Movie List: C

The Caddy
    Starring: Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis & Donna Reed

A golfer and his scatterbrained manager-caddy cause chaos on the course after they join the professional circuit

Café’ Metropole
    Starring: Loretta Young, Tyrone Power & Adolphe Menjou

In Paris, young American Power is in debt to nightclub owner Menjou who forces him to woo heiress Young in hopes of reaping her fortune

    Starring: Doris Day, Jack Benny, John Carradine, & Ruth Hussey

This film was produced by Bank of America in 1954 and dramatizes the formation of the bank which started in California in 1924, and follows its growth to  becoming a major player in the world financial system 50 years later. Some of Hollywood's major stars played the roles of those who built the bank. This film was made for the board of directors of the bank by the stockholders of the bank, and was never theatrically released.

Call Her Savage
    Starring: Clara Bow, Gilbert Roland & Thelma Todd

Sexy Texas gal storms her way through life, brawling and boozing until her luck runs out and she learns the errors of her ways. In the end, she discovers that her father was a local Indian, which explains her wild ways!

Call It a Day
    Starring: Olivia de Havilland & Ian Hunter

The first day of spring has a profound affect on the Hilton family. The father, an accountant, finds himself unable to work, and when he tries to work, he is wooed by an actress whose taxes he is doing. The mother is mistaken by a friend's brother, who thinks she is the woman he is supposed to marry; when he finds out different, he decides to pursue her anyway. The eldest son mopes because he wants to "motor the Continent" and the father won't permit him to. The eldest daughter miserably laments the end of a romance with a married artist twenty years her elder. And the youngest moons dreamily in her morbid teen way about Dante Gabriel Rossetti. All of this in the space of one day

Call Me B'Wana
    Starring: Bob Hope, Anita Ekberg, Edie Adams, Arnold Palmer
                      & Lionel Jefferies

A returning moon capsule with vital information goes off course and lands in Africa where the little-known Ekele tribesmen find it. Washington orders the great African Authority Matthew Merriwether, an utter fraud and authority only on feminine pulchritude, to go find it. A foreign power sends Secret Agent Luba to go after Matthew and stop at nothing - absolutely nothing - to get it from him. Dr. Ezra Mungo is peeved that Luba superseded him, and is sent along posing as her father but has plans of his own. All meet and form a safari but there is time out for a golf match between Merriwether and Arnold Palmer . After reaching their destination, with Merriwether madly in love with Luba, they find that the Ekeles believe the capsule is a holy talisman and won't give it up.

Call Me Mister
    Starring: Betty Grable, Dan Dailey & Danny Thomas

G.I. Sergeant Shep Dooley, former stage star awaiting discharge in postwar Tokyo, meets his estranged love Kay when she arrives to entertain the troops. Shep, who hasn't exactly lost his former irresponsibility, does his best to court Kay anew...but she has no lack of other admirers as she labors to put on a soldier show.

Call of the Wild
         Starring: Clark Gable & Loretta Young

Jack Thornton has trouble winning enough at cards for the stake he needs to get to the Alaska gold fields. His luck changes when he pays $250 for Buck, a sled dog that is part wolf to keep him from being shot by an arrogant Englishman also headed for the Yukon. En route to the Yukon with Shorty Houlihan -- who spent time in jail for opening someone else's letter with a map of where gold is to be found -- Jack rescues a woman whose husband was the addressee of that letter. Buck helps Jack win a $1,000 bet to get the supplies he needs. And when Jack and Claire Blake pet Buck one night, fingers touch.

Callaway Went Thataway
        Starring: Dorothy McGuire & Fred MacMurray

Two smart marketing people resurrect some old films starring cowboy Smoky Callaway and put them on television. The films are a big hit and the star is in demand. Unfortunately no one can find him. When a lookalike sends in a photo, the marketing team hires him to impersonate Callaway. Things get sticky when the real Callaway eventually shows up

    Starring: Doris Day, Richard Harris & Ray Walston

Comedy-thriller starring Doris Day as an industrial designer who gets herself into a whole heap of trouble when she sells a secret cosmetics formula to a rival company in Paris.

