Movie List: M

M.A.N.T.I.S.: The TV Pilot Movie
    Starring: Carl Lumbly, Bobby Hosea & Gina Torres

In this pilot feature for the short lived TV series, a brilliant, wheelchair-bound scientist invents a form of exo-skeleton called the Mechanically Augmented Neuro Transmitter System (M.A.N.T.I.S.) that turns him into a superhero and gives him the ability to fight the crime wave that is engulfing his city. 

The Mad Miss Manton
    Starring: Barbara Stanwyck & Henry Fonda

Madcap debutante Melsa Manton finds a body in a deserted house. Of course, the police don't believe her. Stung by Peter Ames's front page editorial decrying her "prank," Melsa enlists seven fellow debs to help her investigate. The wisecracking young ladies proceed to run circles around the police, the suspects, and the press.

Madame Bovary
    Starring: Jennifer Jones, Van Heflin & James Mason

French author Gustave Flaubert is on trial for writing the "indecent" novel "Madame Bovary." To prove that he wrote a moral tale, Flaubert narrates the story of beautiful Emma Bovary, an adulteress who destroyed the lives of everyone she came in contact with. 

Madison Avenue
       Starring: Dana Andrews, Jeanne Crain & Eleanor Parker

Ad-man, Clint Lorimer is fired from his job working for a big ad agency, and he is determined to prove himself better than his former bosses. He has two romantic liaisons, one with Peggy Shannon and another with Anne Temaine. Anne works as the advertising agent for a milk company run by a weirdo exec  who plays with toy airplanes in his office, but as time passes he becomes Machiavellian and ego-maniacal. Anne herself changes from a frump to a tough and glossy businesswoman, perhaps making Clint's choice of a future bride easier.

Mafia Princess
    Starring: Susan Lucci & Tony Curtis

Based on the story of Antoinette Giancana, Susan Lucci plays a mobster's daughter who is trying to learn the truth of her father's shady dealings in this made-for-TV movie. Tony Curtis plays the boss, Sam Giancana.

The Magic of Lassie
     Starring: Jimmy Stewart, Alice Faye, Mickey Rooney,
                    Pernell Roberts & Stephanie Zimbalist

Lassie is legally wrested from freckled-faced her freckeled faced owner by an evil land barron, who hopes that the kid's grandpa will sell his valuable vineyards to "ransom" the dog. His' scheme falls through, and Lassie makes her getaway, embarking upon a grueling trek to be reunited with her young master. Musical numbers dot the way for Lassie to make it home.

The Magnificent Dope
    Starring: Henry Fonda, Don Ameche & Lynn Bari

Dwight Dawson, who runs an unsuccessful success school, stages a contest to find the biggest failure in the USA, for publicity value when the "dope" takes his course. But winner Tad Page is contented with his idle, lazy life and threatens to convert Dawson's other students to his philosophy. Dawson capitalizes on Tad's attraction to Claire Harris to win him over; but will Tad find out Claire is really engaged to Dawson?

Maid’s Night Out
    Starring: Joan Fontaine, Allan Lane & Hedda Hopper

A millionaire's son works as a milkman for a month to win a bet with his father. While delivering milk he falls in love with a young debutante whom he mistakes for a maid.

Make Your Own Bed
    Starring: Jane Wyman, Jack Carson & Alan Hale

Walter and Vivian live in the country and have a difficult time keeping servants. Walter hires an private detective who has been fired for arresting the District Attorney. They only way that Walter can get Jerry to work for him is to tell Jerry that his life is in danger; the neighbor is trying to take his wife; and that Nazi spies are everywhere. Jerry needs a cook for his 'cover' so he gets his fiancée Susan to work with him. To keep Jerry working, Walter sends the threatening letters to himself and hires actors to play the spies. It soon becomes apparent that Susan cannot cook and Jerry could not find a spy if he tripped over him. 

    Starring: Jimmy Stewart, Spencer Tracy, Valentina Cortesa, John Hodiak
                  Gilbert Roland & John Barrymore

Newspaperman Royer convinces government officials of a plan to obtain rubber by stealing it out from under the Japanese. Carnahan is let out of prison to help. While taking out the last load Royer is killed and Carnahan, wounded, must finish the job.

The Male Animal
   Starring: Henry Fonda, Olivia De Havilland, Jack Carson & Joan Leslie

The trustees of Midwestern University have forced three teachers out of their jobs for being suspected communists. Trustee Ed Keller has also threatened mild mannered English Professor Tommy Turner, because he plans to read a controversial piece of prose in class. Tommy is upset that his wife Ellen also suggested he not read the passage. Meanwhile, Ellen's old boyfriend, the football player Joe Ferguson, comes to visit for the homecoming weekend. He takes Ellen out dancing after the football rally, causing Tommy to worry that he will lose her to Joe.

    Starring: Burt Reynolds, Lauren Hutton & Cliff Robertson

Ex-CIA hit-man running from his past (Malone) finds just how difficult it is to retire when he runs across a small town controlled by mercenaries and a family that's resisting their control. 

The Man
    Starring: Audie Murphy & Thelma Ritter

A psychological thriller made for TV movie as part of the old Ford Startime Theater..A truly rare gem & a must for any Audie Murphy Fan!!!

The Man From Colorado
    Starring: Glenn Ford, William Holden & Eileen Drew

Two friends return home after their discharge from the army after the Civil War. However, one of them has had deep-rooted psychological damage due to his experiences during the war, and as his behavior becomes more erratic--and violent--his friend desperately tries to find a way to help him.

The Man From Left Field
    Starring: Burt Reynolds, Reba McEntire & Joe Theismann

After taking a job managing a little league team, a homeless man inspires the kids to reach for it all and they inspire him to reclaim his life.

Man in the Attic
    Starring: Jack Palance, Constance Smith & Francis Baever

London, 1888: on the night of the third Jack the Ripper killing, soft-spoken Mr. Slade, a research pathologist, takes lodgings with the Harleys, including a gloomy attic room for "experiments." Mrs. Harley finds Slade odd and increasingly suspects the worst; her niece Lily (star of a decidedly Parisian stage revue) finds him interesting and increasingly attractive. Is Lily in danger, or are her mother's suspicions merely a red herring? 

Man of Conquest
    Starring: Joan Fontaine & Richard Dix

This solid and impressive biography of Sam Houston reveals a slice of American History that is rarely investigated, the presidency of Andrew Jackson, the US government's treatment of the Cherokee tribe, and the annexation of Texas. It's all fascinating and quite well done. 

Man on a Tightrope
    Starring: Fredric March, Gloria Grahame, Adolphe Menjou,
                   Cameron Mitchell & Terry Moore

An eastern European circus troop, must battle communist forces & themselves, on the way to freedom. 

