The Jimmy Stewart Collection

Born to Dance
    Starring: Jimmy Stewart, Eleanor Powell,
                    Una Merkle & Buddy Ebsen

Sailor Ted meets at the Lonely Hearts Club of his friend Gunny's wife, Jenny, a girl, Nora Paige, and falls in love. Nora wants to become a dancer on Broadway. Ted rescues the Pekinese of Lucy James, a Broadway star during a public relations campaign on his submarine. Lucy falls in love with Ted, and Ted is ordered by his Captain to meet her in a night club, in spite of the fact that he has a date with Nora. Nora, who lives with Jenny and her and Gunny's daughter, doesn't want to hear anything from Ted, after she spotted a picture of Ted and Lucy in the morning paper. Lucy convinces her manager Dinehart to stop the press campaign and tells him that she would leave the production, if another photo or article of her and Ted is published. Nora has become her understudy, and she begins to think her behaviour to Ted over. Suddenly she is fired after Dinehart told her to dance a number Lucy James called undanceable. But when Ted is told the whole story, he knows what to do.

Carbine Williams
   Starring: Jimmy Stewart

Jimmy Stewart plays real-life inventor Marsh "Carbine" Williams, a not-so-very-nice guy, really. Which is mostly the reason why Stewart wanted to take the part. Marsh Williams is convicted of murder although there was really never any proof. He is a bitter man, proud, trying to spare his family the heartache of seeing him in prison, but they stick by him anyway.

Come Live With Me
    Starring: Jimmy Stewart, Hedy Lamarr & Ian Hunter

Illegal immigrant and showgirl Johnny Jones is due to be deported from the USA, her only hope is to get married, but her rich publisher boyfriend Barton Kendrick is already married! She meets down-on-his-luck author, Bill Smith, and proposes a marriage of convenience in order to remain in the country, but Bill has more ambitious ideas.

Dear Brigette
    Starring: Jimmy Stewart, Brigitte Bardot, Glynnis Johns,                         Bill Mumy & Fabian

Professor Leaf, an absent-minded poet with a prejudice against the sciences, is forced to face the fact that his son is a math prodigy with little artistic talent of his own.

Flashing Spikes
    Starring: Jimmy Stewart, Jack Warden, Patrick Wayne
                            & John Wayne

An old ballplayer, thrown out of baseball due to a bribery scandal, becomes friends with a young phenom. The younger player is at first tainted by his association with the oldtimer, but eventually the truth about the scandal is revealed. This Made For TV movie from 1962 is a very rare gem & a true must for an Jimmy Stewart Fan!!

Fools Parade
    Starring: Jimmy Stewart, Kurt Russell & Anne Baxter

When a trio of ex-convicts led by Mattie Appleyard is released from prison, they hope to open a general store using money Mattie has saved during his 40-year sentence. This attempt is met with great resistance from a corrupt prison official and the banker who issued Mattie the check.

The Georgeous Hussy 
    Starring: Jimmy Stewart, Robert Taylor, Joan Crawford,                     Lionel Barrymore, Beulah Bondi
                      & Gene Lockhart

President Andrew Jackson's friendship with an innkeeper's daughter spells trouble for them both.

The Green Horizon
    Starring: Jimmy Stewart, Philip Sayer
                        & Elenora Vallone

Jimmy Stewart plays a gentle soul who vows to protect and defend the natural beauty of his surroundings as well as the innocence of his granddaughter, who’s grown up with him on the unspoiled African plains. However, both are threatened, when into their midst, comes a mysterious stranger.

Hawkins: Candidate for Murder
    Starring: Jimmy Stewart, Strother Martin
                    & Pernell Roberts

The eighth of the HAWKINS TV movies finds Hawkins defending a Political campaign manager accused of murdering a reporter about to do an expose on a respected Senator.

Hawkins: Death & The Maiden
    Starring: Jimmy Stewart, Strother Martin
                    & Bonnie Bedilia

A young heiress is accused of murder when she awakens to find three dead bodies at her feet, but she can’t remember the event. Those close to her, are convinced that she has mental problems and must have committed the act. However, Hawkins, isn’t quite so sure.