Captain America – The 1990 Live Action Theatrical Film
    Starring: Matt Salinger, Ronny Cox, Scott Paulin, Ned Beatty,
                    Darren McGavin, Michael Nouri, Kim Gillingham
Francesca Neri

During World War II, a brave, patriotic American Soldier undergoes experiments to become a new supersoldier, "Captain America." Racing to Germany to sabotage the rockets of Nazi baddie "Red Skull", Captain America winds up frozen until the 1990s. He reawakens to find that the Red Skull has changed identities and is now planning to kidnap the President of the United States

Captain Caution
    Starring: Alan Ladd, Victor Mature, Louise Platt 
                        & Leo Carrillo

When her father dies, a young girl helps a young man take command of the ship to fight the British during the war of 1812

Captain Fathom (Un-aired TV Pilot)
        Starring: Don McGowen
When an evil scientist and his hoods try to corner the uranium market by harvesting an illegal mine beneath the seas, Captain Fathom and his crew of adventurers must stop him or the world faces a nuclear dictatorship

Captain Scarlett
    Starring: Richard Green, Lenora Amar & Nedrick Young

Set in France in the years following the fall of Napoleon, Captain Scarlett seems to have been very much inspired by the legends of Robin Hood and Zorro. Captain Scarlett  returns to France to discover that his lands have been seized by an unscrupulous nobleman. After saving Princess Maria  and being joined by a man named Pierre  who has also lost his lands, the group proceeds on a series of adventures in the fight for justice.

Carbine Williams
   Starring: Jimmy Stewart

Jimmy Stewart plays real-life inventor Marsh "Carbine" Williams, a not-so-very-nice guy, really. Which is mostly the reason why Stewart wanted to take the part. Marsh Williams is convicted of murder although there was really never any proof. He is a bitter man, proud, trying to spare his family the heartache of seeing him in prison, but they stick by him anyway.

The Caretakers
      Starring: Joan Crawford, Robert Stack, Polly Bergen & Van Williams

This movie chronicles the trials of the mentally ill and their care-givers in an over-crowded ward of a hospital. Dr. MacLeod is a new, optimistic doctor who attempts to start an out-patient program for the women in the ward. His method of treating mentally ill patients without violence or punishment is met with resistance by the head nurse, Lucretia Terry. During Dr. MacLeod's treatment, the phobias and illnesses of the various women in the test group are explored

Carnival in Costa Rica
    Starring: Cesar Romero, Vera Ellan, Celeste Holm
                   & Dick Haymes

Pepe Castro and Luisa Molina return to Costa Rica from U.S. schools to find that their parents have arranged their marriage. Pepe has brought his new sweetheart Celeste with him from the USA, but can't get a word in edgewise with his father. Then Luisa meets American coffee buyer Jeff Stephens at the fiesta. Meanwhile, the obtuse parents continue to plan the wrong marriage.

Cass Timberlane
    Starring: Spencer Tracy, Lana Turner & Zachary Scott

Judge Cass Timberlane marries a girl from the wrong side of the tracks, Virginia Marshland. A baby is stillborn and she turns more and more to attorney friend of of Cass' Brad Criley. While quarreling the Judge tells Virginia to stay with Brad, but when she becomes sick he brings her home

Cast a Long Shadow
    Starring: Audie Murphy, Terry Moore, Rita Lynn & Denver Pyle

A young man without surname inherits a big indebted ranch and has to prove his worthiness managing a cattle drive

Castle on the Hudson
   Starring: Ann Sheridan, John Garfield, Pat O'Brien & Burgess Meredith

Mobster Tommy Gordon isn't worried about being sentenced to Sing Sing prison because his political pals have promised him a quick parole. A troublesome prisoner, he finally concedes that his friends have deserted him, and he makes an effort to reform. When his girlfriend Kay is injured in an accident, Warden Long gives Tommy a pass to go see her. But trouble erupts when Tommy encounters the man responsible for his imprisonment.

Casulties of Love : The Long Island Lolitta Story
    Starring: Alyssa Milano & Jack Scalia

The third made-for-TV movie detailing the relationship between the Long Island "Lethal Lolita" Amy Fisher (Alyssa Milano) with auto mechanic Joey Buttafuoco (Jack Scalia). Where as the first one (which starred Noelle Parker) detailed Amy Fisher's point of view, the second (which starred Drew Barrymore) detailed the public's point of view, this version details it from the Buttafuoco family's point of view with Joey Buttafuoco playing a shady, straight-arrow family man who becomes the obsession of unbalanced teen Amy Fisher which leads to her to shooting his wife in the head on an August morning in 1992.

Celebration at Big Sur
    Starring: Joan Baez, John Sebastian, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young,
                            The Edwin Hawkins Singers, Joni Mitchell,
                            & Mimi Farina

This documentary chronicles the 1969 Big Sur Festival and features the folk-rock tunes of many of the era's most influential musicians. A classic concert film!!