The Man Who Found Himself
    Starring: Joan Fontaine, John Beale & Phillip Houston

Joan Fontaine’s 1st feature film!!! Young Jim Stanton is a conscientious surgeon, but spends too many off-duty hours pursuing his passion for aviation to suit his stuffy father. When it is discovered that a passenger killed in a plane that Jim crashes was a married woman, the resulting scandal prompts the hospital to put Jim on probation. His pride wounded, Jim takes to the open road and enjoys the simpler life of a vagabond. In Los Angeles--where he is arrested for vagrancy and put to work on a road crew--Jim runs into old pal Dick Miller, who gets him a job as a mechanic for Roberts Aviation. But maintaining his anonymity becomes more difficult, particularly when a pretty nurse, Doris King, decides to make Jim's redemption her personal crusade. 

The Man Who Hated Laughter

This animated feature was originally aired in 1972 as part of ABC’s Saturday Superstar Movie. The story tells the tale of an evil man, Professor Morbid Grimsby, and his assistant Brutus, who use an evil computer to devise a plan to kidnap all the Sunady comics characters published by Kings Syndicate: Popeye, Olive Oil, Dagwood & Blondie, The Katzenjammer Kids, Snuffy Smith, Beetle Bailey & Sarge, Hi & Lois, & The Little King, and hold them captive on a secret island so they could no longer make people laugh. The comics are tricked into taking a vacation aboard Grimsby's yacht, The S.S. Hilarious. With the world free of laughter, The White House calls upon the adventure characters: The Phantom, Mandrake, Lothar, Flash Gordon, Prince Valiant, Tim Tyler & Steve Canyon to rescue the missing funnies. An enjoyable fim for the entire family.

The Man Who Understood Women
    Starring: Henry Fonda & Leslie Caron

A Hollywood producer turns his wife into a sex symbol, but ignores her emotional needs until she takes a lover.

Man Without a Star
    Starring: Kirk Douglas, Jeanne Crain, Claire Trevor,
                   Richard Boone & William Campbell

Dempsey Rae, a cowboy with no clear aim in life, winds up working on a spread with a hard lady owner just arrived from the East. She needs a tough new top hand and uses all her means of persuasion to get Rae to take the job. But he doesn't like the way the other settlers are getting treated and starts to side with them, despite their introduction of the barbed wire he loathes.

Mandrake the Magician (12 Episodes-Serial)
    Starring: Warren Hull & Doris Weston

Based on the popular Sunday comics strip, Mandrake the Magician, springs to life to stop the evil Wasp, from obtaining a stolen radium energy machine and turning it on the government.

    Starring: Gloria Swanson & Tom Moore

Gloria, the shop girl, attempts to enter high society, only to discover that high society men want only one thing.

    Starring: Edward G Robinson, Marlene Dietrich, George Raft, Alan Hale
                   Eve Arden & Ward Bond

Hank McHenry and Johnny Marshall work on a road crew for the power company. In a freak accident Hank is injured and is promoted to foreman of the gang. One night Hank and Johnny meet Fay Duval in a clip joint, but tensions start to show in the road crew as rivally between Hank and Johnny increases.

    Starring: Clara Bow, Ernest Torrence & Percy Marmont

Clara Bow is amazing - funny, sexy, completely liberated - she is a free spirit, having sex with whomever she wants to. Her two choices are a little dull though - country bumpkin Ernest Torrence or city lawyer Percy Marmont.

Many Rivers to Cross
    Starring: Robert Taylor, Elanor Parker & James Arness

An 18th century trapper Bushrod Gentry, who is himself entrapped into marriage by the spunky Mary Stuart Cherne. Escaping his marital responsibilities (which were impressed upon him on threat of death), Gentry heads into the North Country, with Mary in hot pursuit.

Mare Winningham – Lonesomers   Only $15.95

The 2nd offering from Mare Winningham is even more fetching than her first album. Mare's voice is beautiful, and her music and lyrics are at once catchy and poetic...heart-felt and giddy. Her guitar playing is right on track with her dulcimer playing. Both are fantastic. Her writing ability is simple and yet somehow complex at the same time. This album sits on many Top 10 lists of folk music released in the 90’s. Do not miss the chance of adding this "too well hidden gem" to your CD collection today!

Track Listing:

Miles / The Last Time/ This Tower Leave it Alone / Are You Smiling / Lonesomers
Silver Bullets / Quietly Tonight / Wake Up / World That I Love / It’s So Hard

Mare Winningham- What Might Be    Only $15.95

It wasn’t a huge shock that Mare Winningham had talent. She made her debut on The Gong Show when she was only 14, and won enough money to go to Acting Camp that summer. She became an extremely accomplished actress, having been in numerous smash hit movies ( St.Elmo’s Fire, Turner & Hooch, & Georgia to name only a few ), Been nominated for an Oscar, Winning an Emmy, and many other awards, but when she signed a recording contract and released her 1st folk album to huge critical acclaim, the public began to notice her for her musical talents as well. It turned out that she was a very talented songwtriter, arranger and singer. The company that released this album, Bay Cities, has long since closed their doors, forcing this album into an out of print status, but we now offer it to you….Enjoy!!

Take My Word For It / Train Song / That Night / Einstien
He’s Coming / Where Are You Come Get Me / Camera
What Might Be / Well It’s Gone / If I Wanted
What’s In Store / Far Away From Me

Mary Of Scotland
    Starring: Katharine Hepburn, Fredric March & John Carradine

Mary Stuart returns to Scotland to rule as queen, to the chagrin of Elizabeth I of England who finds her a dangerous rival. There is much ado over whom Mary shall marry; to her later regret, she picks effete Lord Darnley over the strong but unpopular Earl of Bothwell. A palace coup leads to civil war and house arrest for Mary; she escapes and flees to England, where a worse fate awaits her.

    Starring: John Payne, Walter Brennan & Brenda Joyce

When a widow, tormented by the hunting death of her husband, she forbids her son to have anything to do with horses. But when her son falls for the daughter of his father's trainer, he defies his mother by entering the annual Maryland Hunt.

Mask of The Avenger
    Starring: John Derek, Anthony Quinn, Jody Lawrance
                  & Arnold Moss

When his father is murdered, an Italian nobleman becomes a masked outlaw to avenge the crime. Along the way he endeavors to save a small village from its tyrant ruler, who happens to be the man who killed his father.

    Starring: Roger Daltrey, Adam Faith & Cheryl Campbell

John McVicar was a London Bad Boy. he graduated to armed bank robbery and was Britain's "Public Enemy No. 1". He was captured and put into a high security prison. Will even the highest security prison be able to hold him ? This is the true story of his life, his criminal exploits and his eventual rehabilitation.

Mean Dog Blues
    Starring: Greg Henry, George Kennedy, Kay Lenz & Tina Louise

When his friend injures a little girl in a small southern town while driving drunk, country singer Paul agrees to state in court he had been driving. But his lawyer betrays him, and he ends up in a prison farm, sentenced to 5 years. Prison turns out as living hell, when Paul not only has to work hard in the heat of the day, but the sadistic foreman uses his prisoners to train his fighting dogs, who he loves more than anyone else. And there seems to be no chance of getting away.

