The Bob Hope Collection

Alias, Jesse James
    Starring: Bob Hope, Rhonda Fleming &
                         Many of Hollywood's Legendary Cowboys

Inept insurance salesman Milford Farnsworth sells a man a $100,000 policy. When his boss learns the man was Jesse James he sends Milford after him with money to buy back the policy. After a masked Jesse robs Milford of the money, Milford's boss heads out with more money. Jesse learns about it and plans to rob him, have Milford dressed as him get killed in the robbery, and then collect the $100,000.

Bachelor in Paradise
    Starring: Bob Hope & Lana Turner

A. J. Niles is the author of a series of 'Bachelor Books'. These books describe the romantic life of a bachelor in various cities of the world. But when he runs into trouble with the I.R.S. for back taxes, he needs to write another book fast, to pay them. His publisher decides a book about life in the American suburbs would be a hit, and settles him into Paradise Cove. One bachelor plus lonely housewives equals many angry husbands.

Boy, Did I Get a Wrong Number
    Starring: Bob Hope, Elke Sommer & Phyllis Diller

The Divine D.D., a European actress known more for her bubble bath scenes than for her acting, decides she has had enough with bubble baths and wants to be taken seriously as an actress. So much so that she runs away during the middle of a scene while filming in Hollywood and winds up in Oregon. While she is staying in a hotel, the operator accidentally connects her with a real estate agent named Tom Meade. She asks Tom to bring her some food and when he does he suggests that she go to his cabin in the woods. She also asks him not to tell anyone where she is because she doesn't want to go back to Hollywood. Now Tom must keep the secret, especially from his wife and from his suspicious housekeeper Millie.

Call Me B'Wana
    Starring: Bob Hope, Anita Ekberg, Edie Adams,
Arnold Palmer & Lionel Jefferies

A returning moon capsule with vital information goes off course and lands in Africa where the little-known Ekele tribesmen find it. Washington orders the great African Authority Matthew Merriwether, an utter fraud and authority only on feminine pulchritude, to go find it. A foreign power sends Secret Agent Luba to go after Matthew and stop at nothing - absolutely nothing - to get it from him. Dr. Ezra Mungo is peeved that Luba superseded him, and is sent along posing as her father but has plans of his own. All meet and form a safari but there is time out for a golf match between Merriwether and Arnold Palmer . After reaching their destination, with Merriwether madly in love with Luba, they find that the Ekeles believe the capsule is a holy talisman and won't give it up.

Facts of Life
    Starring: Bob Hope & Lucille Ball

Bob Hope and Lucille Ball heat things up as two romantic couples. But they are each married to different people! They really DO love each other. At the beginning Kitty (Lucille Ball) thinks Larry (Bob Hope) is un-funny, unendurable, and unrelenting. Larry thinks Kitty is just plain dull. Then three couples cancel their trip. Kitty and Larry are ALONE! At the hotel they go under the silly names of Mr.George Washington and Mrs Martha Washington. Then they fall in love while going fishing. When Kitty caught her first fish she kissed Larry. Kitty and Larry started to spend a lot of time together. Then Kitty writes her husband a letter telling him that she wants Larry, not him. Then Kitty and Larry get into a big fight. They both see that they are making a big mistake. They thought it wasn't right to have an affair at their age (they were middle-aged).

Fancy Pants
    Starring: Bob Hope & Lucille Ball

An American actor impersonating an English butler is hired by a nouveau riche woman from New Mexico to refine her husband and headstrong daughter. The complications increase when the town believes Arthur to be an Earl, and President Roosevelt decides to pay a visit.

For Love or Money (Un-aired TV Pilot)
    Starring: Bob Hope & Janet Leigh

This unaired pilot from 1967 for a series featuring 2 big name stars failed to make it. Hilariously funny, this spy spoof, finds a pair of tourists to a tiny South American country being recruited by the US Government, to conduct a subversive mission for the sake of international security. All they have to deal with is their own reluctant State Dept, the inept Dictator, the bumbling army, & their own incompetence. These 2 make 86 & 99 seem like geniuses!!! A true rare gem & Must Have for any collector of Hope or Leigh!!

My Favorite Spy
    Starring: Bob Hope & Hedy Lamarr

Peanuts White, a burlesque comic, is recruited by U.S. agents to impersonate international spy Eric Augustine (whom White resembles) in a mission to purchase a million-dollar microfilm in mysterious, exotic Tangier. There, he encounters the irresistible Lily Dalbray, an "old friend" of Augustine who is now dealing with his arch-enemy, Brubaker. But where is the real Eric? Comedy thriller with slapstick climax.

The Princess & The Pirate
    Starring: Bob Hope, Virginia Mayo & Walter Brennan

Princess Margaret is traveling incognito to elope with her true love instead of marrying the man her father has betrothed her to. On the high seas, her ship is attacked by pirates who know her identity and plan to kidnap her and hold her for a king's ransom. Little do the cutthroats know that she will be rescued by that unlikeliest of knights errant, Sylvester the Great, who will lead them on a merry, and madcap, chase.

That Certain Feeling
    Starring: Bob Hope, Eva Marie Saint & George Sanders

Bob plays Francis X. Dignan, the overly neurotic "ghost" for popular comic-strip artist Larry Larkin. When Larkin's syndicate complains that his work isn't as amusing as it once was, he anxiously tries to hire back Dignan, who walked out on his boss over a petty disagreement. Dignan needs the money, but he'd rather do without the aggravation; this won't be easy, since Larkin is on the verge of marrying Dunreath Henry, Dignan's ex-wife. Enusing complications include the pompous Larkin's efforts to adopt a troublesome young boy as a publicity stunt, and a wild night of drunken revelry which leads to the rekindling of Dunreath's affection for Dignan.

They Got Me Covered
    Starring: Bob Hope & Dorothy Lamour

Bumbling reporter Robert Kittredge has been fired after bungling his latest assignment. His career isn't all he's botched up: his girlfriend Chris is tired of waiting for him to marry her. When he gets a hot tip on some Nazi spies operating in Washington, D.C., he convinces Chris to help him break the story so he can get his job back. The pair soon finds themselves in several awkward predicaments as they track the criminals down in a nightclub, a burlesque show, and face a final showdown at a beauty salon.

USO Christmas Show for the
        US Troops Stationed Overseas - 1957
    Starring: Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Jimmy Stewart,
                    George Burns, Milton Berle,
                        Dinah Shore & Many More

With a personal introduction by President Eisenhower, the first of the joint USO/US Government/Hollywood, annual Christmas shows for the troops gets underway. A great number of Hollywood’s biggest names putting on skits, standup, & musical numbers in an effort to say thanks to all the forces stationed overseas in 1957. As Eisenhower states in the opening, this was shown only to these troops and no one else would see this. 1 reel was made for each overseas base. This is a TRUE COLLECTOR’s ITEM!!! Hope & Berle give two hilarious stand up routines, Stewart, Burns & Benny perform a comical musical rendition of MOTHER, Bing sings White Christmas, and many other gems!!
( Please note that there is a 3 second jump in the tape during Bing’s number, this is due to the age of the original print)

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