Centennial : The Complete 12 Part  Mini- Series
    Starring: Robert Conrad, Michael York, Raymond Burr 
                    Richard Crenna, Timothy Dalton, Gregory Harrison,
                    Stephanie Zimbalist, Cliff DeYoung, Chad Everett, 
                    Sharon Gless, Sally Kellerman, Barbara Carrera, 
                    Andy Griffith, Merle Haggard, David Jansen,
                    Alex Carras, Mark Harmon, Brian Keith, 
                    Donald Pleasence, Lynn Redgrave, Robert Vaughn, 
                    Dennis Weaver, Geoffery Lewis, Greg Mullavy, 
                    Pernell Roberts, Clint Walker, Alan Napier
                    & James Best
The longest, most expensive and most complicated project made for television up to that time, Centennial was shown in two and three-hour installments over a period of four months. An adaptation of James Michener's best-selling novel, it told the story of the settling of the American West by looking at the founding of the fictional town of Centennial, Colorado, from the settling of the area in the late 18th century to the present.
The Complete 12 Part Mini Series on 6 DVDs for only 74.95
( A Savings of  $74.75 over our regular price )

Central Park

    Starring: Joan Blondell & Wallace Ford

Rick and Dot, two penniless New Yorkers, meet and fall in love in Central Park. Promising to meet later, they separate. Dot is picked up by small-time hood Nick Sarno, posing as a police inspector, who promises to pay her $100 to help in a sting operation at a local charity benefit. She agrees, unaware that Nick and his gang are merely using her to steal the charity receipts themselves. Rick, picked up by Sarno for being seen talking to Dot, is held captive by the gang at their hideout. He breaks loose and rushes to the charity affair to try to save Dot before she becomes involved in the heist.

Chad Hanna
    Starring: Henry Fonda, Dorothy Lamour & Linda Darnell

Country boy (Fonda) joins a circus in the 1840s and falls in love with the bare-back rider (Lamour). Later he falls in love with another circus runaway (Darnell).

Chained Heat
    Starring: Linda Blair, Sybil Danning, Stella Stevens,
                        John Vernon & Henry Silva

One of the all-time cult classics. Linda Blair plays Carol, a young woman who must serve 18 months in prison after killing a man (by accident). The prison turns out to be brimming with decadence, corruption and sleaze, where the other female inmates are sadistic crack-selling lesbian rapists and the guards and warden are no better. Racial tensions are high as the inmates is divided into two factions, blacks and whites, who must either join together against the management or kill each other trying. A sleazy blend of sexploitation and blaxploitation make this movie a real winner.

Challenge of the Super Heroes

    Starring: Adam West, Burt Ward & Charlie Calis

It’s the Justice League of America : Batman, Robin, Capt. Marvel ( Shazam), Black Canary, The Huntress, Hawkman, Green Lantern, The Atom & the Flash, out to stop the evil plans of the Legion of Doom from taking over the world, in order to save their plans for a banquet to honor a retiring Super-Hero.

* Please note that the quality of this feature falls into the  “Fair- Good” range and is listed at the lower price of $17.95

Change of Heart
    Starring: Janet Gaynor, Ginger Rogers, Charles Farrell & James Dunn

Janet Gaynor and James Dunn and their close friends Charles Farrell and Ginger Rogers graduate from a West Coast college and fly to New York City to find work.

Charlie's Angels: The TV Pilot Movie
    Starring: Kate Jackson, Farrah Fawcett-Majors, Jaclyn Smith,
                   Tommy Lee Jones, David Doyle, Bo Hopkins, John Forsythe
                   & David Ogden Stiers

The pilot for the 1976-1981 TV series focuses on the Angels' very first case. When a wealthy winegrower disappears, the three private investigators go undercover at the vineyard to track down the whereabouts of the body. If the body doesn't turn up in a certain amount of time, the inheritance will be presented to the man's second wife, Rachel, instead of his long-lost daughter, Janet. Many of the scenes used in the opening credits of the show are from this pilot episode.

The Chase
    Starring: Marlon Brando, Angie Dickinson, E.G. Marshall,
                    Robert Duvall, Robert Redford & Jane Fonda

Most everyone in town thinks that Sheriff Calder is merely a puppet of rich oil-man Val Rogers. When it is learned that local baddie Bubba Reeves has escaped prison, Rogers' son is concerned because he is having an affair with Reeves' wife. It seems many others in town feel they may have reasons to fear Reeves. Calder's aim is to bring Reeves in alive, unharmed. Calder will have to oppose the powerful Rogers on one hand and mob violence on the other, in his quest for justice.

