The Joan Crawford Collection

The Best of Everything
    Starring: Joan Crawford, Hope Lange, Suzy Parker,
            Stephen Boyd & Robert Evans

Amanda Farrow is a waspish, hard edged editor in a paperback publishing house. Jaded and embittered, she is involved in a disappointing affair with a married man and tends to take out her frustrations on the girls under her charge, including Gregg Adams, an aspiring actress who is involved with a Broadway stage director, David Savage, and an ambitious young secretary Caroline Bender, who has just been jilted by her boyfriend and has turned to one of the editors, Mike Rice, for consolation. April Morrison is a young typist who is seduced by rich playboy Dexter Key and soon finds herself pregnant and abandoned by her unsympathetic lover.

The Boob
    Starring: Joan Crawford & George Kennedy

Idealistic farm boy Peter loves May whose fancy is urbane Harry. He discovers Harry is a rum runner and turns him over to prohibition agents, including Jane. May is at last impressed with Peter.

The Caretakers
      Starring: Joan Crawford, Robert Stack, Polly Bergen
& Van Williams

This movie chronicles the trials of the mentally ill and their care-givers in an over-crowded ward of a hospital. Dr. MacLeod is a new, optimistic doctor who attempts to start an out-patient program for the women in the ward. His method of treating mentally ill patients without violence or punishment is met with resistance by the head nurse, Lucretia Terry. During Dr. MacLeod's treatment, the phobias and illnesses of the various women in the test group are explored.

Daisy Kenyon
    Starring: Joan Crawford, Henry Fonda & Dana Andrews

Commercial artist Daisy Kenyon is involved with married lawyer Dan O'Mara, and hopes someday to marry him, if he ever divorces his wife Lucille. She meets returning veteran Peter, a decent and caring man, whom she does not love, but who offers her love and a more hopeful relationship. She marries him... just as Dan gets a divorce.

The Georgeous Hussy 
    Starring: Joan Crawford, Robert Taylor, Jimmy Stewart,                     Lionel Barrymore, Beulah Bondi
                      & Gene Lockhart

President Andrew Jackson's friendship with an innkeeper's daughter spells trouble for them both.

Goodbye, My Fancy
    Starring: Joan Crawford, Robert Young,
                    Frank Lovejoy & Eve Arden

Journalist Agatha Reed returns to her alma mater for homecoming, although she's more interested in renewing her romance with an old flame who's now the college president. Their attempts at rekindling any sparks are thwarted by the arrival of another rival for her affections and the showing of her controversial film which could put her former beau's job in jeopardy.

The Hollywood Revue of 1929
    Starring: Joan Crawford, Jack Benny, Conrad Nagel
                    Laurel & Hardy, Norma Shearer & Many More

An all-star revue featuring MGM contract players. This feature has Singing, Dancing, Comedy, Drama & everything You could Want!!! Nominated for Best Picture in 1929.

Ice Follies of 1939
    Starring: Joan Crawford, Jimmy Stewart, & Lew Ayres

Mary and Larry are are a modestly successful skating team. Shortly after their marriage, Mary gets a picture contract, while Larry is sitting at home, out of work. To prove that he can accomplish things on his own, he leaves Hollywood and convinces a former partner to put on an ice revue in Canada. The show is a huge success, but it makes it impossible for him to be with his wife, but the studio boss has a wonderful idea. This film has the color sequences entact.

Montana Moon
    Starring: Joan Crawford & Johnny Mack Brown

While returning to Montana from a fling in New York, wealthy Joan Prescott leaves the train, intending to return to the big city. She runs into handsome cowboy Larry and gets engaged. On their wedding night she does a sultry dance with Jeff, which ends with a prolonged kiss. Larry slugs Jeff. Angry Joan entrains for New York, but train robbers kidnap her. The leader of the pretend-bandits is Larry.

No More Ladies
    Starring: Joan Crawford, Joan Fontaine, Gail Patrick
                    & Robert Montgomery

Marcia is an intense young society girl with specific thoughts on love and its importance. She is sought after by many young men, including Jim, who more or less agrees with her ideas on love. Marcia elects to fall in love with Sherry, a dissolute philanderer and consummate rake who changes women as often as he changes his shirts. Marcia is convinced she can change his ways and marries him. Despite her marriage to Sherry, Jim tells her he will take her back at any moment. Marcia is determined to keep her vows of marriage but when she learns of Sherry's infidelity, she decides to teach him a lesson.

This Woman is Dangerous
    Starring: Joan Crawford & Dennis Morgan

A tough lady gangster learns that she will be totally blind within a week. She seeks help from the one eye surgeon who may be able to save her sight. In the process, he also causes her to have a change of heart.

The Unknown
    Starring: Joan Crawford & Lon Chaney

Alonzo is an apparently armless knife thrower who uses his feet to encircle Estrellita with blades. Zanzi is killed by Alonzo (who really does have arms). Estrellita allows herself to fall in love with Alonzo (she fears men's arms), so he goes to a hospital and has his amputated. Meantime Malabar cures Estrellita of her fear of men's arms, so Alonzo tries to have him killed during a circus act.

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