Ice Follies of 1939
    Starring: Jimmy Stewart, Joan Crawford & Lew Ayres

Mary and Larry are are a modestly successful skating team. Shortly after their marriage, Mary gets a picture contract, while Larry is sitting at home, out of work. To prove that he can accomplish things on his own, he leaves Hollywood and convinces a former partner to put on an ice revue in Canada. The show is a huge success, but it makes it impossible for him to be with his wife, but the studio boss has a wonderful idea. This film has the color sequences entact.

It's A Wonderful World
    Starring: Jimmy Stewart & Claudette Colbert

Detective Guy Johnson's client, Willie Heywood is framed for murder and while Guy hides him so he can catch the real killer, both of them are nabbed by the police, tried, convicted and sentenced to jail -- Guy for a year, Willie to be executed. On the way to jail Guy comes across a clue and escapes from the police.

Jimmy Stewart Christmas TV Special Double Feature

Mr. Krueger’s Christmas
    Starring: Jimmy Stewart, Beverly Rowland, Kamee Alissa & Tamara Flower

Willy Krueger, a lonely and aging widower, lives in a basement apartment with only his cat George for company. Finishing his work for the day as the custodian for the building, he ventures out on Christmas Eve to buy a tree and on the way, he imagines he is a well-dressed gentleman while peering at some fine tailoring in a shop window along the snowy street. Returning home, he falls asleep listening to an LP by The Mormon Tabernacle Choir, dreaming that he is conducting them in carols of the season. Awakening to find some carollers outside his window, he beckons them to visit him offering hot chocolate, but they leave after only one song. In trimming the tree, he places upon it the mittens left behind by Clarissa, the youngest of the carolling group. Handling figures of the small nativity beneath his tree, Willy finds himself in the manger for the very first Christmas. He also finds the true reason to celebrate as he prayerfully thanks the infant Jesus for being his closest, finest friend who was with him during the first few hours after losing his wife Martha and at other difficult times. Returning for the mittens, the carollers determine that they really need a bass voice to fill-out their singing before finishing the evening with a turkey dinner

Merry Christmas with Love, Julie
    Starring: Julie Andrews, Jimmy Stewart, Rich Little, Steve Lawrence,
                  Alice Ghostly, Carl Riener & Joel Grey

Julie Andrews acclaimed special from 1979 has Julie & Jimmy showing each other Christmas in their hometowns with many skits and musical numbers along the way.

Jimmy Stewart Rarities Double Feature

Sentimental Journey
    Starring: Jimmy Stewart, Joe Gallison, Don Mullin, Judy Huff, Bob Hicks
                  & Tom King

One of the rarest & hardest to find Jimmy Stewart movies. A 30 min made for TV film where Jimmy plays a retiring Airline Pilot on his last flight, Upon landing he sees a plane that is the exact replica of the one he flew during the War, and remembers back on his early days as a pilot.

Important News

    Starring: Charles Sale, Jimmy Stewart, Granville Bates, Al Herman
                  & Billy Dooley

The 2nd movie Jimmy Stewart made was this short, about a small town newspaper. When a well-known gangster is killed in a small town, the local newspaper editor must decide whether the story is important enough to his readers to put it on the front page.

The Jimmy Stewart Show
    Starring: Jimmy Stewart & Julie Adams

This Classic TV Gem Only Ran for 24 Episodes. An Extremely Rare Find !!!
35 Hillview Drive, Easy Valley, California, the residence of three generations of Howards: James K., an anthropology professor at Josiah Kessel College; Martha, his wife of thirty years; Teddy, their eight-year-old son; Peter Jacob (P.J.), their twenty-nine-year-old married son, a construction engineer; his wife, Wendy; and their eight-year-old son, Jake.