    Starring: Cher, Barbara London & Stephen Whittaker

Go on a cross country adventure with Cher in her first dramatic film.! Chastity is a lonely young girl who is hitchhiking across the country in hopes of finding someone to love her and make her forget her disturbed past. She does find love with a man who she calls Andre . Chastity feels that the relationship is getting too serious so she decides to run. She goes to Mexico where she starts working at a whorehouse, there she befriends the strange lesbian owner . Chastity is looking for a mother figure in the woman, but the woman has different feelings for Chastity. She soon realizes that this is not the life for her and decides to return to Andre and try to start a new normal life. Things are good, but not for long as Chastity's dark disturbed past will never let her feel loved by anyone. This film is UNCUT & contains Cher’s only ever Nude Scene!!!

    Starring: Lucille Ball & Anne Shirley

Jenny has always been fascinated with the stage, especially since her mother was a famous actress. She learns that a theatrical company is putting on the play that included her mother's most famous role. She leaves home to join the company. The trouble is, she doesn't realize that the producers consider the moth-eaten play high camp, while Jenny is taking the whole thing seriously.

Cheaper By the Dozen
    Starring: Myrna Loy, Jeanne Crain & Clifton Webb

"Cheaper By the Dozen", based on the real-life story of the Gilbreath family, follows them from Providence, Rhode Island, to Montclair, New Jersey, and details the amusing anecdotes found in large families. Frank Gilbreath, Sr., was a pioneer in the field of motion study, and often used his family as guinea pigs (with amusing and sometimes embarrassing results). He resisted popular culture, railing against his daughters' desires for bobbed hair and cosmetics.

    Starring: Jane Wyman, Dennis Morgan, Janis Page
                    & Alan Hale

Wells Fargo stages are being robbed by 'The Poet' and no one can find out who he is. Wylie is a gambler who is found by the sheriff and gives him the option of going back to a questionable trial in Carson City or finding 'The Poet' for the stage line. Wylie decides to look for the outlaw and he rides out in the stage with Ann and Emily to Cheyenne. He soon finds that the Sundance gang is waiting for 'The Poet' so he impersonates him and finds that Ann is the wife of the outlaw. Wylie is concerned about the gang, 'The Poet' and Ann.

    Starring: Charlton Heston, Stephen Collins, Tess Harper, 
                    Keith Carradine, Wayne Rogers, Paul Sorvino, 
                    Billy Dee Williams, Paula Kelly, Danny Glover 
                    & Brad Davis

The story of a southern town's police chiefs and the serial murderer who confounds them. Will Henry Lee is the first chief, an easy-going man who works to establish the position while the murderer begins his havoc. The second is a violent racist who stumbles about his job as the murderer continues his. Tyler Watts is the final chief, an african-american cop who must deal with the virulent racism of his community while he puts together the pieces to finally bring the murderer to justice

China Clipper
    Starring: Humphrey Bogart, Pat O'Brien & Beverly Roberts

Inspired by Lindbergh's flight, Dave Logan sets out with a Washington-Philadelphia airline but suffers financial problems. With flying ace Hap Stuart he tries clipper ships on the Caribbean, then aims for the trans-Pacific route. His relentless ambition forces those closest to him to abandon him

China Girl
    Starring: Gene Tierney, George Montgomery & Robert Blake

The exploits of two-fisted newsreel photographer Johnny Williams stationed in Burma and China in the early stage of WW II. Captured by the Japanese, he escapes from a concentration camp with the aid of beautiful, enigmatic "China Girl" Miss Young .The two arduously make their way back to friendly lines so that Johnny can deliver the vital military information he's managed to glean from his captors.

The Christine Jorgenson Story
    Starring: John Hansen, Joan Tompkins, Quinn K Redeker
                  & Joyce Meadows

A bio-pic of 1950s media darling, Christine Jorgensen, formerly George, who traveled to Denmark for a sex change operation. On her return to the United States, Jorgensen was celebrated in the media as the epitome of American femininity, but the press eventually turned on its star, dropping the "glamour girl" tag and adopting a more voyeuristic and pathologizing approach. Jorgensen's story, adapted for the screen from her 1968 autobiography, unveils many of the complex cultural fantasies around gender in Cold War America.

Christopher Strong
    Starring: Katharine Hepburn

A famous female flier and a member of Parliament drift into a potentially disastrous affair.At a party for Bright Young Things, a "treasure hunt" for attractive yet virtuous people nets Sir Christopher Strong, M.P., and Lady Cynthia Darrington, dashing aviatrix. Their acquaintance is innocent at first; but after he sees her in a spectacular silver moth costume, virtue begins to wane. Against their wills, they are drawn into an affair whose consequences threaten Strong's happy marriage and both their careers.

