The Anthony Quinn Collection

Back to Bataan
    Starring: Anthony Quinn, John Wayne & Beulah Bondi

After the fall of the Philippines to the Japanese in World War II, Col. Joseph Madden of the U.S. Army stays on to organize guerrilla fighters against the conquerors.

The Black Swan
    Starring: Tyrone Power, Maureen O’Hara,
                   Anthony Quinn, George Sanders
                   & Laird Cregar

Soon after Sir Henry Morgan is named Governor of Jamaica in 1674, he announces that the age of the pirate is over and asks his former captains to give up their ways and sail for England. Not everyone agrees and one in particular, Captain Leech, refuses. He does accept an offer however from English aristocrat Roger Ingram who provides him with sailing information in an attempt to unseat the newly appointed Governor. In an effort to thwart Ingram's plans, former pirate Captain Jamie Waring kidnaps Lady Margaret Denby, the previous Governor's daughter.

The Happening
    Starring: Anthony Quinn & Faye Dunaway

A few hippies "go with the flow" and end up kidnapping a retired Mafia kingpin.

Irish Eyes Are Smiling
    Starring: Anthony Quinn, June Haver & Monty Wooley

This Technicolor musical biopic tells the story of Irish-American composer Ernest R. Ball. Climbing to fame with such sentimental songs as "When Irish Eyes are Smiling" (hence the title), Ball romances a lovely showgirl who in turn catches the eye of a charming underworld Crimelord. With lavish sets & brilliant musical numbers, this is a true classic.

Last Train From Gun Hill
    Starring: Anthony Quinn, Kirk Douglas & Carolyn Jones

The wife of marshal Matt Morgan is raped and murdered. The killers leave behind a distinctive saddle, that Morgan recognizes as belonging to his old friend Craig Belden, now cattle baron in the town of Gun Hill. Belden is sympathetic, until it transpires that one of the murderers is his own son Rick, whom he refuses to hand over. Morgan is determined to capture Rick and take him away by the 9.00 train; but he is trapped in the town alone, with Belden and all his men now looking to kill him.

Mask of The Avenger
    Starring: John Derek, Anthony Quinn, Jody Lawrance
                    & Arnold Moss

When his father is murdered, an Italian nobleman becomes a masked outlaw to avenge the crime. Along the way he endeavors to save a small village from its tyrant ruler, who happens to be the man who killed his father

Onassis: The Richest Man in the World
    Starring: Anthony Quinn, Jane Seymour & Raul Julia

The story of the life and the many loves of Aristotle Onassis is told.  From his meager beginnings to being one of the world's richest and most powerful figures. From his first wife, his many affairs, and the shameful marriage to Jackie Kennedy.

The Passage
Starring: Anthony Quinn, James Mason,
                    Malcolm McDowell, Kay Lenz,
                    Patricia Neal & Christopher Lee

During WW 2, a Basque shepherd is approached by the underground, who wants him to lead a scientist and his family across the Pyrenees. While being pursued by a sadistic German.

Ride Vaquero
    Starring: Anthony Quinn, Robert Taylor, Ava Gardner
                       & Richard Keel

Esqueda, an outlaw, attempts to force settlers King and Cordelia Cameron out of his territory. Esqueda's mother raised Rio as her own. Rio has loyalty to Esqueda but also feels the settlers should be able to stay. A showdown between the two raised as brothers is unavoidable.

The River's Edge
    Starring: Anthony Quinn, Deborah Pagett & Ray Milland

A con man looks up his ex girlfriend for two reasons: 1, he wants her back & 2, he needs her husband to guide him across the border with a million in stolen cash. Along the way, murder and deceit, become frightfully commonplace, and the guide realizes he is in for the fight of his life alone.

The Visit
    Starring: Anthony Quinn & Ingrid Bergman

Carla Zachanassian had a child by Serge Miller as a teenager. When Serge refused to marry her, she was driven out of town. By her own wit and cunning, she has returned as a multi-millionaire for a visit. The town lays out the red carpet expecting big things from Carla, only to learn that her sole purpose is to see Serge Miller killed.

Where Do We Go From Here?
    Starring: Anthony Quinn, June Haver, Fred MacMurray
                      & Joan Leslie

Bill wants to join the Army, but he's 4F so he asks a wizard to help him, but the wizard has slight problems with his history knowledge, so he sends Bill everywhere in history, but not to WWII.

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