Shipping Charges for International Orders

We service the entire globe here at VIDEO RARITIES !! The prices on our website are the prices for U.S. orders for our service. Shipping outside of the U.S. is in addition to the prices listed on the website. To find out how much shipping is, simply click on the flag that matches the continent you live in.

To Add Shipping To Your International Order Follow These Easy Steps:
1. Click on the correct flag below
2. Click on the correct number of services you are ordering ( if the number exceeds 10, simply click on 10 and then the correct number that totals the number ordered...EXAMPLE:  For 15 you would click on 10 and then click on 5 )
The correct shipping MUST BE ADDED to your order, or the order cannot be processed.

For Shipments to Africa

For Shipments to Asia

For Shipments to Australia

For Shipments to Canada

For Shipments to Europe

For Shipments to Mexico

For Shipments to South America

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