The Monkees Collection

An Evening with Sir William Martin
    Starring: Michael Nesmith & Bill Martin

This wild ride takes us from the palatial grandeur of his seacoast mansion to a world where Duck Detective savagely drives his cannelloni 3.9X thru the Hollywood Hills. Sir Williams’ Father describes living in a grain silo, and the heartbreak of trying to housebreak a giant squid…This video also answers the question…” How did the president get his head stuck in a 23lb Butterball turkey ?”

The Best of Circus Boy (6 Classic Episodes)
    Starring: Mickey Dolenz (Braddock) & Robert Lowery

12-year-old Corky has been adopted by a traveling circus owned by Big Time Champion. He is water boy to baby elephant Bimbo and otherwise participates in the behind-the-scenes life of the circus.
                Episode 1) Meet Circus Boy
                Episode 2) Fabulous Colonel Jack
                Episode 3) Casey Rides Again
                Episode 4) The Little Fugitive
                Episode 5) The White Eagle
                Episode 6) The Proud Palliacchi

David Jones

This is the ultra-rare album, by The Monkees own Davy Jones, released to very little acclaim or sales BEFORE The Monkees had even formed. This album was briefly featured on an episode of TV Show in a comical bit. A great example of pure 60’s, teen idol bubble gum music. Originally released on Colpix Records, this is the first time this album has been offered on CD. Enjoy this one Monkee fans!!!

Track Listing:

Dream Girl / Take Me to Paradise / My Dad / What Are We Going to Do?
This Bouquet / The Girl From Chelsea / Theme For A New Love
It Ain’t Me Babe / Baby It’s Me / Face Up To It
Maybe It’s Because I’m A Londoner / Put Me Amongst The Girls
Any Old Iron

Davy Jones

This is the Ultra Rare 1st, Post-Monkees Album by Davy Jones. Digitally Remastered to CD. This is 70’s pure pop at it’s best. A true find for any Monkees fan!!! 

Track Listing:

Road to Love / How About Me / Singing to the Music / Rainy Jane / Look at Me / Say it Again / I Really love You / Love Me For A Day / Sitting in the Apple Tree / Take My Love / Pretty Little Girl / Welcome to My Love

Davy Jones - Incredible

This extremely rare Limited Addition,European Only, release from 1988, originally released on cassette, now is available on this Digitally Remastered CD. Long sought after by Monkee fans all over the world, is a great work from this legendary performer.

Track Listing:

Look Inside Yourself / Make The Woman Love Me / Only Dreaming
Black White / Valleri / After Your Heart / Incredible
Love You Forever / Hippy Hippy Shake / She Believes

Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart

This was the only studio album released by this quartet. Though the tour to support this album was a booming success, most music fans showed no interest in this album when it was released in 1976 — it was most certainly their loss. Though lightweight and fluffy, this album ended up being the most consistent Monkees-related release since Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones, the fourth Monkees album from 1967.In fact, one of the Cuts, ‘You & I’, was re-done on the Monkees 1997 reunion album ‘ Justus ‘. This album has been digitally remastered on CD.

Track Listing:

Right Now / I Love ( And I’m Glad I Said It ) / You and I / Teenager in Love /
Sail on Sailor / It Always Hurts the Most in the Morning / Moonfire / You Didn’t Feel That Way Last Night ( Don’t You Remember ) / Along Came Jones / Saving My Love For You / I Remember The Feeling / Sweet Heart Attack

Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart – Concert in Japan 

Recorded live at Yubin Chokin Hall in Tokyo, July 1976, this out of print album captured the legendary tour of what was to billed as The Monkees. However, due to a legal ruling, that named was never to be used and the two members of that famous band, along with the oft-times collaborators, toured as a foursome using their last names. Still Monkees fans search high and low for this less-than successful album, as it is full of classic tunes from not only the Monkees, but Boyce & Hart as well.

