The Errol Flynn Collection

Another Dawn
    Starring: Errol Flynn & Kay Francis

The romantic femme fatale, mourning a lost love of her youth, and convinced she can never love again; the dashing, devil-may-care adventurer, certain that no one female could ever hold him; the middle-aged paragon of duty, service and principle, asking only to be allowed to worship that desirable woman, expecting not love, but merely loyalty, in return; the coward scorned by his mates, living for nothing but a chance to redeem himself. And much more, including British colonials, devious Arab chieftains, the burning desert, a suicide mission, memorable dying words, and of course, a young, spectacularly handsome Errol Flynn.They don't make them like this anymore.

Desperate Journey
    Starring: Errol Flynn, Ronald Reagan, Nancy Coleman,                         Arthur Kennedy & Alan Hale

Five Allied pilots struggle for survival after crashing behind enemy lines in Nazi-occupied Poland.

Four's A Crowd
    Starring: Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland,
                    Rosalind Russell & Patrick Knowles

Robert will do anything to get the big account that has eluded him. His public relations business makes public angels of rich scoundrels. Jean needs someone to save the paper and she wants Robert. When he finds out that Pat is dating Lorri, John Dillingwell's granddaughter, he gets involved. Robert begins to make John the most hated man and Lorri blames Pat, the publisher. He then goes to John for a job to erase all the bad publicity that he has gotten from the paper. This works until Pat tells John that Robert was behind the smear campaign. But John decides that he does need some good publicity and hires Robert to provide it.

Green Light
    Starring: Errol Flynn & Anita Louise

In one of the minor and non-costume films of his career, Flynn plays a noble doctor in a story adapted from the inspirational novel by Lloyd C. Douglas.

The Private Lives of Elizabeth & Essex
    Starring: Errol Flynn, Bette Davis, Vincent Price
                  & Olivia de Havilland

An all-star cast in a lavish historical epic that featured as many fireworks on the set between Davis and Flynn as appeared on-screen. Davis makes an imperious Elizabeth who is both drawn to and suspicious of the dashing Essex (Flynn), who returns in triumph from Spain.

Roots of Heaven
    Starring: Errol Flynn, Juliette Greco, Orson Welles,
                    Herbert Lom & Eddie Albert

A wildlife enthusiast attempts to protect African elephants from being hunted, all the while being battled and road blocked by hunters and an unfeeling government.

The Sun Also Rises
    Starring: Errol Flynn, Tyrone Power, Ava Gardner,
                    Mel Ferrar & Eddie Albert

Paris in the 1920's. The American journalist Jake and his friends spend the time at cafes. He has a special interest in his ex-fiancée Lady Ashley. They take a vacation in Pamplona to watch the bull-fights. From the Ernest Hemingway novel.

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