Movie List: H

H. M. Pullman ESQ.
    Starring: Hedy Lamarr, Van Heflin & Robert Young

A man who lived his life as he was told he should, not as he would have chosen to, is brought out of his shell by a beautiful young woman.

Half Angel
    Starring: Loretta Young, Joseph Cotton & Irene Ryan

While sleepwalking, a nurse with a split personality goes on romantic visits to a man she detests in the daytime.

The Halleujah Trail
    Starring: Burt Lancaster, Lee Remick, Donald Pleasence,
                  Brian Keith & Martin Landau

A wagon train heads for Denver with a cargo of whisky for the miners. Chaos ensues as the Temperance League, the US cavalry, the miners and the local Indians all try to take control of the valuable cargo.

Hand Of Death
    Starring: John Agar & Paula Raymond

A scientist invents a new serum, tries it on himself and turns into a murderous monster.

Hangman’s Knot
    Starring: Randolph Scott, Donna Reed & Lee Marvin

It's 1865 in Nevada and a unit of Reb soldiers attack a Union troop carrying gold. They kill the soldiers and capture the gold only to learn the war ended a month ago. Deciding to keep the gold they flee but get chased by a group of drifters that want that gold. They get pinned down at a stage relay station and when deals between the two sides fail, the drifters decide to burn them out.

Hannah Lee
    Starring: Joanne Dru, John Ireland & MacDonald Carey

Professional killer Bus Crow is hired by cattlemen to eliminate squatters. When Marshal Sam Rochelle is sent to investigate, saloon owner Hallie becomes a reluctant witness.

The Happening
    Starring: Anthony Quinn & Faye Dunaway

A few hippies "go with the flow" and end up kidnapping a retired Mafia kingpin.

The Happy Ending
    Starring: Jean Simmons, John Forsythe, Tina Louise, Bobby Darrin,
                   Lloyd Bridges, Theresa Wright, Nannette Fabray
                   & Shirley Jones

Mary Wilson is married to Fred and she prepares for their 16th wedding-anniversary party with tranquilizers and booze. The guests are clients of Fred's, a successful tax attorney. Harry and wife Helen are two of the guests. Helen offers herself to Fred, as Mary entertains thoughts of bedding down with the playboy Sam or a young gigolo. Agnes is the level-headed housekeeper who wryly observes the proceedings. Mary ends up in the hospital in need of a stomach pump after a half-hearted suicide attempt. After the incident, her incredulous husband shallowly suggests that she needs a hobby. All is not well in the suburban Shangri-La in this feature, that tends to sympathize with the suburban housewives who console themselves with pills, booze & promiscuity, highlighted by an all star cast.

The Happy Land
    Starring: Don Ameche, Francis Dee & Harry Carey

An Iowa drugstore owner becomes embittered when his son is killed in World War II. The druggist believes that the boy's life was cut short before he had an opportunity to truly appreciate his existence. The grieving father is shown the error of his assumption by the ghost of his grandfather, who through flashbacks details the good things about the son's short term on Earth, and the wonderful life that the druggist himself has enjoyed.

Hard Contract
      Starring: Lee Remick, James Coburn, Burgess Meredith
                    & Karen Black

A cold hearted American hit man goes to Europe for 'one last score'. His encounter with a beautiful young woman casts self doubt on his lifeblood, and influences him to resist carrying out the contract.

The Hatchet Man
    Starring: Edward G. Robinson & Loretta Young

San Francisco Tong hatchet man Wong must execute his boyhood friend Sun. Sun agrees to will him all his property if he will marry Sun's daughter Toya San. Years later she does marry Wong, now a powerful figure, though she loves evil Harry. Still later Wong learns that Harry has been deported and taken Toya with him to China. He goes after them.

The Haunted House of Horror
    Starring: Frankie Avalon & Jill Haworth

Teenagers gathered in an old mansion are being murdered one by one. The survivors must discover who among them is the killer before he finishes off everybody.

The Hawaiians
    Starring: Charlton Heston, Tina Chen & Geraldine Chaplin

The incredible sequel to HAWAII… A wanderer returns home only to find political turmoil, disease and romantic difficulties.

