The Joan Fontaine Collection

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt
    Starring: Joan Fontaine & Dana Andrews

A writer sets himself up to take murder rap to show the errors of circumstantial evidence. With a friend holding back evidence so he can prove his innocence at the last minute, he goes to trial. But during the trial, his friend is killed in a car accident.

The Bigamist
    Starring: Joan Fontaine & Edmond O'Brien

Harry and Eve Graham are trying to adopt a baby. The head of the agency senses Harry is keeping a secret and does some investigating. He soon discovers Harry has done an unusual amount of traveling from his home in San Francisco to Los Angeles. Harry gets tracked down in LA where he has a second wife and a baby. Via flashbacks, Harry tells the adoption agent how he ended up in two marriages.

Blond Cheat
    Starring: Joan Fontaine & Derrick De Marney

A millionaire agrees to finance an actress's new show, but only if she helps break up his daughter's current romance.

Born to Be Bad
    Starring: Joan Fontaine, Zachary Scott, Robert Ryan
                        & Joan Leslie

Christabel fools everyone with her sweet exterior including her cousin Donna and Donna's wealthy fiancée Curtis. The only one who sees through her facade is Jake, a rugged writer who loves her anyway. Christabel also loves Jake, but she loves Curtis' money more. After convincing Curtis that Donna is only interested in him for his money, she tricks Curtis into marrying her. Of course, she still dallies with Jake on the side.

Girl on a Park Bench
    Starring: Joan Fontaine, John Litel & Craig Stevens

When a beautiful socialite has her apartment rent go up due to the repeal of the city’s rent control laws, she takes her cause to City Hall. Finding no help from the Mayor, she takes on City Government, and sets up house in the city park. The press of course rallies to her side. When the Mayor orders her arrest, she then takes the fight to court. But there is one catch, she is falling in love w/ the City Attorney who’s prosecuting her. A classic TV teleplay from 1957.

Gunga Din
    Starring: Joan Fontaine, Cary Grant
                        & Douglas Fairbanks Jr.

Based loosely on the poem by Rudyard Kipling, this takes place in British India during the Thuggee uprising. Three fun loving sergeants are doing fine until one of them wants to get married and leave the service. The other two trick him into a final mission where they end up confronting the entire cult by themselves as the British Army is entering a trap.

    Starring: Joan Fontaine, Patrick Knowles
                    & Herbert Marshall

In 1909, British belle Ivy Lexton meets older, rich Miles Rushworth; undeterred by the prior claims of her husband Jervis and lover Roger, she goes after Miles and has no trouble fascinating him, but oddly enough he has compunctions about making love to other men's wives. The means Ivy reluctantly adopts to resolve the problem of too many men promise disaster for all concerned.

Maid’s Night Out
    Starring: Joan Fontaine, Allan Lane & Hedda Hopper

A millionaire's son works as a milkman for a month to win a bet with his father. While delivering milk he falls in love with a young debutante whom he mistakes for a maid.

Man of Conquest
    Starring: Joan Fontaine & Richard Dix

This solid and impressive biography of Sam Houston reveals a slice of American History that is rarely investigated, the presidency of Andrew Jackson, the US government's treatment of the Cherokee tribe, and the annexation of Texas. It's all fascinating and quite well done.

The Man Who Found Himself
    Starring: Joan Fontaine, John Beale & Phillip Houston

Joan Fontaine’s 1st feature film!!! Young Jim Stanton is a conscientious surgeon, but spends too many off-duty hours pursuing his passion for aviation to suit his stuffy father. When it is discovered that a passenger killed in a plane that Jim crashes was a married woman, the resulting scandal prompts the hospital to put Jim on probation. His pride wounded, Jim takes to the open road and enjoys the simpler life of a vagabond. In Los Angeles--where he is arrested for vagrancy and put to work on a road crew--Jim runs into old pal Dick Miller, who gets him a job as a mechanic for Roberts Aviation. But maintaining his anonymity becomes more difficult, particularly when a pretty nurse, Doris King, decides to make Jim's redemption her personal crusade.

Music for Madame
    Starring: Joan Fontaine, Jack Carson, Nino Martini
                    & Alan Hale

A naive opera singer's desire to perform at the Hollywood Bowl plays into the hands of mobsters who want him as a front, while the crooks make off with a cache’ of diamonds.

No More Ladies
    Starring: Joan Fontaine, Joan Crawford, Gail Patrick
                    & Robert Montgomery

Marcia is an intense young society girl with specific thoughts on love and its importance. She is sought after by many young men, including Jim, who more or less agrees with her ideas on love. Marcia elects to fall in love with Sherry, a dissolute philanderer and consummate rake who changes women as often as he changes his shirts. Marcia is convinced she can change his ways and marries him. Despite her marriage to Sherry, Jim tells her he will take her back at any moment. Marcia is determined to keep her vows of marriage but when she learns of Sherry's infidelity, she decides to teach him a lesson.

Quality Street
    Starring: Joan Fontaine, Katharine Hepburn
                       & Franchot Tone

An "old maid" masquerades as her own niece in order to win back the love of a man who hasn't seen her in ten years.

Something to Live For
    Starring: Joan Fontaine & Ray Milland

An actress is guided by an Alcoholics Anonymous member to control her alcoholism and her feelings of rejection.

Stranger in the Night
    Starring: Joan Fontaine, Michael Wilding
                    & Elsa Lanchester

A turn-of-the-century widow moves into a somewhat foreboding seaside estate. She assumes that her only companion is her housekeeper, but she's wrong: the house is also "inhabited" by the ghost of a handsome sea captain. Classic TV movie remake of “ The Ghost & Mrs. Muir” from 1955.

Tender is the Night
    Starring: Joan Fontaine, Jennifer Jones
                    & Jason Robards

Based on the novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald. A psychiatrist is torn between his demanding, mentally unstable , wife and his profession. After a long marriage the two start to trade places with one another and infidelity takes route.

This Above All
    Starring: Joan Fontaine & Tyrone Power

Aristocratic Prudence Cathaway shocks her family by enlisting in the WAFs. After enlisting, a fellow WAF sets her up on a blind date with handsome, but moody Clive Briggs. Prudence learns Clive is a deserter, but still loves him and senses he'll eventually prove himself a patriot.

    Starring: Joan Fontaine

This classic rare TV production from the 1950’s, tells the story of a young beautiful woman, that has convinced all her friends that she is about to get married within hours to a man none of them has ever heard of or seen. This is all suspect to them, as Trudy reveals to them that she simply can get what she wants by merely wishing for it. Her friends go on and prepare for a wedding to help her snap out of this dream world she has created. Is she dreaming, or are her abilities for real?

Until They Sail
   Starring: Joan Fontaine, Sandra Dee, Jean Simmons,
                    Paul Newman, Piper Laurie & Alan Napier

This courtroom drama set in New Zealand during WWII centers on four sisters involved in murder and ill-fated love.

You Can't Beat Love
    Starring: Joan Fontaine & Preston Foster

A wealthy playboy's mayoral campaign takes an unexpected turn when he falls in love with the incumbent's daughter.

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