Track Listing:

Last Train to Clarksville / Monkees Medley /
I Wonder What She’s Doing Tonight / I’m Not Your Steppin’ Stone /
I Wanna Be Free / Savin’ My Love For You
Pleasant Valley Sunday / I Remember The Feeling / A Teenager in Love / Cuddly Toy / Boyce & Hart Medley / I Love You & I’m Glad I Said It / Action

Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart - The Soundtrack 

This is the soundtrack to the rare Pitch Pilot for the variety series that never came to be. Live, In-Studio performances of their classic songs, which was taped in front of a studio audience, and never before available on CD, make this a must have for Monkees Fans!

Track Listing:
Intro / How to Write a Song / Monkees Medley / Boyce & Hart Medley
I Wanna Be Free / Cuddly Toy / I’m Not Your Steppin’ Stone / I’m a Believer

Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart (Unaired TV Pilot)
   Starring: Mickey Dolenz, Davy Jones,
                        Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart

After the Monkees, Mickey Dolenz & Davy Jones got together with Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart to record 2 albums and a TV Variety show…the albums flopped & the variety show never got picked up  & here it is, the entire pilot that never aired.

Dr. Duck's Super Secret All-Purpose Sauce
    Starring: Michael Nesmith

The follow up to Nesmith’s grammy winning video, Elephant Parts, is a funny and down right hilarious trip through the mind & genius that is Michael Nesmith ! 90 min of skits and music videos. Along with Mike is Jimmy Buffet, Jim Stafford, Bobcat Goldthwait, Jay Leno, Jerry Sienfeld, Whoopi Goldberg, Ed Begley Jr, Martin Mull, Gary Shandling, Rosanne Cash, & Dick Cavett.

It's Only Rock & Roll
    Starring: Davy Jones & Carole King

This Made for TV movie follows the story of a young band on the verge of superstardom. Should they follow the direction of a sleazy record company exec or follow their hearts and be true to the music?

Michael Nesmith – BBC Live Nov, 27, 1975 :
    Classics & Songs From The Prison

In late 1975, Michael Nesmith went on or very short promotional tour in England in support of his ground breaking ‘book with soundtrack’, The Prison. A live performance on Radio BBC 1, was inevitable. This historic performance is captured in its entirety on this CD. Performing some of his classics, along with selections from The Prison, & Michael’s insightful synopsis of that classic album, make this a fantastic find!

Track Listing:

Silver Moon / Some of Shelly’s Blues / Joanne / Dance Between the Raindrops
Marie’s Theme / Lamppost

Mike Nesmith & Friends -
    Dr. Duck’s Super Secret All Purpose Sauce    

The stellar music from the hit video follow-up to ‘Elephant Parts’, is captured hear on this CD. Featuring performances from well-known artists, this soundtrack has never been offered before. Included are two Nesmith performances.

Track Listing:

1. They Never Met – Martin Mull
2. Little Bits & Pieces – Jim Stafford
3. La Vie Dansante – Jimmy Buffett 
4. I Don’t Know Why You Don’t Want Me 
Rosanne Cash
5. I‘ve Got a Radio – Coyote Sisters
6. One-Ton Tomato – Michael Nesmith
7. Dr. Duck’s Super Secret All-Purpose Sauce – Michael Nesmith

Michael Nesmith – Live on Austin City Limits

In 1992, Michael made a rare TV appearance on Austin City Limits, and thrilled the crowd with a collection of classics & new tunes from his ‘Tropical Campfires’ album released earlier that year. It was one of the highest rated episodes of the long running series. Captured here, on CD,  is that performance in it’s entirety.

Track Listing:

Joanne / Laugh Kills Lonesome/ Yellow Butterfly/ Twilight on The Trail/ Rio

Michael Nesmith Live on Austin City Limits – Video

When the famed PBS television series opened up it’s19th season viewers were treated with an extremely rare performance, by none other than the legendary Michael Nesmith. As the former Monkee & Grammy winner made his way through hits & new material, the audience audience enjoyed the music as much as the whimsical banter. Included are the songs, Joanne, Rio, Laugh Kills Lonesome, Yellow Butterfly & Twilight on the Trail.