Hawkins: Candidate for Murder
    Starring: Jimmy Stewart, Strother Martin & Pernell Roberts

The eighth of the HAWKINS TV movies finds Hawkins defending a Political campaign manager accused of murdering a reporter about to do an expose on a respected Senator.

Hawkins: Death & The Maiden
    Starring: Jimmy Stewart, Strother Martin & Bonnie Bedilia

A young heiress is accused of murder when she awakens to find three dead bodies at her feet, but she can’t remember the event. Those close to her, are convinced that she has mental problems and must have committed the act. However, Hawkins, isn’t quite so sure.

He Ran All The Way
    Starring: John Garfield & Shelly Winters

Nick and his partner Al stage a payroll holdup. Al is killed, along with a policeman. Nick hides out in a public pool, where he meets Peg Dobbs. He goes back to her apartment with her and forces her family to hide him from the police manhunt.

He Was Her Man
    Starring: James Cagney & Joan Blondell

Flicker Hayes informs the police after he sets up two men to be caught in a phony robbery attempt, because they were responsible for his going to prison. Dan Curly escapes, but the other kills a policeman and goes to the chair, so Dan wants two hitmen to get Flicker, who plans to leave the country. But he meets down-and-out Rose Lawrence, an ex-prostitute looking to hitch a ride to a small fishing village in the south to marry a Portuguese fisherman, and Flicker decides it would be a nice place to hide. After he seduces Rose, Flicker stakes her to a bus ticket and goes with her. But Pop Sims, who follows them and reports Flicker’s whereabouts to Dan, has spotted him. Meanwhile, Rose falls in love with Flicker, who is unaware that the hitmen are coming to kill him.

Head Over Heels
Gloria Grahame, John Heard, Mary Beth Hurt & Griffin Dunne

( Also released as “ Chilly Scenes of Winter “ ) An embodiment of the Beckett quote that there is nothing funnier than unhappiness, Joan Micklin Silver's adaptation of the Anne Beattie novel stars John Heard as Charles Richardson, a civil servant in Utah who is consumed by his obsession with Laura Conley, a former lover. Their relationship had developed during a short hiatus in Laura's marriage; however, she'd ended it because of Charles's over adoring behavior, coupled with her guilt over leaving her husband and stepchild. The disconsolate lover conducts imaginary conversations with Laura, grills her colleagues for information about her, and watches her drive her child to school, holding out the forlorn hope that she will decide to permanently leave her indifferent husband, Ox. While this behavior might seem to warrant a call to the police, Charles's pursuit is more longingly meandering than monomaniacal, and his attentions aren't entirely discouraged by the indecisive Laura. In this bittersweet film, lightly tinged with post-1960s malaise, Micklin Silver perfectly catches the tone of Beattie's elliptical, deadpan comic novel. Heard and Hurt are wonderful in their nuanced roles.

The Hearst & Davies Affair
    Starring: Robert Mitchum & Virginia Madsen

Gripping TV movie about the infamous newspaper baron, William Randolph Hearst & his very public affair with actress Marion Davies. All the behind closed doors details are covered from his failed run at the presidency to him almost losing his entire fortune on the movie business he foolishly dove into.

    Starring: Burt Reynolds, Peter MacNichol, Karen Young
                   & Howard Hesseman

Reynolds plays an ex-soldier-of-fortunish character in Vegas, taking "Chaperone" jobs, fighting with the mob, and trying to get enough money together to move to Venice, Italy. His problems get more complicated when a hooker friend, gets raped and beaten by a made guy, and he attempts to set it straight.

Heat of Anger
    Starring: Susan Hayward, James Stacey, Tyne Daly
                  & Lee J Cobb

A classic TV Movie.. A female attorney and her young associate defend a wealthy contractor accused of murdering an ironworker who was having an affair with the contractor's daughter.

Heaven With a Barbed Wire Fence
    Starring: Glenn Ford, Jean Rogers, Richard Conte,
                   Raymond Walburn & Ward Bond

A New York store clerk  joins a hobo and an illegal immigrant heading for his newly bought land in Arizona.