Professor James Howard was a good natured soul, but his home life became suddenly complicated when he offered to let his eldest son Peter temporarily move his family in,
after Peter's home had been destroyed by fire. Howard senior and junior coped as best they could with the conflicts arising in the somewhat overcrowded household,
with three generations of the same family living under one roof. The fact that James and Martha's youngest son was the same age at their grandson, only added to the
complications. Jake did, indeed, feel funny referring to Teddy as his uncle. Dr. Quince was their wealthy friend and Chemistry Professor at the college.

Each Volume Contains  4 Episodes
VOLUME 1 : By Way of Introduction
                     Love in a Briefcase
                     Price of Plumbing is Numbing 
                     The Father & Son Game
VOLUME 2 : Another Day, Another Scholar
                     A Hunch in Time
                     Idenity Crisis
                     Guest of Honor
VOLUME 6 : Song of the Jailbird 
                     The Price is Right
                     Jim's Decision
                     Bone of Much Contention

The Last Gangster
    Starring: Jimmy Stewart & Edward G. Robinson

Gangster Joe Krozac is in prison for ten years. Reporter Paul North is fired by his newspaper for writing articles sympathetic to Krozac's wife and young son. She divorces Krozac and marries North. When Krozac gets out he goes looking for his former wife and son.

Lost Aviation Films Double Feature

Recognition of the Japanese Zero Fighter
    Starring: Ronald Reagan, Art Gilmore, Harvey Stephens & Craig Stevens

Military training film on the characteristics, capabilities, weaknesses, and recognition of the World War II Japanese fighter aircraft known as the Zero. Told through a well acted dramatization. Quite a feet for a WWII US propaganda film.

Thunder in The Sky

    Narrated by Jimmy Stewart

Documentary about the USAF Thunderbird Unit, with excellent footage of their ariel acrobatic maneuvers, and the story of how the unit began.

The Magic of Lassie
     Starring: Jimmy Stewart, Alice Faye, Mickey Rooney,
                      Pernell Roberts & Stephanie Zimbalist

Lassie is legally wrested from freckled-faced her freckeled faced owner by an evil land barron, who hopes that the kid's grandpa will sell his valuable vineyards to "ransom" the dog. His' scheme falls through, and Lassie makes her getaway, embarking upon a grueling trek to be reunited with her young master. Musical numbers dot the way for Lassie to make it home.

    Starring: Jimmy Stewart, Spencer Tracy,
                    Valentina Cortesa, John Hodiak
                    Gilbert Roland & John Barrymore

Newspaperman Royer convinces government officials of a plan to obtain rubber by stealing it out from under the Japanese. Carnahan is let out of prison to help. While taking out the last load Royer is killed and Carnahan, wounded, must finish the job.

The Mortal Storm
    Starring: Jimmy Stewart, Margaret Sullavan,
                        Robert Young, Frank Morgan,
                        Robert Stack, Irene Rich & Dan Dailey

University professor Victor Roth leads a contented life with family and friends in the south German Alps of 1933. This changes quickly and dramatically once Adolf Hitler comes to power. Most of the town embraces the new creed while a few friends such as Martin Breitner do not. Victor himself is "non-Aryan" and his two step-sons soon leave his house, while his loyal daughter Freya breaks her engagement from Nazi-inclined Fritz. Against increasing difficulties an attachment between Freya and Martin starts to grow.

The Mountain Road
    Starring: Jimmy Stewart & Harry Morgan

This film portrays the lives of a US Army engineer squad in China during WW II. Their mission is to delay the advance of the Japanese Army. They must blow up bridges and ammo dumps along a long mountain road while dealing with a never ending line of Chinese refugees. James Stewart finds love with a beautiful Chinese widow. He must deal with his personal feelings toward a woman, a foreign people and the challenges of command.

The Murder Man
    Starring: Jimmy Stewart & Spencer Tracy

This was Jimmy's 1st  feature film!!!

