The Paulette Goddard Collection

An Ideal Husband
    Starring: Paulette Goddard & Michael Wilding

A prominent politician is preparing to expose a financial scandal. But then a woman who has invested heavily in the shady venture threatens to uncover a damaging secret in the politician's past if he exposes the speculation as a fraud. His problem is compounded by his wife's intolerance of the slightest character flaws.

Hold Back the Dawn
   Starring: Paulette Goddard, Olivia de Havilland
& Charles Boyer

Told in flashback from a preface in which the main character visits Paramount to sell his story! Romanian-French gigolo Georges Iscovescu wishes to enter the USA. Stopped in Mexico by the quota system, he decides to marry an American, then desert her and join his old partner Anita, who's done likewise. But after sweeping teacher Emmy Brown off her feet, he finds her so sweet that love and jealousy endanger his plans.

King's Super Hero Double Feature: The Unaired Pilots of The Phantom & Mandrake the Magician
The Live-Action adventures of King’s popular Sunday comic strip Super-Heroes:

The Phantom
    Starring: Paulette Goddard, Roger Creed, Lon Chaney Jr., Richard Kiel & Reginald Denny

When an evil rancher uses forced slave labor to harvest her illegal crops in Africa, the US embassy enlists the help of The Phantom, to bust up the operation and bring the villains to justice. Given the stellar cast of this pilot, it’s hard to understand why it was never picked up.

Mandrake the Magician
    Starring: Robert Coy & Woody Strode

Mandrake & his sidekick, Lothar, stumble on to the trail of an enemy agent in possession of a top-secret list of American double agents. His goal, to sell the list to the highest bidder. Can Mandrake & Lothar stop this evil fiend before it’s too late?

* Please note that the quality of these pilots fall into the  “Fair- Good” range and is listed at the lower price of $17.95

Northwest Mounted Police
    Starring: Paulette Goddard, Gary Cooper
                    & Robert Preston

In 1885, three mismatched frontiersmen (teacher Riel, whiskey trader Corbeau, and trapper Duroc) foment rebellion in central Canada; only the local Mounties stand in their way. Constable Ronnie Logan loves Corbeau's savage daughter Louvette; his pal Jim Brett loves April, the district nurse, but finds a rival in visitor Dusty Rivers, a Texas Ranger who wants Corbeau for murder. Treachery, battle, and tense situations follow in rapid order, with more lighthearted intervals.

On Our Merry Way
    Starring: Paulette Goddard, Henry Fonda, Jimmy Stewart
                    Fred MacMurray & Burgess Meredith

Oliver Pease gets a dose of courage from his wife Martha and tricks the editor of the paper (where he writes lost pet notices) into assigning him the day's roving question. Martha suggests, "Has a little child ever changed your life?" Oliver gets answers from two slow-talking musicians, an actress whose roles usually feature a sarong, and an itinerant cardshark. In each case the "little child" is hardly innocent: in the first, a local auto mechanic's "baby" turns out to be fully developed as a woman and a musician; in the second, a spoiled child star learns kindness; in the third, the family of a lost brat doesn't want him returned. And Oliver, what becomes of him?

The Sins of Jezebel
    Starring: Paulette Goddard, George Nader, Eduard Franz
                        & Joe Besser

Jezebel worships the evil god Baal & marries the king of Israel bringing grief to the entire kingdom. A fine biblical opus!

So Proudly We Hail
    Starring: Paulette Goddard,
Claudette Colbert,
                      Veronica Lake & George Reeves

A group of U.S. Army nurses leaves San Francisco for their tour of duty in Hawaii in December 1941. The attack on Pearl Harbor changes their destination, and their lives. Sent to Bataan, in the Philippines, the nurses are led by Lt. Janet Davidson. She is faced with untested nurses who expected an easy time in Honolulu, but who quickly become battle-weary veterans dealing with daily bombardments by the Japanese, overwhelmed by the numbers of wounded, and dwindling supplies. Some of "Davey's" unit also have to deal with romantic entanglements with men they met onboard ship. When Bataan falls, the American forces flee to the offshore island of Corregidor, where they find the Japanese assault just as intense.

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