A Circle of Deception
    Starring: Bradford Dillman & Suzy Parker

Unbeknownst to him, a soldier is sent on a doomed mission because of the high likelihood of him divulging secrets if captured and tortured.

The Circus Clown
       Starring: Joe E. Brown, Dorothy Burgess & Patricia Ellis

Brown plays a dual role, as would-be circus entertainer Happy Howard and his rustic old father. When dad, a former circus man himself, disapproves of Happy hitting the sawdust trail, the boy does so anyway, smitten by a beautiful female bareback rider. So naïve is our hero that he doesn't realize that the "girl" is actually female impersonator Jack, who strings Happy along just for laughs. Once this plotline is straightened out, Happy becomes the hero of the day by substituting for a drunken aerialist -- and there is no more proud or enthusiast spectator than Happy's happy dad. If Brown looks genuinely frightened in his scene in the lion's cage, he should; the lion affectionately pawed him during one take, resulting in six stitches in the comedian's arm. More serious than most Brown vehicles. This picture  is distinguished by the star's spectacular acrobatics (the real thing -- no doubles), and by some excellent
split-screen work during the "father/son" scenes

Classic Super Hero Cartoon Collection

Each Volume Features Nearly 2 Hours of Classic Animated adventures of your favorite Super-Heroes:

Volume 1:
Max Fleischer’s Superman Cartoons
Superman vs. The Mad Scientist / Japoteurs / The Bulleteers / The Magnetic Telescope /
Volcano / Terror On The Midway / The Mummy Strikes / Secret Agent

Defenders of the Earth
    Starring : Mandrake, the Phantom, Lothar & Flash Gordon
The Lost Jewels of Tibet / The Revenge of Astra 

Classic TV Episodes of Christmas Past Volume 1
    8 Holiday Episodes From the Golden Age of TV

Robin Hood “ The Christmas Goose” – Richard Greene stars as the wiley Robin in this yuletide tale in Sherwood Forest.
Annie Oakley “Santa Wears a Gun” – Gail Davis stars as the famous woman rancher in this tale of a   very different Santa in the wild west town of Diablo.
Burns & Allen “Holiday Show” – Gracie’s nieces arrive to spend the holiday w/ George & Gracie.
Date With Angels “Santa’s Helper” – Betty White helps an overly generous elderly department store Santa
Dragnet “The Big Baby Jesus” – Jack Webb is hot on the trail of a stolen Baby Jesus statue & a surprise  happy ending.
Love That Bob “Grandpa’s Christmas Visit”- Bob Cummings’ lively Grandpa drops in for some yuletide mischief.
Sherlock Holmes “The Case of the Christmas Pudding” – Holmes & Watson deal w/ a vengeful convict on Christmas Eve.
The Jack Benny Show “ Christmas w/ Jack” – Jack & the gang converge on an unsuspecting department store to do their holiday shopping w/ hilarious results.

Classic TV Episodes of Christmas Past Volume 2

7 Holiday Episodes From The Golden Age of TV

Jack Frost- The long lost Rankin/Bass TV Classic featuring their famous stop motion animation.
Christmas Shop  ‘A String of Blue Beads’
Crossroads ‘Our First Christmas Tree’
The Adventures of Long John Silver ‘The Orphan’s Christmas’
The Ruggles ‘Christmas Eve’
The Jack Benny Show  ‘New Year’s Day Show’
The Jack Benny Show  ‘Reminiscing About Last New’s Year Eve’

    Starring: Dorothy McGuire & Robert Young

Child bride Claudia Naughton has made life difficult for her husband David because she can't stand living so far away from her mother. She's also afraid her husband doesn't find her desirable enough. To remedy both situations, she sells their farm to an opera singer so they'll have to move back to the city near her mother, and she tries to make her husband jealous by flirting with a neighbor. Eventually, Claudia has to learn to grow when she discovers that she's about to become a mother and that her own mother is gravely ill.

Claudia & David
    Starring: Dorothy McGuire & Robert Young

Follow-up to hit film Claudia (1943) finds title characters (Dorothy McGuire, Robert Young) dealing with the ups and downs of marriage and parenthood in their rural Connecticut town. Illness, accidents, and jealousy plague the young couple as they learn to weather life.

Clive of India
    Starring: Loretta Young, Ronald Coleman & Cesar Romero

In the mid-1700's the East India Company has power over commerce on the sub-continent, with the blessings of the British government. A clerk in the company, Robert Clive, is frustrated by his lack of advancement, and transfers to the military arm of the company, where he excels. Clive's leadership and gift for manipulation strengthen England's hold over India and lead to personal wealth, which is often threatened by the enemies he makes along the way.

