The Glenn Ford Collection

Advance to the Rear
    Starring: Glenn Ford, Joan Blondell, Stella Stevens
                    & Jim Backus

A Union army outfit of misfits and rejects is sent to the Western territory. Southern spies try to figure out what they're up to.

Affair in Trinidad
    Starring: Glenn Ford & Rita Hayworth

When Steve Emery arrives in Trinidad at the urgent request of his brother, he is stunned to find that his brother has not only been murdered, but that his brother's wife Chris is succumbing to the seduction attempts of the murderer. His feelings are further exacerbated when he discovers that he, too, is becoming strongly attracted to Chris, who is a steamy cabaret singer. She, in turn, is playing off one against the other while betraying the secrets of both men to the police, for whom she is secretly working.

The Americano
    Starring: Glenn Ford, Cesar Romero, Ursula Thiess
                    & Frank Lovejoy

An American working on a ranch in the Amazon comes up against a gang of Brazilian bandits.

The Big Heat
    Starring: Glenn Ford, Gloria Grahame & Lee Marvin

Detective Dave Bannion investigates a police sergeant's suicide. Strictly routine...until a B-girl claiming to have evidence is found murdered, and Bannion's superiors order him off the case. Not one to suffer being pushed, Bannion pushes back at reputed mob boss Lagana, who fanatically keeps his home life free of "dirt." Result: a bomb meant for Bannion kills an innocent bystander, and Bannion becomes a white-hot sword of vengeance, alone against a corrupt world...except for Debby, disfigured ex-mistress of sadistic mobster Vince Stone.

    Starring: Glenn Ford, Broderick Crawford
                        & Dorothy Malone

A prison warden comes to believe that an inmate in his facility has been wrongly convicted, and sets out to help prove his innocence.

Day of the Evil Gun
    Starring: Glenn Ford, Arthur Kennedy & Dean Jagger

Warfield  is the dispassionate ex-gunslinger hired by his neighbor Forbes  to help him track down the Apache Indians who have kidnapped Forbes' wife and children. They employ Jimmy Noble , the eccentric scout who feigns feeble impedances by talking in rhyme. The three encounter torture, Indian attacks, and Confederates who masquerade as Union soldiers. The hardened gunslinger eventually keeps a level head while the even-tempered Forbes turns into a cold-blooded killing machine. Warfield and Forbes eventually complete their personality changes that lead to the inevitable western showdown.

The Desperadoes
    Starring: Glenn Ford, Evelyn Keyes, Randolph Scott
                      & Claire Trevor

Popular mail-coach driver Uncle Willie is in fact in league with the town's crooked banker. They plan to have the bank robbed after emptying it, and when Willie's choice for this doesn't show in time, he gets some local boys to do it. When his man does turn up he decides to stick around, as he is pals with the sheriff and also takes a shine to Willie's daughter Allison. This gives the bad men several new problems.

The Doctor & the Girl
    Starring: Glenn Ford, Janet Leigh, Gloria de Haven
                       & Charles Coburn

Michael Corday, is the scion of a highly respected family of physicians. When he marries one of his patients, shopgirl Evelyn Heldon, Corday is thrown out of his house by his tradition-bound father. Denied a posh Park Avenue practice, Corday becomes a selflessly dedicated general practitioner, while his rebellious sister Fabienne likewise leaves home and hearth in favor of Greenwich Village bohemianism. Father and son are tearfully reconciled when Fabienne dies as the result of a botched abortion (though her operation is never so identified). This is a toned-down, telescoped adaptation of Maxence van der Meersh's best-selling novel “Bodies and Souls“.

Experiment in Terror
    Starring: Glenn Ford, Lee Remick & Stefanie Powers

Kelly Sherwood is terrorized by a man with an asthmatic voice who plans to use her to steal $100,000 from the bank where she works. He threatens to kill her teenage sister Toby, if she tells the police. However she manages to contact F.B.I. agent Ripley.

The Fastest Gun Alive
    Starring: Glenn Ford, Jeanne Crain
Broderick Crawford

Whenever it becomes known how good he is with guns, ex-gunman George and his wife Dora have to flee the town, in fear of all the gunmen who might want to challenge him. Unfortunately he again spills his secret when he's drunk. All citizens swear to keep his secret and support him to give up his guns forever -- but a boy tells the story to a gang of wanted criminals. Their leader threatens to burn down the whole town, if he doesn't duel him

Fate Is the Hunter
    Starring: Glenn Ford, Jane Russell & Nancy Kwan

Airline executive Sam McBane goes out on a limb to try and prove that a major crash wasn't the fault of his pilot friend, even though it may jeopardize his chances of promotion to Vice President.