Michael Nesmith – The Radio Interviews

This CD features 2 great, lengthy, in-depth interviews of Michael discussing his work with The Monkees, his solo recordings, his best- selling book:‘The Long Sandy Hair of Neftoon Zamora’, his personal beliefs & many other topics. Peppered along the way are songs from his brilliant, legendary career. As any fan knows, a Nesmith interview, truly is a rare event. The recordings of these interviews are among the most sought after by his fans & collectors alike.

Track Listing:

1. The Greg Brandmeier Show Interview
2. The World Café’ Radio Show Interview

Micky Dolenz – Broadway Micky

This long lost album is chocked full of Broadway & Hollywood show tunes performed by the legendary Monkee.

Track Listing:

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious /  Talk to The Animals /
Somewhere Out There / Put on a Happy Face /
You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile / Never Ending Story /
My Favorite Things / Ease on Down The Road /
I Whistle a Happy Tune / Chim Chim Cher-ee / Me & My Arrow /
When You Wish Upon a Star

Micky Dolenz – Demoiselle

An extremely rare & out of print album featuring demos of Micky’s song catalog. As the writer & composer of these songs, Micky brings a certain passion to each track. It’s also a treat to hear these songs in there original form, before they were polished up and re-recorded. Many of these songs eventually found there way onto albums by both Dolenz as a soloist & The Monkees ‘Justus’ album. Also included is a rare live performance of a Dolenz concert staple, ‘ Since I Fell for You’

Track Listing:

It’s The Season / Never Enough / Dying of a Broken Heart / Regional Girl /
Not That Bad /
Lonely Weekends / Piston Power / Beverly Hills /
Since I Fell For You

Micky Dolenz – Micky Dolenz Puts You to Sleep

The legendary Monkee takes a turn at performing some the most beloved & enduring lullabies & peaceful songs in contemporary music. A rare & long out of print album.

Track Listing:

Pillow Time / Dream a Little Dream / Beautiful Boy / Blackbird /
Lullaby to Tim / Fool on The Hill / Good Night / St. Judy’s Comet  /
The Moonbeam Song / Remember Sugar Mountain / The Porpoise Song

The Monkees - 33 & 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee - Soundtrack

The entire musical score to the ill-fated 1969 TV special featuring songs never released on any album by The Monkees…also featured are performances by The Trinity, Fats Domino, Little Richard,
Jerry Lee Lewis, The Clara Ward Singers, The Buddy Miles Express, and a full- blown all- star jam at the end.

Track Listing:

Who Are You? - The Monkees & The Trinity
Wind Up Man – The Monkees
Darwin – The Monkees, The Trinity, Little Richard, Fats Domino & Jerry Lee Lewis
Awake – The Buddy Miles Express
I Go Ape – The Monkees
Don’t It Feel Good? – The Trinity
Solo Spotlight Medley- The Monkees
        I’m A Believer – Micky Dolenz & The Trinity / Prithee – Peter Tork
        Naked Persimmon – Michael Nesmith / Goldilocks Sometimes – Davy Jones
50’s Doo Wop Medley –
    The Monkees, Fats Domino, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis & The Clara Ward Singers
        At The Hop – The Monkees / I’m Ready – Fats Domino
        Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On – Jerry Lee Lewis
        Tutti Fruiti – Little Richard
        Shake A Tail Feather – The Monkees & The Clara Ward Singers
        Blue Monday – Fats Domino / Little Darling – The Monkees
        Long Tall Sally – Little Richard  / Cruise on Down The Line – Jerry Lee Lewis
        Them Bones – The Clara Ward Singers
A String For My Kite- The Monkees
Bach’s Toccata in D – The Monkees
Listen To The Band Jam – The Monkees & Everyone
California Here It Comes – The Monkees

The Monkees – A Bunch of Bananas

This is a collection of EXTREMELY RARE unreleased tracks, demos & performances by The Monkees, both as a group, and as soloists. Pre- Monkees & Post- Monkees, it’s all here. Bonus tracks feature performances by longtime Monkees songwriters, Boyce & Hart, along with interviews and promos spots featuring members of The Monkees. Due the nature & age of these rare recordings, some of the sound quality on certain tracks will differ, but these tracks are a must have for any fan of The Monkees. Enjoy!