The Meanest Man in the World
    Starring: Jack Benny, Eddie "Rochester" Anderson, Tor Johnson
                   & Priscilla Lane

Compassionate small-town lawyer Richard Clarke moves to New York City to seek his fortune, but is unsuccessful until he takes a friend's advice and tries to convince the world he's a ruthless heel. Suddenly he's the most popular lawyer in town -- but he could lose his fiancée.

The Medicine Man
    Starring: Jack Benny & Betty Bronson

In this early Benny movie, he's a "Medicine Man" who comes into a small town with enormous fanfare, peddling his all-purpose "health tonic," in his wake, a long trail of empty wallets and broken hearts lay strewn.

    Starring: Mark Lester & Tracy Hyde

Two ten year olds declare to their parents that they want to get married. Not sometime in the future but as soon as possible. The story is told from the children's point of view.

The Mephisto Waltz
    Starring: Alan Alda, Jacqueline Bisset, Bradford Dillman & Curd Jergens

Alan Alda plays a classical piano player on the rise who befriends a famous player himself who's at death's door. Unknown to Alda, the guy is a satanist, who arranges to have thier souls switch places at his death, so that he can be young again and continue to play piano (thus needing a skilled piano player like Alda to switch bodies with).

Merry Andrew
    Starring: Danny Kaye & Pier Angeli

A downtrodden but creative English school-teacher on archeological trip discovers joys of love and circus life with a beautiful acrobat.

* Please note that the closing credits are missing

Message From Space
    Starring: Vic Morrow, Sonny Chiba & Peggy Lee Brennan

A masterful piece of Cult Filmmaking ! In this Star Wars take-off, the peaceful planet of Jillucia has been nearly wiped out by the Gavanas, whose leader takes orders from his mother (played by comic actor Eisei Amamoto in drag) rather than the Emperor. King Kaiba sends out eight Liabe holy seeds, each to be received by a chosen one to defend the Gavanas. Each recipient, ranging from hardened General Garuda to Gavana Prince Hans to young Terrans Meia, Kido, and Aaron all have different reactions to being chosen.

Michael Nesmith – BBC Live Nov, 27, 1975 :
    Classics & Songs From The Prison Only $15.95

In late 1975, Michael Nesmith went on or very short promotional tour in England in support of his ground breaking ‘book with soundtrack’, The Prison. A live performance on Radio BBC 1, was inevitable. This historic performance is captured in its entirety on this CD. Performing some of his classics, along with selections from The Prison, & Michael’s insightful synopsis of that classic album, make this a fantastic find!

Track Listing:

Silver Moon / Some of Shelly’s Blues / Joanne / Dance Between the Raindrops
Marie’s Theme / Lamppost

Mike Nesmith & Friends -
    Dr. Duck’s Super Secret All Purpose Sauce Soundtrack 
Only $15.95

The stellar music from the hit video follow-up to ‘Elephant Parts’, is captured hear on this CD. Featuring performances from well-known artists, this soundtrack has never been offered before. Included are two Nesmith performances.

Track Listing:

1. They Never Met – Martin Mull
2. Little Bits & Pieces – Jim Stafford
3. La Vie Dansante – Jimmy Buffett 
4. I Don’t Know Why You Don’t Want Me – Rosanne Cash
5. I‘ve Got a Radio – Coyote Sisters
6. One-Ton Tomato – Michael Nesmith
7. Dr. Duck’s Super Secret All-Purpose Sauce – Michael Nesmith

Michael Nesmith – Live on Austin City Limits Only $15.95

In 1992, Michael made a rare TV appearance on Austin City Limits, and thrilled the crowd with a collection of classics & new tunes from his ‘Tropical Campfires’ album released earlier that year. It was one of the highest rated episodes of the long running series. Captured here, on CD,  is that performance in it’s entirety.

Track Listing:

Joanne  /  Laugh Kills Lonesome  /  Yellow Butterfly  /  Twilight on The Trail  /  Rio

Michael Nesmith Live on Austin City Limits – The Video

When the famed PBS television series opened up it’s19th season viewers were treated with an extremely rare performance, by none other than the legendary Michael Nesmith. As the former Monkee & Grammy winner made his way through hits & new material, the audience audience enjoyed the music as much as the whimsical banter. Included are the songs, Joanne, Rio, Laugh Kills Lonesome, Yellow Butterfly & Twilight on the Trail.
Michael Nesmith – The Radio Interviews Only $15.95

This CD features 2 great, lengthy, in-depth interviews of Michael discussing his work with The Monkees, his solo recordings, his best- selling book:‘The Long Sandy Hair of Neftoon Zamora’, his personal beliefs & many other topics. Peppered along the way are songs from his brilliant, legendary career. As any fan knows, a Nesmith interview, truly is a rare event. The recordings of these interviews are among the most sought after by his fans & collectors alike.

Track Listing:

1. The Greg Brandmeier Show Interview
2. The World Café’ Radio Show Interview

Micky Dolenz – Broadway Micky Only $15.95

This long lost album is chocked full of Broadway & Hollywood show tunes performed by the legendary Monkee.

Track Listing:

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious /  Talk to The Animals / Somewhere Out There
Put on a Happy Face / You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile
Never Ending Story / My Favorite Things / Ease on Down The Road
I Whistle a happy Tune / Chim Chim Cher-ee / Me & My Arrow
When You Wish Upon a Star

Micky Dolenz – Demoiselle Only $15.95

An extremely rare & out of print album featuring demos of Micky’s song catalog. As the writer & composer of these songs, Micky brings a certain passion to each track. It’s also a treat to hear these songs in there original form, before they were polished up and re-recorded. Many of these songs eventually found there way onto albums by both Dolenz as a soloist & The Monkees ‘Justus’ album. Also included is a rare live performance of a Dolenz concert staple, ‘ Since I Fell for You’

Track Listing:

It’s The Season / Never Enough / Dying of a Broken Heart / Regional Girl / Not That Bad
Lonely Weekends / Piston Power / Beverly Hills / Since I Fell For You

Micky Dolenz – Micky Dolenz Puts You to Sleep Only $15.95

The legendary Monkee takes a turn at performing some the most beloved & enduring lullabies & peaceful songs in contemporary music. A rare & long out of print album.

Track Listing:

Pillow Time / Dream a Little Dream / Beautiful Boy / Blackbird / Lullaby to Tim /
Fool on The Hill / Good Night / St. Judy’s Comet  / The Moonbeam Song / Remember Sugar Mountain / The Porpoise Song

Midnight Lace
    Starring: Doris Day, Rex Harrison, Myrna Loy & John Gavin

Kit and Anthony Preston never had a real honeymoon and the midnight lace pajamas are for when they can finally get out of London. Anthony's business is very pressing these days. Then Kit is frightened one day in a London fog by a voice behind a statue. Next the telephone calls start. Then there is a new man on the block, the architect of a building going up next to the Prestons' vintage apartment. That vintage building has the kind of curving stairwell and cage-type elevator that Hitchcock and other suspense masters have loved. Could Kit merely have an overactive imagination?