Clouds Over Europe
    Starring: Laurence Olivier, Ralph Richardson & Valerie Hobson

( Also released as “ Q Planes “ ) Experimental aircraft of several countries are mysteriously vanishing during test flights over the sea. The latest is British, and Hammond of the Secret Service, comical but competent, investigates undercover. Also interested is waitress Kay, a disguised reporter...and Hammond's sister. The government and plane manufacturer Barrett think the whole business is just coincidence, but the 'Viking,' ostensible salvage ship controlled by a Foreign Power, has much to do with it.

Cluny Brown
    Starring: Charles Boyer, Jennifer Jones, Peter Lawford & Helen Walker

Amateur plumber Cluny Brown gets sent off by her uncle to work as a servant at an English country estate. While there, she becomes friendly with Adam Belinski, a charming Czech refugee. She also becomes interested in a dull shopkeeper named Mr. Wilson. Belinski soon falls in love with Cluny and tries to keep her from marrying Wilson.

The Cobweb
    Starring: Richard Widmark, Gloria Grahame, Lauren Bacall,
                  Charles Boyer & Lillian Gish

At an exclusive psychiatric clinic, the doctors and staff are about as crazy as the patients. The clinic head, Dr. Stewart McIver, thinks that it would be good therapy for his patients to design and make new drapes for the library. Mrs. Karen McIver, who is neglected by her hardworking husband (and a bit unbalanced herself), wants to make her mark on the clinic, so she orders new drapes. Miss Inch, the business manager, who has been with the clinic longer than anyone, sees this as an intrusion into her territory, and she too orders drapes. All this puts everyone in a dither, as they fight over drapes and clinic politics

Coffee, Tea or Me
    Starring: Karen Valentine, John Davidson & Louise Lasser

Cute made-for-TV movie about a stewardess, who juggles two husbands: one in Los Angeles, and one in London. Her best friend and fellow stewardess, is on hand for support (and comic relief).


The Collector
    Starring: Terrance Stamp & Samantha Eggar

Freddie, a socially withdrawn bank clerk and butterfly collector, decides to expand to collecting human specimens. That's where art student Miranda Grey comes in. Miranda matches wits with Freddie the icy psychopath.

Collision Course
    Starring: Henry Fonda & E.G. Marshall

U.S. President Harry Truman and his commander in the Korean War, General Douglas MacArthur, disagree on war strategy. Their conflict comes to a head when Truman relieves the insubordinate MacArthur from command. An extremely rare TV movie that was shot on video.

Column South
    Starring: Audie Murphy, Joan Evans, Dennis Weaver
                  & Jack Kelly

As Lt. Jed Sayre struggles to prevent pre-Civil War tensions and a racist commanding officer from triggering war between the U.S. Cavalry and Navajo Indians, he finds his efforts are being undermined by the machinations of Confederate sympathizers.

Combat Academy
    Starring: George Clooney, Robert Culp, Sherman Hemsley,
                    Jamie Farr, Richard Moll & Bernie Kopell

"Police Academy"-style comedy set in a military school. Two errant high school students are ordered by a judge to spend a year at a prestigious military academy, where one of the cadets finds out who is responsible for a spate of midnight thefts. Starring a plethora of 80’s TV Stars!!

Come Blow Your Horn
    Starring: Frank Sinatra, Tony Bill, Lee J Cobb, Jill St John, Molly Picon
                  & Barbara Rush

Alan, a cad of a bachelor from a middle-class family, lives the high life in a luxurious penthouse in Manhattan, with plenty of pretty girls at his disposal. His gaudy and extravagant lifestyle is a constant worry to his Old World Jewish parents. However, Alan has a close relationship with his younger brother Buddy, who comes to live with him. Soon Buddy learns exactly how Alan is able to maintain his expensive apartment and clothes habit

Come Live With Me
    Starring: Jimmy Stewart, Hedy Lamarr & Ian Hunter

Illegal immigrant and showgirl Johnny Jones is due to be deported from the USA, her only hope is to get married, but her rich publisher boyfriend Barton Kendrick is already married! She meets down-on-his-luck author, Bill Smith, and proposes a marriage of convenience in order to remain in the country, but Bill has more ambitious ideas.

Come On Get Happy: The Partridge Family Story
    Starring: Eve Gordon, Shawn Pyform, Rodney Scott, Kathy Wagner
                 Roxanne Hart, Danny Bonaduce

The behind the scenes story of "The Partridge Family" TV show, told from the point of view of young Danny Bonaduce. Problems include Danny's jealous father, David Cassidy's overnight fame, and even conflicts with the Brady Bunch!

