The Joe E Brown Collection

Alibi Ike
    Starring: Joe E. Brown, Olivia de Havilland
                        & William Frawley

Rookie pitcher Francis "Ike" Farrell comes seemingly out of nowhere to help the Cubs go for the pennant. His idiosyncratic ways, which include excuses and alibis for everything, drive his manager and fiancée crazy in this baseball farce.

The Circus Clown
       Starring: Joe E. Brown, Dorothy Burgess
                         & Patricia Ellis

Brown plays a dual role, as would-be circus entertainer Happy Howard and his rustic old father. When dad, a former circus man himself, disapproves of Happy hitting the sawdust trail, the boy does so anyway, smitten by a beautiful female bareback rider. So naïve is our hero that he doesn't realize that the "girl" is actually female impersonator Jack, who strings Happy along just for laughs. Once this plotline is straightened out, Happy becomes the hero of the day by substituting for a drunken aerialist -- and there is no more proud or enthusiast spectator than Happy's happy dad. If Brown looks genuinely frightened in his scene in the lion's cage, he should; the lion affectionately pawed him during one take, resulting in six stitches in the comedian's arm. More serious than most Brown vehicles. This picture  is distinguished by the star's spectacular acrobatics (the real thing -- no doubles), and by some excellent
split-screen work during the "father/son" scenes.

The Comedy of Terrors
    Starring: Joe E. Brown, Vincent Price, Peter Lorre,
                        Joyce Jameson, Boris Karloff
                        & Basil Rathbone

An undertaker who hasn't had any 'customers' in a long time is forced the pay one year's back-rent. To get money he starts to kill people in order to get new clients.

Earthworm Tractors
    Starring: Joe E. Brown, June Travis & Gene Lockhart

Alexander Botts is a self-described natural born salesman and master mechanic, who is trying to make a big sale of Earthworm tractors to grouchy lumberman Johnson. Since Botts doesn't really know anything about tractors, and since the old-fashioned Johnson is opposed to tractors of any kind, it isn't going to be an easy sell. But Botts perseveres, encouraged by Johnson's daughter.

Eleven Men & a Girl
    Starring: Joe E. Brown, James Hall & Laura Lee

(Also released as “Maybe It’s Love ) When a High-School football star is refused admission into college based on his rough reputation, his father, a wealthy alumnus, withdraws all of his financial support from the University. As the University President stands by his guns, the athlete falls in love with the President’s daughter. This only strengthens the President’s resolve to keep him out of the school. That’s when football star decides to change his ways & enters school under a false identity to become the team’s leader.

Elmer the Great
    Starring: Joe E. Brown & Patricia Ellis

Elmer does not want to leave Gentryville, because Nellie is the one that he loves. Even when Mr. Wade of the Chicago Cubs comes to get him, it is only because Nellie spurns him that he goes. As always, Elmer is the king of batters and he wins game after game. When Nellie comes to see Elmer in Chicago, she sees him kissing Evelyn and she wants nothing to do with him anymore. So Healy takes him to a gambling club, where Elmer does not know that the chips are money. He finds that he owes the gamblers $5000 and they make him sign a note for it. Sad at losing Nellie, mad at his teammates and in debt to the gamblers, Elmer disappears as the Cubs are in the deciding game for the Series.

Fireman, Save My Child
    Starring: Joe E. Brown, Evalyn Knapp & Lilian Bond

Joe Grant is an inventor, fireman and baseball ace in his small hometown. He gets an offer to play in a big game. He hopes to get more money for his inventions. But he is invited to present his invention to a fire-extinguisher company at the same time when he is supposed to play. Will he be able to show the effectiveness of his invention and win the game?

It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World
    Starring: Joe E. Brown, Milton Berle, Jonathan Winters,
                    Sid Ceasar, Mickey Rooney, Ethel Merman, Phil Silvers,
                    Buddy Hackett, The Three Stooges, Jerry Lewis, Jack Benny
                    Spencer Tracy, Jim Backus, Jimmy Durante & Many More

After a long prison sentence Smiler Grogan is heading at high speed to a California park where he hid $350,000 from a job 15 years previously. He accidentally careers over a cliff in view of four cars whose occupants go down to help. The dying Grogan gives details of where the money is buried and when the witnesses fail to agree on sharing the cash, a crazy chase develops across the state.