Volume 1:

Girl ( Original Version ) – Davy Jones  /  Love Light – Micky Dolnez
Dr. Duck’s Super Secret All-Purpose Sauce – Michael Nesmith
Pleasant Valley Sunday ( Live TV Performance )– Peter Tork & The New Monks
Big Ben – The Missing Links feat. Micky Dolenz  /  Hanging By a Thread – Davy Jones
Daybreak – Micky Dolenz  /  A Journey with Michael Blessing – Michael Nesmith
Alicia – Micky Dolenz  /  Can She Do It Like She Dances – Davy Jones
Sea Change (Live TV Performance) – Peter Tork 
I Told You I Loved You – The Missing Links feat. Micky Dolenz (Gordy Clark on Lead)
Until It’s Time For You to Go – Michael Nesmith
Do it Now ( 80s Anti-Drug Spot )–Peter Tork
Together ( Live TV Performance ) – Davy Jones
You Can’t Tie a Mustang Down – The Monkees /  The New Recruit – Michael Nesmith
To Be or Not to Be – Micky Dolenz  /  Free – Davy Jones
Pastures of Plenty ( Live TV Performance ) – Michael Nesmith
In My Community ( Early Rough Acetate Demo ) – Michael Nesmith
Christmas is My Time of Year – The Monkees ( Micky, Davy & Peter )
Oh Little Town of Bethlehem – Micky Dolenz

Bonus Tracks:
Japanese Radio Head Promo Spot - Monkees
Love Every Day – Boyce & Hart  /  Goodbye Baby Goodbye – Boyce & Hart
Volume 2 :

Huff  Puff – Micky Dolenz  /  Ceiling in My Room – The Monkees
Curson Terrace – Michael Nesmith  /  Rainbows – Davy Jones
Love War - Micky Dolenz  /  I Truly Understand – Peter Tork
Alone Again Naturally ( Live TV Performance ) – Davy Jones
Don’t Do It – Micky Dolenz  /  If I Learned to Play the Violin – The Monkees
Just a Little Love – Michael Nesmith  /  I Can Make You Happy – Davy Jones
The Purple People Eater – Micky Dolenz  /  Girl ( Grunge Version ) – Davy Jones
You Don’t Have to Be a Country Boy to Sing a Country Song  - Davy Jones
Plastic Symphony 3 – The Missing Links feat. Micky Dolenz
Consider Yourself ( Live TV Performance ) – Davy Jones  /  Look at Me – Davy Jones
What Seems to Be the Trouble Officer – Michael Nesmith
Japanese Suit Radio Spot – Ringo Starr, Nilson & Davy Jones
I’ll Love You Forever ( Demo ) – Davy Jones
Merry Go Round ( Early Rough Acetate Demo ) – Peter Tork
I Remember Christmas ( Live TV Performance ) – Peter Tork
1986 MTV Christmas Party Medley – The Monkees ( Micky, Davy & Peter )

Bonus Tracks :

1967 Short BBC Interview with Davy Jones
Alice Along – Boyce & Hart  /  The Ambushers – Boyce & Hart
Out & About – Boyce & Hart / I’ll Blow You a Kiss in The Wind – Boyce & Hart
The Monkees Theme ( Early Rough Acetate Demo ) – Boyce & Hart
Volume 3:
Mr. Wong – Davy Jones  /  Smoke, Smoke, Smoke – Michael Nesmith
Johnny B. Goode – Micky Dolenz  /  Seeger’s Theme #2 – Peter Tork
January – Michael Nesmith (Unreleased New Age Instrumental)
In The Still of The Night – Davy Jones w/ Jan & Dean (Unreleased 45)
Tear The Top Right Off My Head - Monkees w/ Micky Lead Vocal (Rough Aceteate Demo)