Come September

    Starring: Rock Hudson, Gina Lollobrigida, Sandra Dee & Bobby Darin

Wealthy industrialist Robert Talbot arrives early for his annual vacation at his luxurious Italian villa to find three problems lying in wait for him. Firstly, his long-time girlfriend Lisa Fellini has given up waiting for him to pop the question and has decided to marry another man. Secondly, the major domo of his villa, Maurice Clavell, has turned the estate into a posh hotel to make some easy money while the boss isn't around. And, finally, the current guests of the "hotel" are a group of young American girls trying to fend off a gang of oversexed boys, led by Tony, who are 'laying siege' at the outer walls of the villa. Talbot, to his own surprise, finds himself becoming an overprotective chaperone.

The Comedy of Terrors
    Starring: Vincent Price, Joe E Brown, Peter Lorre, Joyce Jameson,
                   Boris Karloff & Basil Rathbone

An undertaker who hasn't had any 'customers' in a long time is forced the pay one year's back-rent. To get money he starts to kill people in order to get new clients.

Coney Island
    Starring: Betty Grable, George Montgomery, Cesar Romero & Phil Silvers

Set at the turn of the century, smooth talking con man Eddie Johnson weasels his way into a job at friend and rival Joe Rocco's Coney Island night spot. Eddie meets the club's star attraction (and Joe's love interest), Kate Farley, a brash singer with a penchant for flashy clothes. Eddie and Kate argue as he tries to soften her image. Eventually, Kate becomes the toast of Coney Island and the two fall in love. Joe then tries to sabotage their marriage plans.

Confessions of a Nazi Spy
    Starring: Edward G Robinson & George Sanders

Ed Renard is a G-Man investigating a huge Nazi spy ring in the United States. Contacts are discovered and arrested in the U.S., Latin America and Europe.

Congo Bill (15 Episodes-Serial)
    Starring: Don McGuire &  Armida Cleo Moore

Based the popular comic book hero, Congo Bill, undertakes the job of delivering a letter to the heiress of a circus fortune. While in Africa, he learns of the possible existence of a “White Queen” in the dark jungle and sets out to find her.

The Conspirators
    Starring: Hedy Lamarr, Paul Henreid & Peter Lorre

Vincent Van Der Lyn, a Dutch freedom fighter in WWII, is forced to neutral Lisbon to escape the Nazis. There he meets a small band of underground conspirators. The group's leader, Ricardo Quintanilla, knows that one of their number is spying for the Nazis, and needs Van Der Lyn to help identify the traitor.

Contract on Cherry Street
    Starring: Frank Sinatra, Martin Balsam & Verna Bloom

The partner, and best friend, of a tough New York detective is murdered by killers working for a local mob. Infuriated at the inability of the Police Department to bring in the murderers, he decides, with the help of a few of his fellow detectives, to operate on his own, using whatever means necessary, to destroy the gang.

    Starring: Glenn Ford, Broderick Crawford & Dorothy Malone

A prison warden comes to believe that an inmate in his facility has been wrongly convicted, and sets out to help prove his innocence.

The Courtship of Andy Hardy
    Starring: Mickey Rooney, Donna Reed & Lewis Stone

When Judge Hardy tackles an unpleasant divorce case. Feeling that the root of the estranged couple's problem is the debilitating shyness of their daughter Melodie, the Judge asks his son Andy to help the girl become more popular with her contemporaries. At first balking at the assignment, Andy agrees to instruct Melodie in the social graces at Carvel High School. As a result, Melodie falls in love with Andy, which causes a major personality transformation in him.

Cover Girls
    Starring: Jayne Kennedy, Don Johnson & Corneila Sharpe

Made at the height of Jayne Kennedy’s popularity as a “ Sex-Symbol”, this made for TV Movie features Jayne and her beautiful friend, as two seductive fashion models leading double lives working undercover as secret agents. When a menace threatens the entire world, can our lovely heroines save the day? This was supposed to be the set up for a series that never came to be. But a fun, great movie, nevertheless. Jayne & Cornelia are stunning!!

The Cowboy and the Lady
    Starring: Gary Cooper, Patsy Kelly & Walter Brennan

Poor Mary Smith can't go night-clubbing or have any other fun because any hint of scandal could damage her father's political career. She decides to rebel and convinces her two maids to let her go along with them on a blind date with some rodeo performers. She tells her date, Stretch, that she's a parlor maid and that she left home because her father beat her. The two fall in love and elope. Now Mary has a double dilemma: continuing her charade with Stretch and keeping her marriage a secret from her father.