Heaven With a Gun
    Starring: Glenn Ford, Carolyn Jones, Barbara Hershey,
                  & David Carradine

In the small western town of Vinegarroon the conflict between cattle and sheep breeders escalates. When a stranger appears in the town, the ranchers suspect he's a gun man, hired by the sheep breeders. But Jim Killian turns out to be a priest - a tough one however, who soon shall make unscrupulous rancher Esa Beck's life quite harder.

The Heavenly Body
    Starring: Hedy Lamarr & William Powell

The neglected wife of an astronomer turns to astrology and is told she will meet a handsome stranger.

Hello Frisco Hello
    Starring: Alice Faye, John Payne, Jack Oakie & Ward Bond

Set in San Francisco's Barbary Coast this 1943 romantic musical features a love triangle in which Faye is a singer hired by boorish saloon owner Payne. She develops a crush on him but he's interested in a society girl

Helen Keller: The Miracle Continues
    Starring: Mare Winningham, Blythe Danner, Perry King, Vera Miles,
                        Peter Cushing & Jack Warden

This Made for TV movie, continues the story of “The Miracle Worker.” We follow Helen off to college where she meets and exceeds the challenges before her, including her mentor & friend is falling in love with a colleague of Helen’s and Helen begins to realize that she will eventually face life on her own.

The Hellions
    Starring: Richard Todd, Anne Aubrey, James Booth, Marty Wilde

In 19th-century South Africa, a family of hellions ride into the small town of De Wylt where Police Sergeant Sam Hargis is the sole representative of law and order & the only thing stopping them from taking over the remote town

Her Cardboard Lover
    Starring: Robert Taylor, Norma Shearer & George Sanders

Set in Florida, the plotline finds Consuelo Croyden attempting to make her disinterested sweetheart Tony Barling jealous. To this end, Consuelo orders her personal secretary, Terry Trindale to pretend to be her lover. This suits Terry fine, since he's always been crazy about Consuelo.

Her Highness & The Bellboy
    Starring: Hedy Lamarr, Robert Walker & June Allyson

The romance between a New York bellhop and a European princess falls by the wayside as each secretly longs for another.

Here Come The Munsters
    Starring: Edward Herman, Veronica Hamel, Robert Morse,
                  Christine Taylor, Matthew Botuchis & Troy Evans

The Munsters come to America to search for Herman's brother-in-law Norman Hyde, only to find out that he has turned himself into Brent Jekyll, who is running for congress, and Grandpa must make a formula to change Norman back.

The Heroes of Telemark
        Starring: Kirk Douglas, Richard Harris, Ulla Jacobson
                    & Michael Redgrave

In this tale of espionage and adventure set during World War II, Norway has fallen under Nazi occupation, and a factory is producing "heavy water" (a key ingredient in the manufacture of atomic weapons), under the order of the German military. Knut Straud, a leading figure in the Norwegian underground, joins forces with scientist Dr. Rolf Pederson, who is working with British intelligence agents to destroy the factory in hopes of keeping the Atomic Bomb out of Axis hands. However, while originally Straud and Pederson are only supposed to infiltrate the factory as a reconnaissance force while awaiting British troops, the English army is forced to retreat from their plans, leaving the Norwegians to destroy the factory and scuttle a shipment of the "heavy water" all by themselves. Inspired by a true story.

High Time
    Starring: Bing Crosby, Tuesday Weld & Fabian

Widower and millionaire businessman Howard Harvey decides to go to college at 51 years of age. Resisting the easy path, he insists on not receiving preferential treatment, and lives in a dorm like the other students despite the disapproval of his grown son and daughter. As the years pass, and he gets involved in study sessions, fraternity initiations, and sporting events, he begins falling in love with Professor Gautier, the French teacher, but doesn't consider re-marrying appropriate.

His Brother's Wife
    Starring: Barbara Stanwyck & Robert Taylor

Rita Wilson meets epidemologist Chris Claybourne and they fall in love with each other. When Claybourne leaves for the tropics to find a cure against a disease, Wilson gets her revenge by marrying Claybourne's brother although she still loves him.

Hold Back the Dawn
   Starring: Charles Boyer, Olivia de Havilland & Paulette Goddard

Told in flashback from a preface in which the main character visits Paramount to sell his story! Romanian-French gigolo Georges Iscovescu wishes to enter the USA. Stopped in Mexico by the quota system, he decides to marry an American, then desert her and join his old partner Anita, who's done likewise. But after sweeping teacher Emmy Brown off her feet, he finds her so sweet that love and jealousy endanger his plans.