Go West Young Lady
    Starring: Glenn Ford, Penny Singleton & Ann Miller

Federal Marshall Tex Miller, and his girl-friend Belinda Pendergast are having problems with the masked bandid 'Pecos Pete'. Penny Singleton is adorably ditzy as the heroine, Glenn Ford honed his comic skills as "the tenderfoot" and sparkling Ann Miller as the tart-tongued saloon-singer steals the show. The Sammy Cahn score is a treat, and Annie's tip-tapping with Allen Jenkins singing "I Wish That I could Be a Singing Cowboy" is one of the many highlights of this unique lark of a film.

Heaven With a Barbed Wire Fence
    Starring: Glenn Ford, Jean Rogers, Richard Conte,
                        Raymond Walburn & Ward Bond

A New York store clerk  joins a hobo and an illegal immigrant heading for his newly bought land in Arizona.

Heaven With a Gun
    Starring: Glenn Ford, Carolyn Jones, Barbara Hershey,
                    & David Carradine

In the small western town of Vinegarroon the conflict between cattle and sheep breeders escalates. When a stranger appears in the town, the ranchers suspect he's a gun man, hired by the sheep breeders. But Jim Killian turns out to be a priest - a tough one however, who soon shall make unscrupulous rancher Esa Beck's life quite harder.

Human Desire
    Starring: Glenn Ford, Gloria Grahame
                        & Broderick Crawford

Engineer Jeff, returning from Korea, falls in Love to his co-worker Carl's wife Vicky, who both committed a murder. Naturally Carl gets jealous but can't say a thing because Jeff knows a little bit about the case.

Imitation General
    Starring: Glenn Ford & Red Buttons

Master Sgt. "Murph" Savage impersonates a fallen general in the hope of inspiring his fellow soldiers to bravely fight their way out of a Nazi ensnarement. He might succeed if he can avoid the one soldier who knows his true identity.

    Starring: Glenn Ford, Ernest Borgnine, Rod Steiger
                & Valarie French

Found injured by rancher Shep Horgan, Jubal Troop is offered a job as cowhand and soon gains Shep's trust. Mae Horgan, feeling she's been trapped into marriage with Shep, takes a shine to Jubal, although he is more interested in Naomi Hoktor who is travelling with a wagon train camped on Shep's land. Pinky, until now top hand and used to Mae's favors himself, doesn't think much of the new deal and trouble is inevitable.

The Last Challenge
    Starring: Glenn Ford, Angie Dickinson, Chad Everett
                        & Jack Elam

In this western, a town sheriff contends with his reputation as the "fastest gun in the West." When a young gunslinger calls him out for a showdown, the sheriff is struck by the fellows resemblance to himself when he was young. He therefore, attempts to talk him out of his foolish career choice, but the young man refuses to listen. The saloon hostess attempts to talk the sheriff out of the duel, but the old fellow does not listen.

Love Is a Ball
    Starring: Glenn Ford, Charles Boyer, Hope Lange
                      Telly Savalas & Ricardo Montalban

Etienne makes a good living out of marrying off poor but titled young men to rich but untitled young ladies. Millicent is now in his sights on the Riviera, and Grand Duke Gaspar is the bait. But what if Millicent starts to fancy planted chauffeur John instead, and Gaspar takes a shine to Etienne's secretary Janine?

The Man From Colorado
    Starring: Glenn Ford, William Holden & Eileen Drew

Two friends return home after their discharge from the army after the Civil War. However, one of them has had deep-rooted psychological damage due to his experiences during the war, and as his behavior becomes more erratic--and violent--his friend desperately tries to find a way to help him.

The Money Trap
    Starring: Glenn Ford, Elke Sommer, Rita Hayworth
                        & Joseph Cotton

Joe Barron is a police detective whose wife Lisa has inherited a stock portfolio from her father. Joe and Lisa go on a spending spree, but when their new holdings fail to pay dividends, Joe finds himself deep in debt. Dr. Horace Van Tilden, a rich doctor who caters to high-society clientele, shoots an intruder in his home, and Joe is assigned to investigate; Joe discovers that Van Tilden has a lucrative sideline selling drugs, and that the shooting victim was actually an addict looking for dope. When Joe learns that Van Tilden keeps his drug money in a safe at home, he sees a way to finally pay off his debts, but his partner, Pete Delanos, gets wind of Joe's scheme and demands a cut of the action. Matters become more complicated for Joe when he learns that the man Van Tilden shot was married to Rosalie, whom he loved many years ago.

