary Cooper, Jane Wyatt,
Julie London & Tim Holt

After learning the finer points of aerial combat during WWI, career officer Jonathan Scott and his pals spend the next two decades promoting the superiority of naval air power. But military and political "red tape" continually frustrate their efforts, prompting Scott to even consider leaving the Navy for a more lucrative civilian job. Then the world enters a second World War and Scott finally gets the opportunity to prove to Washington the valuable role aircraft carriers could play in winning the conflict. But what will it cost him and his comrades personally? This film is complete in b&w,  with the final scenes in color as it was originally released.

A Ticket to Tomahawk
    Starring: Walter Brennan, Anne Baxter,
                    Dan Dailey & Rory Callhoun

In 1876 Dawson wants to prevent a train from getting to Tomahawk CO on time, to keep it from competing with his stage coach line. Kit, who must get the train to its goal, forces Johnny aboard as the needed passenger. Madame Adelaide's showgirls (including Marilyn as Clara) ride along and, en route to Tomahawk

The Wedding Night
       Starring: Walter Brennan, Anna Stern
                         Gary Cooper
& Ralph Bellamy

A bride-to-be questions her love for her fiancé when she meets a new man, who happens to be married and writing a novel to save his doomed career.

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