The Janet Gaynor Collection

Janet Gaynor, Pat Boone, Terry Moore
                    & Dean Jagger

High school students enter a fictional woman's name (bernardine mudd) in a contest. The contestant wins and hilarity ensues.

Change of Heart
    Starring: Janet Gaynor, Ginger Rogers, Charles Farrell
                    & James Dunn

Janet Gaynor and James Dunn and their close friends Charles Farrell and Ginger Rogers graduate from a West Coast college and fly to New York City to find work.

    Starring: Janet Gaynor & Charles Farrell

A varied group of immigrants head for the USA aboard S.S. Mauronia, including Russians Sascha, Mischa, Toscha, and Olga. Sascha has fallen for Scots lassie Heather; Olga is courted by Chris Jansen, valet of first class passenger Larry Beaumont. Heather catches Larry's eye, to the discomfiture of Larry's other flame Diana. On arrival, Heather has immigration trouble, and a variety of complications ensue.

Ladies in Love
    Starring: Janet Gaynor, Loretta Young, Tyrone Power,
                        Don Ameche, Constance Bennett
                        & Simone Simon

Three working girls in Budapest pool their resources to get a better apartment and impress their dates. One dates a nobleman and, learning of her rejection by him, considers poison. Another drinks the poison by mistake and lands a physician for herself. The third marries a businessman. The first girl gets a shop of her own.

Small Town Girl
    Starring: Janet Gaynor, Robert Taylor & Jimmy Stewart

Kay is a girl living in a small rural town whose life is just too dull and repetitious to bear. One night, she meets young, handsome, and rich Bob Dakin, who asks her for directions while drunk and then proceeds to take her out on a night on the town. Kay likes the stranger, and when the drunken Bob decides that they should get married, Kay hesitates little before consenting. The morning after the affair, Bob, once sober, regrets his mistake. His strict and upright parents, however, insist that the young couple pretend marriage for 6 months before divorcing, in order to avoid bad publicity. Bob resents Kay for standing in the way of him and his fiancée, Priscilla, but Kay still hopes that he'd have a change of heart.

State Fair
    Starring: Janet Gaynor, Lew Ayres & Will Rogers

This quaint, loving story set at the Iowa State Fair springs from Hollywood’s deep feeling for its version of rural America, and audiences returned the affection. This drew the blueprint for the two musical versions that followed. Homespun philosopher Rogers plays a farmer who has a chance for a blue ribbon with his prize hog, Blue Bell; his wife, Dresser, has high hopes for her mincemeat recipe; son Foster takes an adolescent shine to worldly trapeze artist Eilers; and daughter Gaynor wins the heart of a newsman with a roving eye, Ayres. The plot may be as simple as the desires of the characters, but the picture never condescends, making this a warmhearted portrait of another time and place.

    Starring: Janet Gaynor & George O'Brien

An attractive woman from the city, on vacation, stays in a small farming community and dazzles a young married farmer. The wicked woman suggests that the man's deceptively dowdy-looking wife might "accidentally" drown. Can he, will he go through with it? The scene changes; in unexpected company, the man gets a kaleidoscopic taste of what the actual city is like. The dramatic climax comes in a fearsome storm and its aftermath. A beautifully done silent classic.

Three Loves Has Nancy
    Starring: Janet Gaynor & Robert Montgomery

A country girl follows the man who jilted her to the big city, where she finds two new suitors.

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