Holiday for Lovers
    Starring: Jane Wyman, Clifton Webb, Jill St. John & Carol Lynley

Clifton Webb and Jane Wyman as parents who chase their 2 daughters through South America as the young women find love.

The Hollywood Revue of 1929
    Starring: Conrad Negal, Jack Benny, Joan Crawford,
                   Laurel & Hardy, Norma Shearer & Many More

An all-star revue featuring MGM contract players. This feature has Singing, Dancing, Comedy, Drama & everything You could Want!!! Nominated for Best Picture in 1929.

Home in Indiana
    Starring: June Haver, Lon McCalister, Walter Brennan, Ward Bond
                   & Jeanne Crain

A lad with a penchant for trouble is sent to live with his aunt and uncle in Indiana. Though he's not happy about the arrangement at first, his love of horses and his affection for a young colt that he plans to race makes life bearable. He also finds romance with tomboyish Char who shares his love for horses. Wonderful film for lovers of horses and racing.

Home In Oklahoma
    Starring: Roy Rogers, Dale Evans & Gabby Hayes

Flying U ranch owner Sam Talbot is killed by a fall from a horse. St. Louis reporter Connie Edwards comes to check a rumor that he might have been murdered. She goes to Roy Rogers, editor of the local newspaper, and he takes her to the reading of Talbot's will. The ranch is left to Talbot's ward, Duke Lowery, much to the dismay of Talbot's niece, Jan Holloway. After some attempts on Duke's life, Roy finally proves that Jan, Steve McClory and attorney Jim Jadnick had Talbot killed and are conspiring to do the same for Duke, making Jan the last heir.

    Starring: John Corbett & Patricia Breslin

ONE OF THE ALL TIME FAVORITE CULT CLASSICS!!! Emily, an attractive young woman, checks in at the Hotel Ventura and makes a strange request of the bellhop--that he marry her that night, though the marriage will be immediately annulled. Entranced by her beauty, he agrees. She instructs him to drive to the house of a particular Justice of the Peace, and after the ceremony the bellhop is shocked when Emily fatally stabs the JP and flees into the night. Ventura police note the name given on the marriage license, "Miriam Webster." Their investigation leads them up the coast to Solvang, Calif., where a detective interviews the real Miriam and learns that she is half-sister to Warren Webster, who will inherit $10 million on his upcoming birthday.

The Honey Pot
    Starring: Rex Harrison, Susan Hayward, Cliff Robertson & Edie Adams

Hearing that Cecil Fox doesn't have long to live, some of his former lovers travel to Venice to be near him or maybe to be near his money, some of which each expects to receive. Fox plays each off the other and seems to be making the most out of what time he has left.

Honeymoon for Three
    Starring: Ann Sheridan, Jane Wyman & George Brent

Noted writer Kenneth Bixby, in love with his witty secretary Anne Rogers, nevertheless agrees to a tete-a-tete with a former college fling, loopy Danish girl Julie who is married to penny-pinching Harvey Wilson. Bixby realizes he is in way over his head when he finds out he has become the co-respondent in a divorce lawsuit filed by Wilson.

Hop Harrigan (12 Episodes-Serial)
    Starring: William Blakewell, Jennifer Holt & Buzz Henry

Hop and his buddy, Tank Tinker, operate a small airport. They are hired by an eccentric inventor to fly him to a secret laboratory where he has developed a revolutionary new power unit. A criminal mastermind named, The Chief Pilot, plans to take the unit for his own evil plans.

Hot Rods to Hell
    Starring: Dana Andrews & Jeanne Crain

A man is disabled in a car wreck and decides to move to the desert and open a hotel, only to be terrorized by the native kids, in garish shirts, who chase his family off the road in their souped-up cars and play loud music.

Hot Shot

    Starring: Jim Youngs, Pele,  Billy Warlock, Jeremy Green
                  Penelope Ann Miller, Mario Van Peebles & Rutanya Alda

The story of an American soccer player trying to make it big who turns to Pele, the greatest soccer player of all time, for guidance. They've got nothing in common but the determination to be the best.