Joanne – Michael Nesmith (Rare Live Performance on American Bandstand)
If I Ever Get to Saginaw Again – Monkees w/ Davy Lead Vocal (Rough Acetate Demo)
Do it Now #2 – Peter Tork ( 80s Anti-Drug Spot )
I’d Do Anything – Davy Jones & Company of Oliver (Live TV Performance)
Long Black Veil – Michael Nesmith (Live Performance)
You’re a Lady – Davy Jones (Rare Japan 45 w/ Davy Singing in Japanese)
Silver Moon – Michael Nesmith (Alternate Mix Outtake)
Some of Shelly’s Blues –Michael Nesmith (Live Performance on Later w/ Greg Kinnear)
Who Was It – Davy Jones  / Long Title Instrumental – Peter Tork (Rough Acetate Demo)
I’m a Man About Town – Davy Jones (From Soundtrack of Oliver Twist The Cartoon)
Rose City Chimes – Michael Nesmith (Rare B-Side)

Bonus Tracks:

L.U.V. (Let Us Vote) - Boyce & Hart  /  Coca Cola Theme – Boyce & Hart

Volume 4:

Rubberene- Davy Jones  /  Tomorrow – Micky Dolenz
Contata & Fuge  in C&W – Michael Nesmith
Hi Hi Babe ( Live TV Performance) – Peter Tork  /  Laurel & Hardy – Davy Jones
A Lover’s Prayer – Micky Dolenz
She (Live TV Performance) – The Monkees ( Davy Micky & Peter )
I’m a Poor, Poor Man – Davy Jones  /  One Rose ( Live ) – Michael Nesmith

Best Friend – Brandon Cruz & Micky Dolenz
A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You ( Live TV Performance ) – Davy Jones
Girl ( Star Spangled Version w/ Alternate Lyrics ) – Davy Jones
Pleasant Valley Sunday ( Studio Version ) – Peter Tork & The New Monks
Judy Get Down ( Rough Acetate )– Jacko & Davy Jones
I Hate Rock & Roll ( Live Performance ) – Micky Dolenz & The One Nighters
Wynken, Blynken & Nod ( Rough Acetate of Live TV Performance ) – Michael Nesmith
How Do You Know – Davy Jones  /  Buddy Holly Medley – Micky Dolenz

Unattended in The Dungeon – Micky Dolenz
Since You Went Away (Acoustic Demo) – Peter Tork  /  Morning Light – Micky Dolenz
Oh Nicole ( From The TV Show: My Two Dads ) – Davy Jones
Oh Someone Mix #1 ( Demo ) – Micky Dolenz
You Can Count on Me (From The TV Show: My Two Dads)–Davy Jones & Greg Evigan

Good Lovin’ ( Closing Theme from an Episode of Boy Meets World ) – Micky Dolenz
It’s Now ( Live Performance ) – Davy Jones

Bonus Tracks:

I Remember The Feeling ( Live at Disneyland ) – Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart
I’ll Remember Carol – Boyce & Hart

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The Monkees –
    Extended Versions: The Encore Collection 

A rare collection of extended live tracks featuring some of the greatest Monkees hits along with some rarely performed nuggets from their extensive catalog. Taken from various encores performed on their 1996 world tour with Micky, Davy & Peter.

Track Listing:

Last Train to Clarksville / Daydream Believer / I’m a Believer / Mary Mary
I’m Not Your Steppin’ Stone / Look Out Here Comes Tomorrow
Can You Dog It ( Peter on Lead ) / Goin’ Down / It’s Nice to Be With You
No Time

The Monkees: Micky, Davy & Peter – Live 86

Recorded on their mammoth 1986 Reunion Tour, this collection of classic Monkee live tracks is a Monkee-Maniac’s dream.

Track Listing:

Last Train to Clarksville / A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You /
I’m Not Your Steppin Stone / Cuddly Toy / Goin’ Down /
Pleasant Valley Sunday / I Wanna Be Free
Your Auntie Grizelda / She / For Pete’s Sake ( Peter on Lead )
That Was Then, This is Now / Shades of Grey ( Peter on Lead )
Look Out Here Comes Tomorrow / No Time / Daydream Believer /
Listen to The Band / Randy Scouse Git / I’ll Love You Forever / MGBGT / Valleri / I’m a Believer / Theme From The Monkees

* Please note that the ‘skipping’ on the 1st track was an intentional part of the show

Night of the Strangler
    Starring: Micky Dolenz

In New Orleans, a man learns that his sister has a black lover and is pregnant. He throws her away and, a bit later, she is murdered by a mysterious killer with a peace-sign belt buckle, who disguises the murder as suicide. Her friend Vince and a black priest investigates, but this leads to more murders until a surprise ending.