Crack The Sky – Photoflamingo   Only $15.95

One of the most rare of all CTS albums, this album was the last one to be released by Crack The Sky on a major label. Shortly after the release of this album, Lifesong Records, ( a division of Warner Bros ) folded up shop. Many CTS albums have followed, but on a wide variety of small independent labels. Why they never secured a major label again, is a mystery.

Track Listing;

Flamingo Prelude-Too Nice For That / Good Child Gone Wild
Last Time / A Girl Like You / Only Lonely / Is All We Know
Hide Away / The Other Guy / With The Morons - Photoflamingo

Crack The Sky – World in Motion   Only $15.95

By 1983, Crack The Sky was about to go into a totally different direction with their music, World in Motion was the first step. Though it was another great album from CTS, it was not what fans were used to, and the sales of the album reflected as much. This was the first album the released after being dropped from their long time label, Lifesong, which soon went into bankruptcy. Originally released on the now defunct Criminal records label, this album faded into obscurity. One of the major reasons for the inability with fans to identify with this release was, CTS was also without Rick Witkowski, their lead guitarist since the beginning. Rick had left over artistic differences with John Palumbo. The two would later mend their fences for their 1989 tour.

Track Listing:

Breakdown  /  Skindiver  /  Needles & Pins  /  All Fly Away
Too Cold To Be Cool  /  Talking To Napoleon  /  The Stealer
This Time  /  Mr DJ  /  Telephone Lady  /  Lose That Girl
Working Boys  /  When I Grow Up

Crime School
    Starring: Humphrey Bogart, Ann Page & The Dead End Kids

Deputy Commissioner of Correction Mark Braden finds a reform school in terrible condition and assumes control himself. He wins the boy's cooperation by being fair and falls in love with gang leader Frankie's sister Sue. This aides disgruntled employees in challenging Braden. This title is in the public domain and is very difficult to find. It is long out of print .My products are sold for collection purposes.

    Starring: Cary Grant, Jose Ferrar & Paula Raymond

Dr Ferguson is a brain surgeon, on vacation with his wife in a small Spanish-speaking country. This is actually a dictatorship ruled by tyrant Raoul Farrago. As they leave the country, Dr and Madam are arrested and lead to Farrago. He has a tumor that had to be removed quickly. Ferguson's duty is to cure sick people, but letting Farrago die would be a relief for the people.

Cruel Shoes    Only $15.95

The one shot, self-titled outing from this jazz-rock band was released in 1992, to small sales. The critics adored this album, as it was a side project from Crack The Sky front man John Palumbo, along with Alana Shor (formerly of Paper Cup), Nita Slater (formerly of Cry Monday), Mark Easly & Andy Shriver. It is sad that they only recorded this one album, as their sound was phenomenal. Supported by Palumbo’s expertise in songwriting, arrangements & production values, this band could have gone very far in the realm of jazz.

Track Listing:

New Wanderers / Dancing Shoes / Where Are The Angels
Baltimore Joe / Temporary Man / Walking On The Water
My Turn / Honeymoon Avenue / Edge of The Fire / Cooltown

Cry For Happy
    Starring: Glenn Ford, Donald O’Connor & Miiko Taka

The story revolves around the amorous entanglements of four G.I. photographers on leave in Japan from their last mission in the Korean War. The men, headed by officer Andy Cyphers check into a house with four resident geishas and immediately misunderstand what a geisha does for a living. Once they get straightened out about the musical, cultural, and educational background of geishas -- and after spending some time with the four women, the men begin to pair off. More misunderstandings are in store but it definitely looks like at least two of the men will not go back to the U.S. alone.

Cry Havoc
    Starring: Margaret Sullavan, Joan Blondell
                   Ann Southern, Marsha Hunt,
                   Ella Raines & Francis Gifford

The Army nurses on Bataan need help badly, but when it arrives, it sure isn't what they expected. A motley crew, including a Southern belle, a waitress, and a stripper, show up. Many conflicts arise among these women who are thrown together in what is a desperate and ultimately hopeless situation

Cult of The Damned ( aka Angel Angel Down We Go )
          Starring: Jennifer Jones, Jordan Christopher, Roddy McDowell 
                        & Lou Rawls

The overweight debutante daughter of the world's wealthiest couple falls in with a gang of tripped out, skydiving pseudo-reactionary pop stars, who take their beliefs of the American ideal to profoundly impossible heights

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