Midnight Mary
    Starring: Loretta Young, Franchot Tone & Ricardo Cortez

A good girl led astray, Mary endeavors to save the life of her boyfriend Tom by killing the aptly named Leo the Rat. As her case is heard in court, the clerk goes over Mary's record, and at this point the flashbacks begin, stretching all the way back to her days as an unwanted orphan. One bad break leads to another, and by the time she reaches adulthood Mary is mixed up with a gang of crooked gamblers. For the sake of Tom, a well-connected socialite who loves her unquestioningly, Mary tries to go straight, but her past, and the ill-fated Leo the Rat, catch up with her. No.

Mighty Heroes – The Complete Series 

When the great city of Good Haven is threatened by a wide assortment of super-villians, they shoot up the fireworks to summon the Mighty Heroes: Strong Man, Tornado Man, Cuckoo Man, Rope Man & Diaper Man. This group of stumble bum heroes go out to confront the menace at hand, and with a great deal of difficulty, usually carry the day. Includes all 20 episodes + a bonus episode of Mighty Mouse featuring The Mighty Heroes.

The Milky Way
    Starring: Harold Lloyd & Adolphe Menjou

Timid milkman, Burleigh Sullivan, somehow knocks out a boxing champ in a brawl. The fighter's manager decides to build up the milkman's reputation in a series of fixed fights and then have the champ beat him to regain his title.

Miracle Mile
    Starring: Mare Winningham & Anthony Edwards

A young man meets and falls in love with a young woman at the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles. This area is known as Miracle Mile, and the whole movie takes place there. They make a date, which he misses, and while he is searching for her, he accidentally finds out that we (the United States) are about to start a nuclear war with the Soviet Union. He frantically searches for her so that they can escape Los Angeles.

The Miracle Woman
    Starring: Barbara Stanwyck & David Manners

After Florence Fallon's father is fired from the church where he preached for many years, she becomes embittered and loses faith. She teams up with Horsby, a con man, and performs fake miracles for profit. But the love and trust of a blind man restores her faith in God and her fellow man.

Miracles For Sale
    Starring: Robert Young & Florence Rice

Mike Morgan creates the illusions that magicians use in their shows. While his business is Miracles for Sale, his hobby is exposing fake spiritualists. At the club, he is invited to attend the calling from the other world by Sabbatt, but Judy wants Mike to help her instead. Later that night, after spoiling an attempt on the life of Judy, and meeting Madame Rapport, Mike goes to Sabbatt's hotel only to find the doors chained from the inside and a strange voice speaking. Busting in, he finds Sabbatt strangled. While there seems to be no way for anyone from this world to commit the murder, it is only the first murder. Mike must find the how and why before Judy becomes the third and final victim.

Misfits of Science
    Starring: Courtney Cox, Mickey Jones, Diane Cary,
                  Dean Paul Martin  Kevin Peter Hall, Jennifer Holmes
                  & Leslie Easterbrook

Drs. Hayes and Lincoln are researchers in biological oddities for the Humanidyne Company. When they find a man still alive after being frozen for 50 years, their greedy boss fires them and takes the Iceman to use for military experiments. Left without jobs, Hayes and Lincoln decide to get a group of "freaks" (including a telekinetic 17-year-old and a rock guitarist who shoots lightning from his hands) together to rescue the Iceman and stop their boss' reckless experiments.

Missing Children: A Mother's Story
    Starring: Mare Winningham, Polly Holiday, Jane Wyatt,
                   Peter Scolari, Richard Dysart,  Scatman Crothers, & Kate Capshaw

A woman’s husband walks out on her and their three children shortly after WWII. With no where to turn for help taking care of her kids while she struggles to get on her feet to support them, she seeks help from a children’s rescue mission to temporarily take care of her children. The mission however, takes advantage of the fact that she is unable to read or write, and trick her into signing over the children for adoption. When a generous law firm offers her help, it is soon revealed that the mission is a front for a child selling ring, run by the judge overseeing her case.

Mission Over Korea
    Starring: John Derek, John Hodiak & Maureen O'Sullivan

It's war in the skies in this World War II action flick when three American pilots encounter three Korean pilots. But the Americans must first get beyond fighting amongst themselves.

Mister Buddwing
    Starring: Jean Simmons, James Garner, Katherine Ross,
                  Suzanne Plushette & Angela Landsbury

A well-dressed man wakes up on a bench in New York's Central Park, with no idea of who he is, or how he got there. All he can find in his pockets are a train schedule, a couple of drug capsules, and a piece of paper with a phone number on it. On his right hand: a ring with a cracked stone; engraved on the inside of the band is the inscription, "From G.V." Armed with these meager clues, the man, adopting the name "Buddwing" (inspired by a passing Budweiser beer truck and a plane flying overhead), sets out to learn his true identity. Along the way, he encounters three women who remind him in some way of someone named "Grace".

    Starring: Victoria Principal, Guy Boyd & Joanna Kerns

Rae Colton, had started off in life with so much promise, headed for the big lights of Hollywood. Instead of pursuing an acting career, she meets a married millionaire and becomes a "kept" woman. Rae stays with him for nine years, believing that he'll divorce his wife. In the meantime, he strung her along and discouraged her from pursuing a career, preferring instead to have her available at all times for his benefit. When her lover suddenly dies, Rae finds herself with no money, no house, and no car. She is forced to start all over again at the age of 38. Nobody will hire her for acting jobs, she gets fired from a department store job, and has no skills. Penniless and desperate, she goes back into the mistress business. Her dreams of fame, marriage and family are all gone now, and she feels like a deer that is hopelessly trapped.

The Model & The Marriage Broker
    Starring: Jeanne Crain, Thelma Ritter, Zero Mostel & Scott Brady

Marriage broker Mae Swasey, who somewhat cynically arranges her loser clients' affairs, meets model Kitty Bennett and can't resist meddling in her life, by disentangling her from a married man and fixing her up with a nice radiologist. Of course things go wrong.

Modern Love
    Starring: Burt Reynolds, Robby Benson, Karla DeVito,
                  Rue McClanahan, Louise Lasser & Frankie Valli

A young man, in search of the perfect romance, falls for his beautiful urologist . They fall in love and are soon married. That’s when the troubles start. Between the In-laws, the children that follow, and the wacky problems that arise, they begin to wonder if they have made the right choices.

Modesty Blaise
    Starring: Dirk Bogarde & Monica Vitti

Modesty Blaise, a secret agent whose hair color, hair style, and mod clothing change at a snap of her fingers is being used by the British government as a decoy in an effort to thwart a diamond heist. She is being set up by the feds but is wise to the plot and calls in sidekick Willie Garvin and a few other friends to outsmart them. Meanwhile, at his island hideaway, Gabriel, the diamond thief has his own plans for Blaise and Garvin. Based on the popular comic book.

