The Gloria Grahame Collection

The Big Heat
    Starring: Gloria Grahame,
Glenn Ford & Lee Marvin

Detective Dave Bannion investigates a police sergeant's suicide. Strictly routine...until a B-girl claiming to have evidence is found murdered, and Bannion's superiors order him off the case. Not one to suffer being pushed, Bannion pushes back at reputed mob boss Lagana, who fanatically keeps his home life free of "dirt." Result: a bomb meant for Bannion kills an innocent bystander, and Bannion becomes a white-hot sword of vengeance, alone against a corrupt world...except for Debby, disfigured ex-mistress of sadistic mobster Vince Stone.

Blood & Lace
    Starring: Gloria Grahame & Vic Tayback

Ellie Master's mother, the town tramp, was murdered in bed without revealing the name of Ellie's father. When Ellie tries to leave town she is stopped by Det. Calvin Carruthers, who is investigating her mother's murder. She is sent to an orphanage run by Mrs. Deare where the residents are victims of abuse, escape attempts end in death, and Ellie is stalked by a hideously disfigured apparition.

The Cobweb
    Starring: Gloria Grahame, Richard Widmark
                    Lauren Bacall, Charles Boyer & Lillian Gish

At an exclusive psychiatric clinic, the doctors and staff are about as crazy as the patients. The clinic head, Dr. Stewart McIver, thinks that it would be good therapy for his patients to design and make new drapes for the library. Mrs. Karen McIver, who is neglected by her hardworking husband (and a bit unbalanced herself), wants to make her mark on the clinic, so she orders new drapes. Miss Inch, the business manager, who has been with the clinic longer than anyone, sees this as an intrusion into her territory, and she too orders drapes. All this puts everyone in a dither, as they fight over drapes and clinic politics.

The Glass Wall
    Starring: Gloria Grahame, Vittorio Gassman
& Ann Robinson

Peter, a WW II 'displaced person' about to be deported jumps ship in New York harbor in an effort to find an ex-G.I named Tom whom he helped during the war and can prove Peter's right to legal entry in the United States. It is a race against time for if he can't Tom within 24 hours and prove his case, he will be branded a fugitive and will be permanently disqualified for U.S. citizenship. His quest leads him to befriending Maggie, a down-on-her-luck factory worker whom he rejuvenates through his good faith; a visit to a jazz club where Shorty Rogers and his band and trombonist Jack Teagarden are playing, and an interlude with a good- hearted burlesque dancer, Tanya Zakoyla, takes him to her mother's home for food and rest. The climax comes at dawn in the United Nations building (the "glass wall" of the title) where he goes to plead his case and that of all displaced persons.

The Good Die Young
    Starring: Gloria Grahame, Joan Collins,
                        Laurence Harvey, Richard Basehart,
                         John Ireland & Robert Morley

Three good men - a broken boxer, an American veteran trying to win back his mother-dominated wife, and an air force sergeant married to a faithless actress - are corrupted by Miles Ravenscourt, an amoral "gentleman." Because they need money, they let Miles lure them into his scheme to rob a postal van with a large cash cargo.

Head Over Heels
    Starring: Gloria Grahame, John Heard, Mary Beth Hurt
& Griffin Dunne

( Also released as “ Chilly Scenes of Winter “ ) An embodiment of the Beckett quote that there is nothing funnier than unhappiness, Joan Micklin Silver's adaptation of the Anne Beattie novel stars John Heard as Charles Richardson, a civil servant in Utah who is consumed by his obsession with Laura Conley, a former lover. Their relationship had developed during a short hiatus in Laura's marriage; however, she'd ended it because of Charles's over adoring behavior, coupled with her guilt over leaving her husband and stepchild. The disconsolate lover conducts imaginary conversations with Laura, grills her colleagues for information about her, and watches her drive her child to school, holding out the forlorn hope that she will decide to permanently leave her indifferent husband, Ox. While this behavior might seem to warrant a call to the police, Charles's pursuit is more longingly meandering than monomaniacal, and his attentions aren't entirely discouraged by the indecisive Laura. In this bittersweet film, lightly tinged with post-1960s malaise, Micklin Silver perfectly catches the tone of Beattie's elliptical, deadpan comic novel. Heard and Hurt are wonderful in their nuanced roles.

Human Desire
    Starring: Gloria Grahame, Glenn Ford
                        & Broderick Crawford

Engineer Jeff, returning from Korea, falls in Love to his co-worker Carl's wife Vicky, who both committed a murder. Naturally Carl gets jealous but can't say a thing because Jeff knows a little bit about the case.

Man on a Tightrope
    Starring: Gloria Grahame, Adolphe Menjou,
                        Fredric March, Cameron Mitchell
                        & Terry Moore

An eastern European circus troop, must battle communist forces & themselves, on the way to freedom.

Ride Beyond Vengeance
    Starring: Gloria Grahame, Joan Blondell,
                    Bill Bixby, Claude Raines, Michael Rennie,
                    Jamie Farr, Kathryn Hays, James MacArthur,
                     Chuck Connors & Frank Gorshin

Buffalo hunter Jonahs Trapp returns to claim the woman he left behind-10 years ago. On his way into town he is robbed of his fortune, and there are several suspects Trapp will have to investigate. One of them is his estranged wife's suitor.

    Starring: Gloria Grahame & Robert Sterling

Wrangler Clay Phillips and his young brother are taking horses to Sonora when they come across four dancehall girls heading the same way, stuck with a wrecked buggy. He takes the girls on to the nearest ranch, where it turns out one of the girls is the homesteader's wayward daughter. As he already has an escaped killer after him he is less than thrilled to have to take the remaining girls on with him. But it has to be said that Mary is damn easy on the eyes.

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