Steve Grey, reporter for the Daily Star, has a habit of scooping all the other papers in town. When Henry Mander is investigated for the murder of his shady business partner, Grey is one step ahead of the police to the extent that he often dictates his story in advance of its actual occurrence. He leads the police through an 'open and shut' case resulting in Mander being tried, convicted and sentenced to death. Columnist Mary Shannon is in love with Steve but she sees him struggle greatly with his last story before Mander's execution. When she starts typing out the story from his recorded dictation, she realizes why.

Navy Blue & Gold
    Starring: Jimmy Stewart, Robert Young,
                    Lionel Barrymore & Florence Rice

Three freshmen--simple soul Truck Cross (Jimmy Stewart), blue blood Richard Gates Jr. (Tom Brown), and cynic Roger Ash (Robert Young)--meet at the prestigious Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, and take an instant liking to one another, quickly becoming roommates. Though Truck is a fine football player, he gets kicked off the gridiron because of allegations that he entered the school under false pretenses. He fights the charges, claiming that he altered his application because his father was bounced from the Navy years ago over a misunderstanding. Truck had better clear his name soon, because his chums need their star center to snap the ball in the upcoming contest against archrival Army. If the three young men can hold fast to the Navy's traditions of honor and loyalty, they just might stay in school--and even win the big game.

Next Time We Love
    Starring: Jimmy Stewart & Margaret Sullavan

A young married couple's relationship becomes strained when he is assigned overseas as a foreign correspondent and she becomes a major stage star.

Night Passage
    Starring: Jimmy Stewart & Audie Murphy

The workers on the railroad haven't been paid in months --- that's because Whitey and his gang, including fast-shooting, dangerous, but likable Utica Kid, keep holding up the train for its payroll. Grant McLaine, a former railroad employee who was fired in disgrace, is recruited to take the payroll through under cover. A young boy and a shoe box figure into the plot when Whitey's gang tries to hold up the train and Grant and the Kid meet again to settle an old score.

No Time For Comedy
    Starring: Jimmy Stewart & Rosalind Russell

Playwright Gaylord Esterbrook scores a hit with his first Broadway play, both with the critics and with leading lady Linda Paige. He and Linda are happily married until a patroness of the arts convinces Esterbrook to forget about comedy and concentrate on writing a tragedy. The end result nearly destroys his career and his marriage.

Of Human Hearts
    Starring: Jimmy Stewart, Walter Houston & Beulah Bondi

This is a story about family relationships, set in the time before and during the American Civil War. Ethan Wilkins is a poor and honest man who ministers to the human soul, while his son Jason yearns to be a doctor, helping people in the earthly realm. It is a rich story about striving for excellence, the tension of father-son rebellion, and the love of a mother that can never die.

On Our Merry Way
    Starring: Jimmy Stewart, Henry Fonda,
                    Paulette Goddard, Fred MacMurray
                    & Burgess Meredith

Oliver Pease gets a dose of courage from his wife Martha and tricks the editor of the paper (where he writes lost pet notices) into assigning him the day's roving question. Martha suggests, "Has a little child ever changed your life?" Oliver gets answers from two slow-talking musicians, an actress whose roles usually feature a sarong, and an itinerant cardshark. In each case the "little child" is hardly innocent: in the first, a local auto mechanic's "baby" turns out to be fully developed as a woman and a musician; in the second, a spoiled child star learns kindness; in the third, the family of a lost brat doesn't want him returned. And Oliver, what becomes of him?

Right of Way
    Starring: Jimmy Stewart & Bette Davis

Bette Davis and Jimmy Stewart star in this story about about an aging couple who want the right to choose their own time of death. The subject of euthanasia has and always will be controversial. When this telemovie was released in the early 80's, the subject matter was very much ahead of its time.

Seventh Heaven
    Starring: Jimmy Stewart

A Parisian sewer worker (Stewart) longs for a rise in status and a beautiful wife. He rescues a girl (Simone Simon) from the police, lives with her in a barren flat on the seventh floor, and then marches away to war.

The Shopworn Angel
    Starring: Jimmy Stewart, Margaret Sullavan
                    & Walter Pidgeon

During WWI Bill Pettigrew, a naive young Texan soldier is sent to New York for basic training. He meets worldly wise actress Daisy Heath when her car nearly runs him over. Daisy agrees to pretend to be Bill's girl to impress his friends, but then a real romance begins.

