The  Linda Purl Collection

Accidental Meeting
    Starring: Linda Purl, Linda Gray & Kent McCord

Meeting by chance,  two women begin discussing the men in their life. Maryanne expresses a wish to see her boss dead, while Jennifer would sooner see an odious male of her acquaintance drop dead. When Maryanne's hateful employer is killed, Jennifer re-enters her life, admitting to the murder and demanding equal reciprocation.

Addicted to His Love
    Starring:  Linda Purl, Erin Grey, Polly Bergen,
                        Dee Wallace-Stone, Colleen Camp
                         Barry Bostwick & Hector Elizondo

Larry Hogan, using various aliases, meets middle-aged women through dating services and personal ads and uses his charm to cheat them out of their money. When a number of his 'victims' compare notes things start to fall apart, leading to his downfall.

Body Language
    Starring: Linda Purl, Heather Locklear, James Acheson
                         & Edward Albert

The ambitious Betsy is happy: she gets promoted to a leading management position. Her happiness is spoiled only a little by problems with a boyfriend who feels neglected and an harassing boss. She realizes much too late that her secretary Norma is after her job and step by step tries to ruin her career and private life.

The Last Days of Pompeii
    Starring: Linda Purl, Olivia Hussey, Laurence Olivier,
                      Ernest Borgnine, Lesley-Anne Down,
                      Nicholas Clay, Ned Beatty
                        & Anthony Quayle

This six-hour TV adaptation of Edgar Bulwer-Lytton's 1834 best-seller The Last Days of Pompeii was arguably more faithful to its source than any of the earlier film versions -- and inarguably the most expensive version of all, boasting a 19,000,000-dollar budget and a truly spectacular cast. In recounting the events leading up to the cataclysmic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D., the film, like the novel, introduces a veritable coliseum full of colorful fictional characters: stalwart Athenian Glaucus, religious-zealot Egyptian Arbaces, and mighty gladiator Lydon, all of whom vie for the affections of high-born Ione and lowly, sightless slave girl Nydia. Also around and about are wealthy merchant Diomed, belly-dancing courtesan Chloe, and a handful of theatrical characters along with spectacular sets. Quite an achievement for a TV movie.

Little Ladies of The Night
    Starring: Linda Purl, Louis Gossett Jr., David Soul,
                        Clifton Davis, Kathleen Quinlan,
                         Vic Tayback, Dorothy Malone
                            & Katherine Helmond 

The sister of ex-pimp and current Los Angeles Police detective Kyle York was murdered working the streets a few years ago. Since his reform, he has teamed with Officer Russ Garfield to clear the streets of under-age girls working in prostitution. Pretty, young runaway Hailey Atkins has been turned out. Down deep she wants to go straight but has had great difficultly escaping her pimp and doesn't even have a place to go. York and Garfield go out on a limb to try and help.

    Starring: Linda Purl, Joanna Cassidy, Tracy Nelson
                        & Barry Bostwick

Three related women have summer romances in this drama. The first has recently been deserted by her husband. When an old college beau shows up, sparks fly. Meanwhile her sister is wrestling with a rock star. And finally her daughter  goes abroad and gets involved with a non-English speaking young man.

Women at West Point
    Starring: Linda Purl, Jameson Parker & Andrew Stevens

The story of the first women to enter the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, and how they--and the school--faced the resultant problems.

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