Money from Home
    Starring: Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis & Sheldon Leonard

A down-and-out gambler is given the unsavory task of fixing an important steeplechase to pay off his debts. But nothing can ever be easy for Martin & Lewis.

The Money Trap
    Starring: Glenn Ford, Elke Sommer, Rita Hayworth
                   & Joseph Cotton

Joe Barron is a police detective whose wife Lisa has inherited a stock portfolio from her father. Joe and Lisa go on a spending spree, but when their new holdings fail to pay dividends, Joe finds himself deep in debt. Dr. Horace Van Tilden, a rich doctor who caters to high-society clientele, shoots an intruder in his home, and Joe is assigned to investigate; Joe discovers that Van Tilden has a lucrative sideline selling drugs, and that the shooting victim was actually an addict looking for dope. When Joe learns that Van Tilden keeps his drug money in a safe at home, he sees a way to finally pay off his debts, but his partner, Pete Delanos, gets wind of Joe's scheme and demands a cut of the action. Matters become more complicated for Joe when he learns that the man Van Tilden shot was married to Rosalie, whom he loved many years ago.

The Monkees - 33 & 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee Soundtrack   Only $15.95

The entire musical score to the ill-fated 1969 TV special featuring songs never released on any album by The Monkees…also featured are performances by The Trinity, Fats Domino, Little Richard,
Jerry Lee Lewis, The Clara Ward Singers, The Buddy Miles Express, and a full- blown all- star jam at the end.

Track Listing:

Who Are You? - The Monkees & The Trinity
Wind Up Man – The Monkees
Darwin – The Monkees, The Trinity, Little Richard, Fats Domino & Jerry Lee Lewis
Awake – The Buddy Miles Express
I Go Ape – The Monkees
Don’t It Feel Good? – The Trinity
Solo Spotlight Medley- The Monkees
        I’m A Believer – Micky Dolenz & The Trinity / Prithee – Peter Tork
        Naked Persimmon – Michael Nesmith / Goldilocks Sometimes – Davy Jones
50’s Doo Wop Medley –
    The Monkees, Fats Domino, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis & The Clara Ward Singers
        At The Hop – The Monkees / I’m Ready – Fats Domino
        Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On – Jerry Lee Lewis
        Tutti Fruiti – Little Richard
        Shake A Tail Feather – The Monkees & The Clara Ward Singers
        Blue Monday – Fats Domino / Little Darling – The Monkees
        Long Tall Sally – Little Richard  / Cruise on Down The Line – Jerry Lee Lewis
        Them Bones – The Clara Ward Singers
A String For My Kite- The Monkees
Bach’s Toccata in D – The Monkees
Listen To The Band Jam – The Monkees & Everyone
California Here It Comes – The Monkees

The Monkees – A Bunch of Bananas

This is a collection of EXTREMELY RARE unreleased tracks, demos & performances by The Monkees, both as a group, and as soloists. Pre- Monkees & Post- Monkees, it’s all here. Bonus tracks feature performances by longtime Monkees songwriters, Boyce & Hart, along with interviews and promos spots featuring members of The Monkees. Due the nature & age of these rare recordings, some of the sound quality on certain tracks will differ, but these tracks are a must have for any fan of The Monkees. Enjoy!

Volume 1:

Girl ( Original Version ) – Davy Jones  /  Love Light – Micky Dolnez
Dr. Duck’s Super Secret All-Purpose Sauce – Michael Nesmith
Pleasant Valley Sunday ( Live TV Performance )– Peter Tork & The New Monks
Big Ben – The Missing Links feat. Micky Dolenz  /  Hanging By a Thread – Davy Jones
Daybreak – Micky Dolenz  /  A Journey with Michael Blessing – Michael Nesmith
Alicia – Micky Dolenz  /  Can She Do It Like She Dances – Davy Jones
Sea Change (Live TV Performance) – Peter Tork 
I Told You I Loved You – The Missing Links feat. Micky Dolenz (Gordy Clark on Lead)
Until It’s Time For You to Go – Michael Nesmith
Do it Now ( 80s Anti-Drug Spot )–Peter Tork
Together ( Live TV Performance ) – Davy Jones
You Can’t Tie a Mustang Down – The Monkees /  The New Recruit – Michael Nesmith
To Be or Not to Be – Micky Dolenz  /  Free – Davy Jones
Pastures of Plenty ( Live TV Performance ) – Michael Nesmith
In My Community ( Early Rough Acetate Demo ) – Michael Nesmith
Christmas is My Time of Year – The Monkees ( Micky, Davy & Peter )
Oh Little Town of Bethlehem – Micky Dolenz

Bonus Tracks:
Japanese Radio Head Promo Spot - Monkees
Love Every Day – Boyce & Hart  /  Goodbye Baby Goodbye – Boyce & Hart

Volume 2 :

Huff  Puff – Micky Dolenz  /  Ceiling in My Room – The Monkees
Curson Terrace – Michael Nesmith  /  Rainbows – Davy Jones
Love War - Micky Dolenz  /  I Truly Understand – Peter Tork
Alone Again Naturally ( Live TV Performance ) – Davy Jones
Don’t Do It – Micky Dolenz  /  If I Learned to Play the Violin – The Monkees
Just a Little Love – Michael Nesmith  /  I Can Make You Happy – Davy Jones
The Purple People Eater – Micky Dolenz  /  Girl ( Grunge Version ) – Davy Jones
You Don’t Have to Be a Country Boy to Sing a Country Song  - Davy Jones
Plastic Symphony 3 – The Missing Links feat. Micky Dolenz
Consider Yourself ( Live TV Performance ) – Davy Jones  /  Look at Me – Davy Jones
What Seems to Be the Trouble Officer – Michael Nesmith
Japanese Suit Radio Spot – Ringo Starr, Nilson & Davy Jones
I’ll Love You Forever ( Demo ) – Davy Jones
Merry Go Round ( Early Rough Acetate Demo ) – Peter Tork
I Remember Christmas ( Live TV Performance ) – Peter Tork
1986 MTV Christmas Party Medley – The Monkees ( Micky, Davy & Peter )

Bonus Tracks :

1967 Short BBC Interview with Davy Jones
Alice Along – Boyce & Hart  /  The Ambushers – Boyce & Hart
Out & About – Boyce & Hart / I’ll Blow You a Kiss in The Wind – Boyce & Hart
The Monkees Theme ( Early Rough Acetate Demo ) – Boyce & Hart

Volume 3:

