The Richard Burton Collection

    Starring: Richard Burton & Dominic Guard

Deadly boyhood games played between heaven and hell. An extremely absorbing whodunit! The kind of movie you can curl up with and enjoy. This gripping and bizarre story of a Catholic priest and his students at an all-boys boarding school contains mystery, intrigue, murder and leads to a Hitchcock-like shock ending.

Bitter Victory
    Starring: Richard Burton & Ruth Roman

Unfit commander receives an undeserved citation for an attack on Rommel's headquarters. Unbeknownst to him, his wife is having an affair with one of his officers.

Brief Encounter
    Starring: Richard Burton & Sophia Loren

A love affair which was not meant to be is the basis for this real-life look into the extra-marital attractions which develop between married couples.

The Gathering Storm
    Starring: Richard Burton & Virginia McKenna

Made for television in 1974, Richard Burton stars as Sir Winston Churchill in this epic, which spans the pre-war years of 1936-40. Following Churchill from being both ignored and ridiculed to the point where he is asked to lead the British nation, as Hitler rolls across Europe.

The Klansman
    Starring: Richard Burton & Lee Marvin

Passions flare and violence erupts when the Klu Klux Klan and militant blacks clash in a backwards southern town.

Look Back in Anger
    Starring: Richard Burton & Claire Bloom

A university graduate rebels against the middle-class values he has been taught all of his life to accept. Burton excels in the film's "angry young man" central role.

My Cousin Rachel
    Starring: Richard Burton & Olivia de Havilland

When Philip Ashley's much-loved (and rich) cousin Ambrose dies, he is convinced that Ambrose was murdered by his new wife Rachel to inherit his wealth. But when he meets Rachel and falls in love with her, he knows that his suspicions must have been unfounded. But were they, or is Rachel just trying to use Philip to get at the estate Ambrose left to him instead of to her? And will she murder him next?

Prince of Players
    Starring: Richard Burton, Maggie McNamara,
                    & John Derek

The story of the Lincoln assassination takes center stage as an actor who was onstage at that time in Ford’s theatre,  has trouble ever performing again. The life of John Wilkes Boothe & the actor Edwin Boothe (his brother) become intertwined.

The Rains of Ranchipur
    Starring: Richard Burton, Lana Turner
                        & Fred MacMurray

India. The spoilt and stubborn Edwina Esketh comes to a small town with her husband. She falls in love with an Indian doctor, Dr. Safti. She also meets an old friend of hers, the alcoholic Tom Ransome. An awful earthquake is followed by days of rain.

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