The  Arlene Dahl Collection

    Starring: Arlene Dahl, John Hodiak & Robert Taylor

An Indian scout is sent to rescue a woman who is somewhere deep in Apache territory. The woman's sister, naturally, goes along for the ride where they encounter terrors along the way.

The Black Book (also released as "Reign of Terror")
    Starring: Arlene Dahl & Robert Cummings

The plot starts in France in the year 1774. Robbespierre is sowing panic among his opponents with the only reason to take over the power of the state.

The Bride Goes Wild
    Starring: Arlene Dahl, Van Johnson, June Allyson ,
                        Hume Cronyn & Una Merkle

McGrath publishes books for children and Uncle Bump is one of the best sellers. Unfortunately, Greg, who is Uncle Bump, tends to drink too much and has not started his next book. Martha won a contest to illustrate the book and the first thing that happens is that Greg gets her soused. To keep her there to illustrate, John gets a juvenile delinquent named Danny to play his son and show how much pressure he is under. The ploy works at first, but Greg's heart was broken by Tillie, and Martha may be the girl who makes him forget all about her.

The Outriders
    Starring: Arlene Dahl,
Joel McCrea & James Whitmore

Late in the Civil War, three Confederate soldiers escape from a Union prison camp in Missouri. They soon fall into the hands of pro-Confederate raiders, who force them to act as "outriders" (escorts) for a civilian wagon train that will be secretly transporting Union gold from Santa Fe, New Mexico, to St. Louis, Missouri. The three men are to lead the wagons into a raider trap in Missouri, but one of them starts to have misgivings

Watch the Birdie
    Starring: Arlene Dahl, Red Skelton & Ann Miller

A cameraman helps an heiress to get rid off her financial adviser, who wants to get her money.

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