Small Town Girl
    Starring: Jimmy Stewart, Robert Taylor & Janet Gaynor

Kay is a girl living in a small rural town whose life is just too dull and repetitious to bear. One night, she meets young, handsome, and rich Bob Dakin, who asks her for directions while drunk and then proceeds to take her out on a night on the town. Kay likes the stranger, and when the drunken Bob decides that they should get married, Kay hesitates little before consenting. The morning after the affair, Bob, once sober, regrets his mistake. His strict and upright parents, however, insist that the young couple pretend marriage for 6 months before divorcing, in order to avoid bad publicity. Bob resents Kay for standing in the way of him and his fiancée, Priscilla, but Kay still hopes that he'd have a change of heart.

    Starring: Jimmy Stewart & Una Merkel

Terry is the chief car tester for Emery Motors and Frank is an Engineer. Jane has just been hired to work in publicity. Frank and Terry both want Jane to be their girl. Terry has designed a new carburetor that should bring him fame and money, but he cannot get it to work correctly. Terry and Gadget have tested it for over a year, but it still is not perfected. Emery Motors assigns Frank to help Terry with the carburetor, but Terry is not happy because Frank is an Engineer and is also vying for Jane. They finish the carburetor, and to test it, they enter a car in the Indianapolis 500 race. Terry is not yet satisfied with the carburetor before the big race even though it has passed all the tests.

Strategic Air Command
    Starring: Jimmy Stewart, June Allyson,
        Harry Morgan & Frank Lovejoy

Demonstrations of classic military tactical procedures and excellent footage of vintage aircraft (like the rare B-36), combine here to give viewers a cold war primer on the Air Force's defense capabilities, circa 1955. Former World War II pilot James Stewart is called out of retirement to assist in the strengthening of the Strategic Air Command, the new bomber forces that are America's first line of defense against the Russian nuclear threat. Wife June Allyson sits at home and frets over her husband's devotion to duty, while Harry Morgan lends a hand on the aircraft. Through Stewart, director Anthony Mann takes us on an ersatz tour of the elite Air Force operations that safeguarded America at the time.

Take Her, She's Mine
    Starring: Jimmy Stewart & Sandra Dee

Jimmy Stewart plays a cautious father to Sandra Dee, who is going off to college. He gets very worried that she is doing things that she's not supposed to be doing, that he tracks her down at her school, and then tracks her down in Europe. What's even worse is that he has to explain his actions to the members of a school board regents in order to keep his job on that board.

Thunder Bay
    Starring: Jimmy Stewart, Joanne Dru,
                    Gilbert Roland & Dan Duryea

In 1946, ex-Navy engineer Steve Martin comes to a Louisiana town with a dream: to build a safe platform for offshore oil drilling. Having finessed financing from a big oil company, formerly penniless Steve and his partner Johnny are in business...and getting interested in shrimp-boat captain Rigaud's two lovely daughters. But opposition from the fishing community grows fast, led by Stella Rigaud. Other hazards include sabotage, a hurricane...and a treacherous board of directors

U.S. War Department: World War II Propaganda Films Triple Feature of Shorts
           Starring: Jimmy Stewart, Clark Gable, Lloyd Bridges
                                & Robert Preston

This cassette features 3 of the US Government’s most popular & successful propaganda and recruitment films made in cooperation with Hollywood during WWII.

Winning Your Wings -  "Young America, your future is in the sky; your wings are waiting!" Lieutenant James Stewart (who eventually attained the rank of brigadier general) tells viewers of this classic USAF recruitment film. Stewart also offers more subtle motivations, as when he tells his prospects:"Consider the effect these shining wings have on the gals: it's phenomenal." This outstanding example of a Hollywood-Government co-production made by the Army Air Force and Warner Brothers became one of the most successful recruiting films of the war.

