The Sophia Loren Collection

    Starring: Sophia Loren, Steve Railsback, John Vernon
                    & John Huston

Angela is a prostitute who has decided to become a waitress after she gets pregnant by Ben Kincaid and needs a better way to support her baby. When Ben gets back from service in the Korean War, he does not believe Angela's little boy is his, and after he starts working for his old mob boss, he says he cannot continue as long as the boy is in the house. So his boss Hogan has the child kidnapped, which, triggers Angela to seek revenge, and she informs the police about Ben's planned robbery. He is caught and goes to jail for more than two decades, and when he gets out, his only goal is to get even. Meanwhile, Angela has worked her way up to the ownership of an elegant restaurant and has fallen in love with handsome young Jean Labrecque, who delivers meat to the kitchen -- without either knowing at the time that they are mother and son.

Boy on a Dolphin
    Starring: Sophia Loren & Alan Ladd

Diving in the Aegean Sea for sponges off Hydra, peasant girl Phaedra (Sophia Loren-irresistible singing & dancing in her trademark sexy manner) discovers a golden statue of a boy riding a bronze dolphin, chained to the body framework of a wrecked ship. Together with Rhif (Jorge Mistral) her lazy fisherman lover, Niko (Piero Giagnoni) her little brother & an English doctor Hawkins (Laurence Naismith) she tries to look for a rich American sponsor for the raising of the sunken statue (2,000 years old).

Brief Encounter
    Starring: Sophia Loren & Richard Burton

A love affair which was not meant to be is the basis for this real-life look into the extra-marital attractions which develop between married couples.

Five Miles to Midnight
    Starring: Sophia Loren, Anthony Perkins & Gig Young

A woman tries to free herself from her husband by helping him fake his own death. But soon finds herself implicated in murder & fraud. What she doesn’t know is, that she is slowly going insane.

Lady L

    Starring: Sophia Loren, Paul Newman & David Niven

Today Lady Louise Lendale is 80 years old and she tells her long time admirer, British poet Sir Percy, all about her eventful life. In the beginning, she was a young laundress working in "Le Mouton Bleu", a renowned Paris whorehouse. There, she met Armand, both a charming man and a bomb-throwing anarchist, and it wasn't long before she became his mistress. One day while Armand was away in Switzeland, working for a revolutionary movement aiming to murder a Russian prince, Louise met the second man in her life,, a British Lord she soon called Dicky. The latter offered to marry her. In exchange, he would save Armand from the police's grip. She accepted on the condition she could still see Armand

More Than A Miracle
    Starring: Sophia Loren & Omar Sharif

A wonderful fairy tale of the misadventures of a beautiful but temperamental Neapolitan peasant, Isabella, when she meets the ill- tempered Spanish Prince Rodrigo Ferrante y Davalos. The King of Spain has ordered Rodrigo to choose a wife among seven Italian Princesses, but he is smitten by the lowly peasant. With the help of both witches and saints, Isabella conquers the heart of her Prince after many amusing events, including an outrageous dishwashing contest of the peasant against the Princesses.

That Kind of Woman
    Starring: Sophia Loren, Tab Hunter, Jack Warden,
                     Barbara Nichols, Keenan Wynn
                        & George Sanders

n 1944, Kay and Jane travel on an overnight train from Miami to New York, accompanied by Harry. Kay is the mistress of "The Man", a rich industrialist, whom they are to meet so that they can help entertain an important general. Red, a young paratrooper on leave, picks up Kay in the club car, while his buddy Kelly goes off with Jane. Kay assumes she will not see Red again, but Jane gives Kelly their New York address. Kay is smitten with Red as they spend the day in New York, and Red invites her to meet him on the evening train to visit his family

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