Mr. Wong – Davy Jones  /  Smoke, Smoke, Smoke – Michael Nesmith
Johnny B. Goode – Micky Dolenz  /  Seeger’s Theme #2 – Peter Tork
January – Michael Nesmith (Unreleased New Age Instrumental)
In The Still of The Night – Davy Jones w/ Jan & Dean (Unreleased 45)
Tear The Top Right Off My Head - Monkees w/ Micky Lead Vocal (Rough Aceteate Demo)
Joanne – Michael Nesmith (Rare Live Performance on American Bandstand)
If I Ever Get to Saginaw Again – Monkees w/ Davy Lead Vocal (Rough Acetate Demo)
Do it Now #2 – Peter Tork ( 80s Anti-Drug Spot )
I’d Do Anything – Davy Jones & Company of Oliver (Live TV Performance)
Long Black Veil – Michael Nesmith (Live Performance)
You’re a Lady – Davy Jones (Rare Japan 45 w/ Davy Singing in Japanese)
Silver Moon – Michael Nesmith (Alternate Mix Outtake)
Some of Shelly’s Blues –Michael Nesmith (Live Performance on Later w/ Greg Kinnear)
Who Was It – Davy Jones  / Long Title Instrumental – Peter Tork (Rough Acetate Demo)
I’m a Man About Town – Davy Jones (From Soundtrack of Oliver Twist The Cartoon)
Rose City Chimes – Michael Nesmith (Rare B-Side)

Bonus Tracks:

L.U.V. (Let Us Vote) - Boyce & Hart  /  Coca Cola Theme – Boyce & Hart

Volume 4:

Rubberene- Davy Jones  /  Tomorrow – Micky Dolenz
Contata & Fuge  in C&W – Michael Nesmith
Hi Hi Babe ( Live TV Performance) – Peter Tork  /  Laurel & Hardy – Davy Jones
A Lover’s Prayer – Micky Dolenz
She (Live TV Performance) – The Monkees ( Davy Micky & Peter )
I’m a Poor, Poor Man – Davy Jones  /  One Rose ( Live ) – Michael Nesmith
Best Friend – Brandon Cruz & Micky Dolenz
A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You ( Live TV Performance ) – Davy Jones
Girl ( Star Spangled Version w/ Alternate Lyrics ) – Davy Jones
Pleasant Valley Sunday ( Studio Version ) – Peter Tork & The New Monks
Judy Get Down ( Rough Acetate )– Jacko & Davy Jones
I Hate Rock & Roll ( Live Performance ) – Micky Dolenz & The One Nighters
Wynken, Blynken & Nod ( Rough Acetate of Live TV Performance ) – Michael Nesmith
How Do You Know – Davy Jones  /  Buddy Holly Medley – Micky Dolenz
Unattended in The Dungeon – Micky Dolenz
Since You Went Away (Acoustic Demo) – Peter Tork  /  Morning Light – Micky Dolenz
Oh Nicole ( From The TV Show: My Two Dads ) – Davy Jones

Oh Someone Mix #1 ( Demo ) – Micky Dolenz
You Can Count on Me (From The TV Show: My Two Dads)–Davy Jones & Greg Evigan
Good Lovin’ ( Closing Theme from an Episode of Boy Meets World ) – Micky Dolenz
It’s Now ( Live Performance ) – Davy Jones

Bonus Tracks:

I Remember The Feeling ( Live at Disneyland ) – Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart
I’ll Remember Carol – Boyce & Hart

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The Monkees – Extended Versions: The Encore Collection 
    Only $15.95

A rare collection of extended live tracks featuring some of the greatest Monkees hits along with some rarely performed nuggets from their extensive catalog. Taken from various encores performed on their 1996 world tour with Micky, Davy & Peter.

Track Listing:

Last Train to Clarksville / Daydream Believer / I’m a Believer / Mary Mary
I’m Not Your Steppin’ Stone / Look Out Here Comes Tomorrow
Can You Dog It ( Peter on Lead ) / Goin’ Down / It’s Nice to Be With You
No Time

The Monkees : Micky, Davy & Peter – Live 86 Only $15.95

Recorded on their mammoth 1986 Reunion Tour, this collection of classic Monkee live tracks is a Monkee-Maniac’s dream.

Track Listing:

Last Train to Clarksville / A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You / I’m Not Your Steppin Stone
Cuddly Toy / Goin’ Down / Pleasant Valley Sunday / I Wanna Be Free
Your Auntie Grizelda / She / For Pete’s Sake ( Peter on Lead )
That Was Then, This is Now / Shades of Grey ( Peter on Lead )
Look Out Here Comes Tomorrow / No Time / Daydream Believer / Listen to The Band Randy Scouse Git / I’ll Love You Forever / MGBGT / Valleri / I’m a Believer / Theme From The Monkees

* Please note that the ‘skipping’ on the 1st track was an intentional part of the show

Montana Moon
    Starring: Joan Crawford & Johnny Mack Brown

While returning to Montana from a fling in New York, wealthy Joan Prescott leaves the train, intending to return to the big city. She runs into handsome cowboy Larry and gets engaged. On their wedding night she does a sultry dance with Jeff, which ends with a prolonged kiss. Larry slugs Jeff. Angry Joan entrains for New York, but train robbers kidnap her. The leader of the pretend-bandits is Larry.

Moon Over Miami
    Starring: Don Ameche, Betty Grable, Robert Cummings,
                   Carol Landis & Charlotte Greenwood

Kay, Barbara and Susan Latimer come into a small legacy when they expected a large one, then abandon the Texas greasy-spoon where they work to hunt in Miami for rich husbands, said to be plentiful there. Barbara and Susan posing as the secretary and maid of "wealthy" Kay, they check into a posh hotel, and soon Kay is in the delightful predicament of being pursued by two handsome, wealthy bachelors at once. But Musical Comedy Complications arise. Much singing and dancing including the number "You Started Something".

More Than A Miracle
    Starring: Sophia Loren & Omar Sharif

A wonderful fairy tale of the misadventures of a beautiful but temperamental Neapolitan peasant, Isabella, when she meets the ill- tempered Spanish Prince Rodrigo Ferrante y Davalos. The King of Spain has ordered Rodrigo to choose a wife among seven Italian Princesses, but he is smitten by the lowly peasant. With the help of both witches and saints, Isabella conquers the heart of her Prince after many amusing events--including an outrageous dishwashing contest of the peasant against the Princesses.

    Starring: Marlon Brando, Yul Brynner, Janet Margolin
                  & Trevor Howard

A German living in India during World War II is blackmailed by the English to impersonate an SS officer on board a cargo ship leaving Japan for Germany carrying a large supply of rubber for tires. His mission is to disable the scuttling charges so the Captain cannot sink the ship if, they are stopped by English warships.

The Morning After
    Starring: Dick Van Dyke, Lynn Carlin, Linda Lavin, Don Porter

A successful public relations man's refusal to admit his alcoholism jeopardizes his career, his family and his life.

Morning Glory
    Starring: Katharine Hepburn, Douglas Fairbanks Jr. & Adolphe Menjou

Eva Lovelace, would-be actress trying to crash the New York stage, is a wildly optimistic chatterbox full of theatrical mannerisms. Her looks, more than her talent, attract the interest of a paternal actor, a philandering producer, and an earnest playwright. Is she destined for stardom or the "casting couch"? Will she fade after the brief blooming of a "Morning Glory"?