Northville Cemetary Massacre
    Soundtrack by Michael Nesmith of the Monkees

The story concerns a small town sheriff who savagely rapes the daughter of one of the town's more respected residents. He places the blame on a group of fun-loving bikers just passing through. The sherrif and the father of the girl go on a rampage, slaughtering every biker in sight. The final stand-off between the sherrif and the father and the remaining bikers inside the town's Northville Cemetery is violent to the extreme. The bloodletting in this scene is on par with the finale scene in The Wild Bunch. The special effects are also amazing, especially for a film with this low a budget…The entire soundtrack features the work of the legendary Michael Nesmith of the MONKEES!!!

Peter Tork Live at CBGB July 31, 1977

Peter’s Historic Live Solo Concert is captured on this High Quality CD. Peter plays his Guitar, Banjo, Piano in this one man show and entertains the lucky fans present on that Sunday Night at NYC’s Classic Rock Club. Track Listing:

Alawishes/Don't Head Home Too Late/I Can't Take Another Heartache/Prelude in C Minor/Pleasant Valley Sunday/Sunny Side Up/Joni/Don't Be Cruel/Russian Song/lady's baby/The Harder They Come/I'll Spend My Life With You/Do I Have To Do this All Over Again/Good Looker/Bach piece/Werewolves Of London/Prithee (Do Not Ask for Love)/She Wants To Build A House/God Give Right/Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On-All Shook Up/Rescue Me/You Get What You Pay For.

The Point 
Original Cast Recording of The Mermaid Theatre's Production of Harry Nilsson's Award Winning Musical Fantasy - The Point
    Starring: Micky Dolenz and Davy Jones

This long lost classic was only released in England in 1977, and then it was a poor seller. Monkee Fans have been searching high and low, to find this bit of Monkee History. Digitally Remastered on CD. The Music is crystal clear and it is a huge MUST for any Monkee Fan!!! The Micky & Davy numbers are FANTASTIC!!!

Track Listing:

Overture- Orchestra / Everything’s Got’Em- Company / Me & My Arrow- Davy Jones / Poly High- Company / Remember- Veronica Clifford / To Be a King- Noel Howlet & Company / He’s Leaving Here This Morning- Micky Dolenz / Think About Your Troubles- Davy Jones & Company / Blanket For a Sail- Davy Jones / Life Line- Davy Jones / Thursday- Felix Joce / It’s a Jungle Out There- Micky Dolenz / POV Waltz-Davy Jones & Company / Are You Sleeping- Davy Jones / Gotta Get Up- Micky Dolenz & Davy Jones / Reprise Overture- Orchestra

Square Dance
    Starring: Winona Ryder, Rob Lowe, Jason Robards
                    & Jane Alexander
    Produced by: Michael Nesmith

Gemma is a 13 year old, who lives with her grandpa in the country, she has for many years. One day her mother shows up, and wants to take Gemma to the city. Her mother is married now, and can provide for Gemma. Gemma goes with her mother. In the city she gets to know Rory, a mentally retarded boy. They play together, imagining that they are married.

Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows
    Starring: Tommy Boyce, Bobby Hart,
                        Milton Berle, Robert Taylor,
                            Susan St. James, Rosalind Russell
                                & Stella Stevens

Some nuns decide to take some girls from their Catholic girl's school on a trip from the East to California to attend some sort of convention. The Mother Superior is traditional and has to deal not only with the unruly girls but with a more progressive sister. On the trip they have a number of adventures including having their bus stall on train tracks as a train is coming, getting terrorized by a gang of bikers when they run out of gas (the progressive sister stares the bikers down) and getting caught in the middle of the filming of a western, specifically in the fight between cowboys and Indians.

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