The Rita Hayworth Collection

Affair in Trinidad
    Starring: Rita Hayworth & Glenn Ford

When Steve Emery arrives in Trinidad at the urgent request of his brother, he is stunned to find that his brother has not only been murdered, but that his brother's wife Chris is succumbing to the seduction attempts of the murderer. His feelings are further exacerbated when he discovers that he, too, is becoming strongly attracted to Chris, who is a steamy cabaret singer. She, in turn, is playing off one against the other while betraying the secrets of both men to the police, for whom she is secretly working.

Affectionately Yours
    Starring: Rita Hayworth, Dennis Morgan,
        Ralph Bellamy  & Merle Oberon

Richard Mayberry is a world traveling newspaper reporter, who plays around with lots of women, excepting his own wife, who has to stay at home. He's in Lisbon, trying to mess around with lady reporter Irene Malcolm, and she's all for it: but she's like him to leave his wife first.Meanwhile, his wife Sue has meet "Mr. Wright," literally, and she's about to divorce her husband. Lot of fluffy misunderstandings, misappointments and misdeals follow, as Richard tries to either make his wife jealous with Irene, or tries to foist Irene off on Owen Wright.You have to watch it to find out what happens, but there is certainly a fair amount of screwball comedy along the way to finding out!

Dante's Inferno

    Starring: Rita Hayworth,
Spencer Tracy & Claire Trevor

Jim Carter moves in on the McWade's carnival concession which shows scenes from Dante's "Inferno". He makes it a going concern, marrying Betting along the way. An inspector calls the amusement pier unsafe but Carter bribes him. The pier collapses, leading to the inspector's suicide, injury to Pop McWade, trial for Carter, and Betty's leaving him. Carter starts over with an unsafe floating casino. This is one of Hayworth’s earlier films where she is billed as “Rita Cansino”.

The Money Trap
Rita Hayworth, Glenn Ford, Elke Sommer
                        & Joseph Cotton

Joe Barron is a police detective whose wife Lisa has inherited a stock portfolio from her father. Joe and Lisa go on a spending spree, but when their new holdings fail to pay dividends, Joe finds himself deep in debt. Dr. Horace Van Tilden, a rich doctor who caters to high-society clientele, shoots an intruder in his home, and Joe is assigned to investigate; Joe discovers that Van Tilden has a lucrative sideline selling drugs, and that the shooting victim was actually an addict looking for dope. When Joe learns that Van Tilden keeps his drug money in a safe at home, he sees a way to finally pay off his debts, but his partner, Pete Delanos, gets wind of Joe's scheme and demands a cut of the action. Matters become more complicated for Joe when he learns that the man Van Tilden shot was married to Rosalie, whom he loved many years ago.

    Starring: Rita Hayworth & Tom Keene

Set in California in 1850. At the time, California was a newly acquired land of the United States. America had signed a treaty to protect the Mexicans living in the area, which it was not living up to. When some American outlaws murder the father of Paula Castillo (Hayworth billed as Cansino) she goes to Washington to make a petition for help to protect her people and their homes and bring peace. In response to her plea, the president sends Captain John Carroll (Tom Keene) to enforce the treaty, bring about peace and see to it that the outlaws stop stealing their land.

The Strawberry Blonde
    Starring: Rita Hayworth, James Cagney,
                    Olivia De Havilland, Jack Carson,
                    Alan Hale & George Reeves 

Biff Grimes is crazy about Virginia Brush, but his "pal" Hugo Barnstead marries her himself and makes Biff the fall guy for his shady dealings. Though Hugo seems to have everything Biff wanted, Biff learns that having what one wants and wanting what one has can be two very different things.

They Came to Cordura
    Starring: Rita Hayworth,
Gary Cooper, Van Heflin,
                    Tab Hunter, Dick York
& Richard Conte

After a cavalry charge during the 1916 U.S. "war against Pancho Villa," unheroic awards officer Tom Thorn (who is obsessed with the nature of courage) recommends 4 men for the Medal of Honor. He is ordered back to Cordura with them...and prisoner Adelaide Geary, gringo who sheltered the enemy. On the arduous journey, Thorn's heroes show a different face, and Thorn may have one last chance to prove he's no coward.

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