The Joanne Dru Collection

711 Ocean Drive
    Starring: Joanne Dru & Edmond O'Brien

Reliable Edmund O'Brien stars in this thriller as a phone company repairman who uses his electrical know-how to set up a highly efficent bookie system for a local gangster. When the gangster is shot to death by a poor schlub he's been squeezing for gambling debts, O'Brien takes over the operation. Suddenly several big boys from the "syndicate" back east come into Los Angeles to get a piece of the action. O'Brien's reach extends his grasp when he sets up the murder of one of his new partners, because the hit man decides that he should also be getting a cut of the action.

Hannah Lee
    Starring: Joanne Dru, John Ireland & MacDonald Carey

Professional killer Bus Crow is hired by cattlemen to eliminate squatters. When Marshal Sam Rochelle is sent to investigate, saloon owner Hallie becomes a reluctant witness.

Mr. Belvedere Rings The Bell
    Starring: Joanne Dru,
Clifton Webb & Zero Mostel

An urbane, sharp-tongued expert on how to stay young interrupts a lecturing tour to prove his theory at a dilapidated old people's home. To the despair of his agent and the alarm of the priest running it, he infiltrates the home by lying about his age and sets about lifting the occupants' spirits and making them feel young again.

The Pride of St. Louis
    Starring: Joanne Dru,
Dan Dailey & Richard Crenna

The story of Jerome "Dizzy" Dean, a major-league baseball pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals and Chicago Cubs in the 1930s and 1940s.

The Siege at Red River
    Starring: Joanne Dru,
Van Johnson & Richard Boone

Cavalry Captain Farraday attempts to prevent the delivery of Gatling Guns into the hands of hostile Indians.

Three Ring Circus
    Starring: Joanne Dru, Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis

Another movie with Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin. Jerry and Pete are two friends with no money, looking for some job. They finally find one as workers in a circus, but Jerry has different dreams. He wants to become a clown.

Thunder Bay
    Starring: Joanne Dru, Jimmy Stewart, Gilbert Roland & Dan Duryea

In 1946, ex-Navy engineer Steve Martin comes to a Louisiana town with a dream: to build a safe platform for offshore oil drilling. Having finessed financing from a big oil company, formerly penniless Steve and his partner Johnny are in business...and getting interested in shrimp-boat captain Rigaud's two lovely daughters. But opposition from the fishing community grows fast, led by Stella Rigaud. Other hazards include sabotage, a hurricane...and a treacherous board of directors

The Wild & the Innocent
    Starring: Joanne Dru, Audie Murphy, Sandra Dee,
                        Jim Backus & Gilbert Roland

Charming tale of mountaineer-trapper Murphy's first taste "big city" life with young, sweet Sandra Dee in tow. She flees her family, which tried to trade her for some of Murphy's beaver pelts, and tags along with the reluctant Murphy. They get into all manner of trouble in town, and Murphy has to shoot the sheriff to rescue Dee from her job as a dancehall girl.

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