The Joker is Wild
    Starring: Frank Sinatra, Jeanne Crain, Mitzi Gaynor,
Eddie Albert & Jackie Coogan

Frank Sinatra plays Joe E. Lewis, a famous comedian of the 1930s-50s. When the movie opens, Lewis is a young, talented singer who performs in speakeasies. When he bolts one job for another, the mob boss who owns the first speakeasy has his thugs try to kill Lewis. Lewis survives, but his vocal cords are cut and he cannot sing. Several years later, his buddy tracks him down and tries to help him with little success. That attempt, though, leads to Lewis meeting Letty Page. They fall in love and she inspires him to follow up on an offer to become a comedian (a result of his buddy's failed attempt to rejuvenate his singing career). Lewis has problems, though. The assault that nearly cost him his life also helped turn him into an alcoholic and an inveterate gambler. These two character defects become the basis for his act and help to make him a smash success. Unfortunately, they also work to wreak havoc in his personal life.

Local Boy Makes Good
    Starring: Joe E. Brown & Dorothy Lee

John is a timid student who works at the University Book Store. He is studying to be a botanist and has a secret crush on the lovely Julia. One day, one of his letters gets accidentally mailed and Julia receives it. When the letter says that he is a fraternity man and a big track star, Julia rushes right over to see him. But John is neither and Spike, Julia's boyfriend, is a track star at a nearby College. John does not want to enter the track meet so Julia tries to use psychology on him. That and a good wrestling hold makes John timidly agree to enter the race, but Spike still scares him.

On With the Show
    Starring: Joe E. Brown & Betty Compson

The plot involves the out-of-town tryout of a new musical comedy, and the people who perform therein: A bitchy leading lady, an arrogant comedy lead, and a star struck chorus kid. At the very last moment, the leading lady refuses to go on, forcing the producer to put the chorus girl in her place. It turns out that the star's seemingly rotten behavior was deliberately designed to give the chorine her Big Break.

Pin Up Girl
    Starring: Joe E. Brown,
Betty Grable & Martha Raye

Glamorous Lorry Jones, the toast of a Missouri military canteen, has become "engaged" to almost every serviceman she's signed her pin-up photo for. Now she's leaving home to go into government service (not, as she fantasizes, to join the USO). On a side trip to New York, her vivid imagination leads her to True Love with naval hero Tommy Dooley; but increasingly involved Musical Comedy Complications follow.

    Starring: Joe E. Brown & Marilyn Miller

Sally was an orphan who got her name from the telephone exchange where she was abandoned as a baby. In the orphanage, she discovered the joy of dancing and has been practicing since. Working as a waitress, she goes from job to job until she finds a job that also allows her to dance. At the restaurant, she meets Blair, and they both fall for each other, but Blair is engaged to Marcia. Sally is hired to impersonate a famous Russian dancer named Noskerova, but at that engagement, she is found to be a phony and that Blair is engaged. Undaunted, she proceeds with her life and has her show on Broadway, but she still thinks of Blair.

Shut My Big Mouth
    Starring: Joe E. Brown & Adele Mara

Wellington Holmes, a timid horticulturist, heads for Big Bluff. When the stage is held up by Buckskin Bill and his men, he accidently knocks out three of them earning himself the unwanted job of Marshal. Escaping town disguised as a woman, the stage is again held up by Buckskin and he, Elena Montoya and her father are made prisoners. He escapes and when Buckskin arrives in town he again accidently overpowers him. Having been previously masked, Buckskin now claims to be Buckskin's enemy and the townspeople believe him. They release him and offer him the reward for leading Wellington to Buckskin's hideout. So Wellington and Elena with the ranson money for her father, but no posse, head out to bring in Buckskin.

Sons O' Guns
    Starring: Joe E. Brown & Joan Blondell

Broadway star Jimmy Canfield stars in a patriotic show on the great white way during WWI. He plays the heroic soldier, but he is doesn't want to join the Army. To evade some troubles with Bernice, another actress, he acts like joining the forces going over there, but that turns out to be real. In France he falls in love with Yvonne, a French barmaid and is arrested as spy. He escapes from prison, only to end in the uniform of a German officer leading "his" soldiers in an Allied trap. But being escaped from prison and wearing the enemy's uniform isn't that healthy in wartime.

Top Speed
    Starring: Joe E. Brown, Bernice Clark & Jack Whiting

In this musical comedy, a bored office clerk finds much-needed excitement by masquerading as a millionaire. To do so, he borrows the speedboat of his girl friend's father. Slapstick mayhem ensues on the water until the lad ends up winning the big race. Songs include: "Goodness Gracious," "I'll Know and She'll Know," "Keep Your Undershirt On," "What Would I Care," "Sweeter Than You",”As Long as I Have You and You Have Me", and "Reaching For the Moon" .

You Said a Mouthful
    Starring: Joe E. Brown, Ginger Rogers, Preston Foster
                      & Guinn Williams

Both Joe E. Brown and Guinn Williams are named Joe Holt; Brown is a shipping clerk and Williams is a champion Canadian swimmer. Socialite Ginger Rogers gets them confused and thinks that Brown is the inventor of an unsinkable swim suit and enters him in a 20 mile swim race.

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