House of Strangers
    Starring: Edward G. Robinson, Susan Hayward & Richard Conte

Max Monetti is consumed with vengeance for his brothers after their betrayal of his father Gino. But after remembering his past, especially his relationship with Irene Bennett, Max realizes that his father had caused all the tension within the family and makes peace with his brothers.

The House on Telegraph Hill
    Starring: Richard Basehart, Valentina Cortese, William Lundigan
                  & Fay Baker

Victoria has survived Nazi concentration by assuming the identity of one who died there. She arrives in San Francisco to see her "son" just as the boy's great-aunt dies leaving a lot of money to be inherited. Victoria falls in love with the boy's trustee Alan Spender, and they move into the mansion on Telegraph Hill. She then learns that Alan and his lover, the boy's governess Margaret, murdered an aunt and are planning the same for her.

The House That Would Not Die
    Starring: Barbara Stanwyck, Richard Egan, Michael Anderson Jr
                  & Kitty Wynn

This movie centers on Ruth Bennett and her niece Sara Dunning. They move into the house of Ruth's recently deceased aunt and shortly thereafter they learn the house is possessed by two ghosts of the original owners who were from the time of the Revolutionary War. Shortly after arriving Ruth discovers a family Bible hidden in a secret compartment of a roll top desk. Contained within is the name of the original owner which includes the name of his deceased wife and also a name that has been crossed out in ink. As the movie progresses we learn the identity of this person and the reason for it being obliterated through the possession of niece Sara and Pat McDougal.

How to Save a Marriage and Ruin Your Life
    Starring: Dean Martin, Stella Stevens & Eli Wallach

An unwed lawyer embarks on an affair with the woman he thinks is his friend's mistress to save the man's marriage.

Hudson's Bay
    Starring: Gene Tierney, Paul Muni & Vincent Price

Highly fictionalized early history of Canada. Trapper/explorer Radisson imagines an empire around Hudson's Bay. He befriends the Indians, fights the French, and convinces King Charles II to sponsor an expedition of conquest.

    Starring: Clara Bow & Clive Brook

One of Clara’s best!! The daughter of a pineapple plantation owner in Hawaii sets her sights on a married English engineer.

The Human Comedy
    Starring: Mickey Rooney, Donna Reed, Van Johnson & Frank Morgan

Homer Macauley remains in a small town looking after his widowed mother and younger brother. Homer's older brother is fighting the war in Europe.

Human Desire
    Starring: Glenn Ford, Gloria Grahame & Broderick Crawford

Engineer Jeff, returning from Korea, falls in Love to his co-worker Carl's wife Vicky, who both committed a murder. Naturally Carl gets jealous but can't say a thing because Jeff knows a little bit about the case.

The Human Target (Un-aired TV Pilot)
    Starring: Rick Springfield

A Vietnam vet named Chance sets up a unique service for people who feel their lives are threatened. For a fee, the client goes into hiding while the Human Target impersonates him, hoping to draw the killers out.

The Hunters
    Starring: Robert Mitchum, May Britt & Richard Egan

Two Air Force pilots in South Korea learn the rules of love and war from their commanding officer. One of the first films to portray a more realistic picture of war and flying. Featuring some excellent flying sequences with F-86 Sabre jets, as well!!

The Hunting Party
    Starring: Oliver Reed, Gene Hackman & Candice Bergen

The rich and ruthless rancher Brandt Ruger keeps his beautiful young wife Melissa like a part of his property, subdued to his will. But one day she's kidnapped by the famous outlaw Frank Calder - just to teach him reading, so he tells her. Calder doesn't know or care who's wife she is. He takes care of her well, and eventually Melissa falls in love with him. But Ruger feels humiliated. Full of hate, he sets out to kill him - and Melissa too, if necessary. Together with his friends and the newest technology in guns, which carry 800 yards, he initiates a battue on Calder and his gang.

    Starring: Lee Remick, Jill Claybaugh & Alex Rocco

Based on Gail Sheey's book, this film chronicles how a reporter for a New York City magazine decided to investigate the city's prostitution industry to find out just who was making all the money. What she found out caused a firestorm of controversy that many of the city's richest and most powerful families and corporations benefited directly and indirectly from the illegal sex business.

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