The Mortal Storm
    Starring: Jimmy Stewart, Margaret Sullavan, Robert Young, Frank Morgan,
                  Robert Stack, Irene Rich & Dan Dailey

University professor Victor Roth leads a contented life with family and friends in the south German Alps of 1933. This changes quickly and dramatically once Adolf Hitler comes to power. Most of the town embraces the new creed while a few friends such as Martin Breitner do not. Victor himself is "non-Aryan" and his two step-sons soon leave his house, while his loyal daughter Freya breaks her engagement from Nazi-inclined Fritz. Against increasing difficulties an attachment between Freya and Martin starts to grow.

Mother is a Freshman
    Starring: Loretta Young, Van Johnson & Rudy Valle

Widow Abby Abbott is having serious money problems and has to dip into the family trust in order to pay for her daughter Susan's college tuition. The catch: Abby must also become a co-ed or she can't touch the money. After passing her entrance exams, Abby goes to college and becomes very popular, especially with a handsome English professor whom Susan has a crush on.

Mother Wore Tights
    Starring: Betty Grable & Dan Dailey
       Narrated By: Anne Baxter

 In this chronicle of a vaudeville family, Myrtle McKinley (class of 1900) goes to San Francisco to attend business school, but ends up in a chorus line. Soon, star Frank Burt notices her talent, hires her for a "two-act", then marries her. Incidents of the marriage and the growing pains of eldest daughter Miriam are followed, interspersed with nostalgic musical numbers.

The Mountain Road
    Starring: Jimmy Stewart & Harry Morgan

This film portrays the lives of a US Army engineer squad in China during WW II. Their mission is to delay the advance of the Japanese Army. They must blow up bridges and ammo dumps along a long mountain road while dealing with a never ending line of Chinese refugees. James Stewart finds love with a beautiful Chinese widow. He must deal with his personal feelings toward a woman, a foreign people and the challenges of command.

Mourning Becomes Electra
    Starring: Kirk Douglas & Rosalind Russell

Eugene O'Neill's updated version of the Orestaia. In New England, after the American Civil War, a war-weary Agamem--er, Ezra Mannon comes home to his unhappy wife (Christine) and loving daughter (Lavinia). But Lavinia's ex-suitor, Adam Brant, has become Christine's lover, and together Adam and Christine plot to poison Ezra. When they succeed, Lavinia turns to her brother Orin to help bring the lovers to justice, but when they succeed, Orin goes mad and his suicide note may come between Lavinia and her new suitor, Peter Niles.

Moving Violation
    Starring: Kay Lenz, Stephen McHattie, Will Geer & Eddie Albert

Cam and Eddie have just witnessed a murder ... but there's no one they can tell .. because in this town the cops are the killers!

Mr. Belvedere Rings The Bell
    Starring: Clifton Webb, Joanne Dru & Zero Mostel

An urbane, sharp-tongued expert on how to stay young interrupts a lecturing tour to prove his theory at a dilapidated old people's home. To the despair of his agent and the alarm of the priest running it, he infiltrates the home by lying about his age and sets about lifting the occupants' spirits and making them feel young again.

Mr. Dodd Takes the Air
    Starring: Jane Wyman & Kenny Baker

Popular radio tenor Kenny Baker plays a naive country bumpkin who gets a chance to sing on radio and becomes a big hit, while falling for the station's secretary, Jane Wyman.

Mr. Ricco
    Starring: Dean Martin, Eugene Roche & Cindy Williams

Dean Martin had his final leading role in this obscure drama about a San Francisco lawyer defending a black militant on trial for murdering a cop. The one thing people hate more than a cop killer, is a lawyer who gets him off.

Mr. Terrific
     Starring: Alan Young

Stanley Beamish, the weakling clerk of a Washington shoe store, is also a top-secret super agent. The government recruits Stanley for the Super Hero Pill Project. When the Government's Bureau of Special Projects needs Stanley, he takes a pill that gives him an hour's worth of strength, courage and flying time. However, it doesn’t seem to go quite as planned. Mr. Terrific was picked up for the ’67 TV schedule, but in the series Alan Young was replaced by Stephen Strimpell, and Stanley then owned a gas station. This is the Un-Aired “pitch” pilot that was shopped around the networks in ’66.

Mrs. Sundance
    Starring: Elizabeth Montgomery & Robert Foxworth

The girlfriend of the Sundance Kid is on the run with a price on her head, when she hears rumors that the Sundance Kid may still be alive.

Muggable Mary: Street Cop
    Starring: Karen Valentine, John Getz & Vincent Gardenia

A great made-for-television flick!! Mary is a single mother with a disabled child who makes a living as a undercover cop catching johns, muggers, and rapists. A great made-for-television flick A largely forgotten classic!

Murder in Three Acts
    Starring: Peter Ustinov, Tony Curtis & Emma Samms

Hercule Poirot's assistant, Hastings, calls him down to Acapulco in Mexico where he can write his memoirs but Hastings drags him to a party populated with Hastings' new friends. There's Janet Crisp - the writer, Daisy Eastman and her daughter 'Egg', Ricardo Montoya, Dr. Strange, Miss Milray the housekeeper and Charles Cartwright the famous American actor. But at the party another guest - Rev. Babbington - dies from poisoning and when Dr. Strange also dies from poisoning, Poirot must swing into action before the serial killer strikes again.

Murder Inc.
       Starring: Stuart Whitman, May Britt & Peter Falk

Based on the true-life book of lawman Burton Turkus, this movie chronicles the rise and fall of the organized crime syndicate known as Murder, Incorporated. Focusing on powerful boss Lepke and violent hitman Reles

The Murder Man
    Starring: Jimmy Stewart & Spencer Tracy

Steve Grey, reporter for the Daily Star, has a habit of scooping all the other papers in town. When Henry Mander is investigated for the murder of his shady business partner, Grey is one step ahead of the police to the extent that he often dictates his story in advance of its actual occurrence. He leads the police through an 'open and shut' case resulting in Mander being tried, convicted and sentenced to death. Columnist Mary Shannon is in love with Steve but she sees him struggle greatly with his last story before Mander's execution. When she starts typing out the story from his recorded dictation, she realizes why.

Murder with Pictures
    Starring: Lew Ayres & Gail Patrick

Lew Ayers is a newspaperman who tries to scoop all others in his field. Gail Patrick as Meg is wonderful as a daughter out to avenge a wrong done to her father. This neat little suspense yarn is quite atmospheric, with courtroom dramatics, fast gunplay, and a tight little mystery that can only be solved by a picture photographed by one of the newspapermen present when a high-priced criminal lawyer falls over dead. Of course, the picture disappears. Did the killer take it? Only one way to find out!

Murderer’s Row
    Starring: Dean Martin, Ann Margret & Karl Malden

The handsome top agent Matt dies a tragic death in his bath tub - the women mourn about the loss. However it's just faked for his latest top-secret mission: He shall find Dr. Solaris, inventor of the Helium laser beam, powerful enough to destroy a whole continent. It seems Dr. Solaris has been kidnapped by a criminal organization. The trace leads to the Cote D'Azur.