    Starring: Glenn Ford, Donna Reed & Leslie Nielson

When his son Andy is kidnapped and held for ransom, David Stannard liquidates his assets to meet the half-million dollar demand. A casual remark by newspaper reporter Charlie Telfer makes him change his mind. Despite the pleas from his wife Edith and brother Al, and the resultant condemnation of the press and public, Stannard goes on a nation-wide television program, displays the money and warns the kidnapper that not one cent will be paid for ransom; instead the money will be used to track down the kidnapper if Andy isn't returned unharmed. The police then find the boy's blood-stained shirt.

The Return of October
    Starring: Glenn Ford, Terry Moore & James Gleason

An heiress discovers her racehorse is the reincarnation of her rich uncle, back to win the Kentucky Derby.

The Rounders
    Starring: Glenn Ford, & Henry Fonda

Ben and Howdy are a couple of aging cowboys who bust broncos out of Sedona for Jim Ed Love, a slick operator if ever there was one. Sisters, Meg and Agatha, have their eyes on Ben and Howdy, but the boys aren't ready to settle down yet. They spend the winter in the high country corralling more than 100 stray cattle at $7 a head for Jim Ed. Most years, they blow their winter pay in one spring night at a Sedona bar, but this year, Ben and Howdy have a plan: to take an ornery roan that Ben has been unable to break and bet their bankroll that no cowboy at the Sedona rodeo can stay on the horse. What will they do if they win - marry the sisters or head for Tahiti?

The Sheepman
    Starring: Glenn Ford, Shirley MacLaine, Leslie Nielsen,
                        Slim Pickens & Pernell Roberts

Regarded as one of the best Western-Comedies ever made. A stranger in a Western cattle-town behaves with remarkable self-assurance, establishing himself as a man to be reckoned with. The reason appears with his stock: a herd of sheep, which he intends to graze on the range. The horrified inhabitants decide to run him out at all costs.

A Stolen Life
   Starring: Glenn Ford,
Bette Davis & Walter Brennan

Kate Bosworth and her twin sister Patricia fall in love with Martha's Vineyard lighthouse inspector Bill Emerson. Patricia and Bill are married. To forget, Kate returns to painting. Bill goes to Chile; Kate and Patricia go sailing; Patricia is washed overboard and drowned. Kate's boat capsizes and, when she recovers consciousness ashore, she (believed to be Patricia) is told that Bill is returning from Chile.

A Time for Killing
    Starring: Glenn Ford, Inger Stevens, George Hamilton
                    & Harrison Ford

Union POW camp commander Major Walcott, rides out to capture escaped Confederate prisoner Captain Bentley. Bentley and his men have kidnapped Walcott's fiancee Emily Biddle to assure themselves safe passage, but several of the escaped Rebs hope to divest themselves of Bentley and have their way with their beautiful captive.

    Starring: Glenn Ford, Dorothy McGuire, John Hodiak
                    & Arthur Kennedy

That venerable academy State University won't renew law prof Glenn Ford's contract because he lacks courtroom experience. He signs up with slick lawyer Arthur Kennedy ("Law's a business like any other"), who promptly makes him point man in a high-visibility trial. A Mexican boy has been charged with murder of an underage Anglo girl in a case of statutory rape. Town racists whip up a lynch mob; meanwhile, Kennedy flits across the country to milk cash from a leftist rally for the boy. But, confident that Ford will blow the defense, he's only interested in providing a profitable martyr for the "cause".

The Violent Men
    Starring: Glenn Ford, Barbara Stanwyck,
                    Edward G. Robinson & Brian Keith

An ex-confederate officer plans to sell up to Anchor Ranch and move east with his fiance, but the low price offered by Anchor's crippled owner and the outfit's bully-boy tactics make him think again. When one of his hands is murdered he decides to stay and fight, utilising his war experience. All is anyway not well at Anchor with the owner's wife carrying on with his brother who anyway has a Mexican moll in town.

Young Man With Ideas
    Starring: Glenn Ford, Ruth Roman, Denise Darcel
                    & Nina Foch

Glenn Ford is a young very junior attorney at a law firm in some small Montana town who's not the most forceful fellow around. With a wife and three kids, he can't afford to be. Wife Ruth Roman sees something more in him and convinces him to be more assertive. Ford decides to move the family to Los Angeles where he can work and study to pass the California bar.

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