Thunderbolt - Supervised by Lieutenant Colonel William Wyler. James Stewart introduces and Lloyd Bridges narrates this motion picture on the activities of the 57th Fighter Group during "Operation Strangle", which destroyed vital supply routes deep behind German lines. This operation seriously crippled Nazi fighting ability, hastening the sweep of the Allied forces into Rome. Color cameras mounted at various points on the P-47 fighter-bombers make us participants as the planes swoop and dive, raining bombs and bullets onto targets far below. These sequences are easily some of the most spectacular ever filmed of war from the air.

Wings Up - This Army Air Force officer-candidate recruiting film, narrated by Clark Gable, shows how intense discipline and conditioning techniques at the officer-training school in Miami help to distinguish those who can lead from those who can't. Footage of famous men at this school includes Mayor Glen Cove of Long Island, Elmer Meadows, Robert Preston, Gilbert Roland and Gable himself. This informative and entertaining film was also used by the Army under the title Sustineo Alas.

USO Christmas Show for the
        US Troops Stationed Overseas - 1957
    Starring: Jimmy Stewart, Bing Crosby, Bob Hope,
                    George Burns, Milton Berle,
                        Dinah Shore & Many More

With a personal introduction by President Eisenhower, the first of the joint USO/US Government/Hollywood, annual Christmas shows for the troops gets underway. A great number of Hollywood’s biggest names putting on skits, standup, & musical numbers in an effort to say thanks to all the forces stationed overseas in 1957. As Eisenhower states in the opening, this was shown only to these troops and no one else would see this. 1 reel was made for each overseas base. This is a TRUE COLLECTOR’s ITEM!!! Hope & Berle give two hilarious stand up routines, Stewart, Burns & Benny perform a comical musical rendition of MOTHER, Bing sings White Christmas, and many other gems!!
( Please note that there is a 3 second jump in the tape during Bing’s number, this is due to the age of the original print)

Vivacious Lady
    Starring: Jimmy Stewart, Ginger Rogers & Jack Carson

On a quick trip to the city, young university professor Peter Morgan falls in love with nightclub performer Francey Brent and marries her after a whirlwind romance. But when he goes back home, he can't bring himself to tell his conservative, ultra-respected family about it.

The Windmill
    Starring: Jimmy Stewart & Barbara Hale

A down & out rancher has a plan to bring water to the farmers of a dry region of land in the old west. But he has to raise $500.00 to purchase a windmill & equipment to build the irrigation system. After the bank turns his loan down, he enters a 6 shooter contest in town. To win he will have to reveal a deadly secret from his past and loose his family. However, if he doesn’t win, he risks loosing his land & his family both. This is a long lost TV movie from the GE Theater series from the late 50’s….A true must for any Stewart fan!!!

    Starring: Charles Brosnan & Mary Tyler Moore
    Narrated by Jimmy Stewart

This is the true story of the X-15 space program and the men & women who sacrificed to put the USA in space…before there was the right stuff there was X-15!!!

Yukon Passage
    Narrated by Jimmy Stewart

Narrator Jimmy Stewart takes you on a wild adventure through the frozen reaches of Canada and Alaska. Journey back in time with four courageous young men who set out on a danger-filled trip inspired by the hardship and romance of the men and women lured by the Gold Rush of 1898. The four adventurers face the desolation and biting cold of the Arctic Circle and brave the roaring rapids of the Yukon River as they travel 1,800 miles on foot, skis, log raft and dogsled.

Ziegfeld Girl
    Starring: Jimmy Stewart, Judy Garland, Hedy Lamarr,
                        Lana Turner & Jackie Cooper

Discovery by Flo Ziegfeld changes a girl's life but not necessarily for the better, as three beautiful women find out when they join the spectacle on Broadway: Susan, the singer who must leave behind her ageing vaudevillian father; vulnerable Sheila, the working girl pursued both by a millionaire and by her loyal boyfriend from Flatbush; and the mysterious European beauty Sandra, whose concert violinist husband cannot endure the thought of their escaping from poverty by promenading her glamour in skimpy costumes.

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