Music for Madame
    Starring: Joan Fontaine, Jack Carson, Nino Martini & Alan Hale

A naive opera singer's desire to perform at the Hollywood Bowl plays into the hands of mobsters who want him as a front, while the crooks make off with a cache’ of diamonds.

Music for Millions
    Starring: June Allyson, Jimmy Durante & Margaret O'Brien

This is an unusual WW II film but it's quality all the way. June Allyson plays cello in Jose Iturbi's orchestra. She is pregnant and as the orchestra tours, her fellow girlfriend orchestra members try to keep the news from her that her husband is missing and reported lost. It's a real tear-jerker but one filled with hope. Margaret O'Brien is her usual earnest and precocious self as the star of the film, believing in just about everything good and in people foremost. Marsha Hunt (looking for all the world like a very young Rita Moreno) does a fine job heading the supporting cast of protective girlfriends.

Mustang Country
    Starring: Joel McCrea, Patrick Wayne, Robert Fuller
                  & Nika Mina

A rancher and former rodeo star comes across a runaway boy while he is hunting a wild stallion.

My Cousin Rachel
    Starring: Olivia de Havilland & Richard Burton

When Philip Ashley's much-loved (and rich) cousin Ambrose dies, he is convinced that Ambrose was murdered by his new wife Rachel to inherit his wealth. But when he meets Rachel and falls in love with her, he knows that his suspicions must have been unfounded. But were they, or is Rachel just trying to use Philip to get at the estate Ambrose left to him instead of to her? And will she murder him next?

My Dear Secretary
    Starring: Kirk Douglas, Laraine Day, Keenan Wynn
                   & Helen Walker

Owen Waterbury, best-selling novelist, recruits aspiring writer Stephanie 'Steve' Gaylord as his latest of many secretaries. The stars in her eyes fade when she finds she is to work in his apartment, with a constant parade of eccentric visitors and slapstick provided by klutzy roommate Ronnie. Moreover, Waterbury's idea of work looks a lot like play, his interest less in books than in blondes. She leaves; to get her back, he swallows his playboy principles and marries her. Can the leopard change his spots? Can Stephanie turn the tables?

My Dream is Yours
    Starring: Doris Day, Jack Carson, Adolphe Menjou & Eve Arden

Conceited singer Garry Mitchell refuses to renew his radio contract, so agent Doug Blake decides to find a new personality to replace Garry. In New York, he finds Martha Gibson, a single mother with a great voice. He arranges for her to move to Hollywood, but then has a problem trying to sell her to the show's sponsor. Doug tries every trick he can think of to make Martha a star, and as the two work more closely, he falls in love with her. Complicating matters further is when Martha meets and becomes attracted to Garry.

My Favorite Spy
    Starring: Hedy Lamarr & Bob Hope

Peanuts White, a burlesque comic, is recruited by U.S. agents to impersonate international spy Eric Augustine (whom White resembles) in a mission to purchase a million-dollar microfilm in mysterious, exotic Tangier. There, he encounters the irresistible Lily Dalbray, an "old friend" of Augustine who is now dealing with his arch-enemy, Brubaker. But where is the real Eric? Comedy thriller with slapstick climax.

My Favorite Spy
    Starring: Kay Kyser & Jane Wyman

In a comedy of errors, Kay Kyser is recruited by the army to help in espionage work. All the while, having to keep it a secret from his wife.

My Favorite Wife
    Starring: Cary Grant & Irene Dunn

Ellen Arden arrives 7 years after being given up for dead in a shipwreck, to find her husband Nick just remarried to Bianca. The overjoyed Nick awkwardly tries to break the news gently to Bianca. But before he can do that, an unpleasant surprise-news that Ellen has spent the 7 years on a deserted island with fellow-survivor Burkett. Nick's jealousy tries to find out the truth. Hilarious confusion reigns before Nick chooses his favorite wife.

My Forbidden Past
    Starring: Robert Mitchum, Ava Gardner & Melvyn Douglas

Barbara Beaurevel lives with her aunt and cousin in New Orleans in the late 1800's. In love with Mark Lucas, a research doctor at Tulane University, her plans to marry him are thwarted. Barbara's family is of the high society stratum, but her late grandmother was not in fact the connection with her is something Barbara's aunt is most anxious to conceal. When Barbara inherits a fortune from her grandmother's side of the family, she uses it to try and win back Mark.

My Friend Irma Goes West
    Starring: Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis & Marie Wilson

The hilarious sequel to Dean & Jerry’s 1st movie!!! A chimpanzee, a kidnapping plot and gangsters upset the apple cart for three Easterners seeking dreams in Hollywood

My Love Came Back
    Starring: Olivia de Havilland, Jane Wyman & Jeffery Lynn

Amelia is a gifted violinist who is in danger of quitting the Brissac Academy of Music. Julius arranges to have a scholarship given to her through his employee Tony so that Julius can escort Amelia to every musical event in the city. The trouble begins when he cannot meet her one night and Tony goes in his place. Tony believes that Julius and Amelia are a couple and then son Paul thinks that Tony and Amelia are a couple as he is sending her the money. The worst part is that Amelia might leave classical music for swing music with classmates Dusty, Joy and the band.

My Name is Nobody
    Starring: Henry Fonda & Terrence Hill

Gunfighter, Jack Beauregard, wants to retire. He even has a berth on the ship "Sundowner," destination Australia, reserved. However a young gunfighter out to make a name for himself, "Nobody," Hill, wants Beauregard to go out in style.... so he creates a showdown with the Wild Bunch: one man against 150 of the meanest SOBs in the West. The resolution of this conflict is.... interesting.

My Reputation
    Starring: Barbara Stanwyck, George Brent & Eve Arden

Tongues begin to wag when a lonely widow becomes romantically involved with a military man. Problems arise when the gossip is filtered down to her own children.

Myra Breckenridge
    Starring: Racquel Welch, Mae West, Farrah Fawcett, John Carradine,
                  Rex Reed, Tom Selleck, Jim Backus, & John Huston

Everything you heard about Myra Breckinridge is true. Myron Breckinridge goes to Europe to have a sex change, and comes back to America as the sexy, man-hating Myra. She enrolls at the acting school of her uncle, conservative Western star Buck Loner, insisting that she is Myron's widow. From the book that couldn't be written comes the motion picture that couldn't be made!

The Mysterious Island
    Starring: Lionel Barrymore & Jacqueline Gadsdon

On a volcanic island near the kingdom of Hetvia rules Count Dakkar, a benevolent leader and scientist who has eliminated class distinction among the island's inhabitants. Dakkar, his daughter Sonia and her fiancé, engineer Nicolai Roget have designed a submarine which Roget pilots on its initial voyage just before the island is overrun by Baron Falon, despotic ruler of Hetvia. Falon sets out after Roget in a second submarine and the two craft, diving to the ocean's floor, discover a strange land populated by dragons, giant squid and an eerie undiscovered humanoid race.

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