The Movie Shorts Collection

Blaxploitation Cartoons of Early Hollywood

Featuring long lost classic cartoons from hollywood's golden era. AMOS & ANDY, LITTLE SAMBO, JUNGLE JITTERS, & many more. A true collector's piece of animation!!!

Classic Super Hero Cartoon Collection
Each Volume Features Nearly 2 Hours of Classic Animated adventures of your favorite Super-Heroes:

Volume 1:
Max Fleischer’s Superman Cartoons
Superman vs. The Mad Scientist / Japoteurs / The Bulleteers / The Magnetic Telescope / Volcano / Terror On The Midway / The Mummy Strikes / Secret Agent

Defenders of the Earth
    Starring : Mandrake, the Phantom, Lothar & Flash Gordon
The Lost Jewels of Tibet / The Revenge of Astra

Shorts Showcase: Classic Stars, Classic Films
Each Volume of  “ Shorts Showcase “ gives you almost 2 hours of those classic mini – films & those classic stars, that were a part of every movie showing, from an era now lost.

Volume 1:
    A Dream of Love – Based on an incident in the life of classic composer Franz Listz
    Bring On The Girls – Starring Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy
    A Night in a Dormitory – Starring Ginger Rogers
    Rhythmitis – Starring Hal LeRoy & Toby Wing
    The Smart Set-Up – Starring Walter O’Keefe & Margaret Lee
    Blitz Wolf – Animated Anti-Nazi short from WWII starring the 3 Little Pigs & the Big Bad Wolf
    Here Meets Hare – Animated Anti Nazi short from WWII starring Bugs Bunny
    A Letter From a Soldier – Starring Marjorie Main & Keefe Braiselle

Volume 2:
    The Knight is Young – Starring June Allyson & Hal LeRoy
    The Amazing Mr. Nordell – Starring Leon Ames & Clinton Sundberg
    Souvenirs of Death – Starring Barbara Billingsley
    Every Sunday –  Starring Judy Garland & Deanna Durbin
    Andy Hardy’s Dilemma – Starring Mickey Rooney & Lewis Stone
    King for a Day –  Starring Bill Robinson & Ernest Whitman
    So You Want to Hold Your Wife –  Starring George O’Hanlon & Jane Harker
    That’s the Spirit –  Starring Noble Sissell &  Miller & Moreland

Volume 3:
    The Mouse-Merized Cat –  Starring Abbott & Costello
    Hi De Ho –  Starring Cab Calloway
    One Way Out –  Starring Charlie Lawerence & Thelma White
    Crazy House –  Starring Benny Rubin & Vernon Dent
    Buried Loot –  Starring Robert Taylor
    Roaring Guns –  Starring Robert Payne & Virginia Patton
    Beyond the Line of Duty –  Starring Ronald Reagan & Capt. Hewitt Wheless
    A Gun in His Hand –  Starring Tom Trout & Richard Gaines

U.S. War Department: World War II Propaganda Films Triple Feature of Shorts
           Starring: Jimmy Stewart, Clark Gable, Lloyd Bridges
                                & Robert Preston

This cassette features 3 of the US Government’s most popular & successful propaganda and recruitment films made in cooperation with Hollywood during WWII.

Winning Your Wings - "Young America, your future is in the sky; your wings are waiting!" Lieutenant James Stewart (who eventually attained the rank of brigadier general) tells viewers of this classic USAF recruitment film. Stewart also offers more subtle motivations, as when he tells his prospects:"Consider the effect these shining wings have on the gals: it's phenomenal." This outstanding example of a Hollywood-Government co-production made by the Army Air Force and Warner Brothers became one of the most successful recruiting films of the war.

Thunderbolt - Supervised by Lieutenant Colonel William Wyler. James Stewart introduces and Lloyd Bridges narrates this motion picture on the activities of the 57th Fighter Group during "Operation Strangle", which destroyed vital supply routes deep behind German lines. This operation seriously crippled Nazi fighting ability, hastening the sweep of the Allied forces into Rome. Color cameras mounted at various points on the P--47 fighter-bombers make us participants as the planes swoop and dive, raining bombs and bullets onto targets far below. These sequences are easily some of the most spectacular ever filmed of war from the air.

Wings Up - This Army Air Force officer-candidate recruiting film, narrated by Clark Gable, shows how intense discipline and conditioning techniques at the officer-training school in Miami help to distinguish those who can lead from those who can't. Footage of famous men at this school includes Mayor Glen Cove of Long Island, Elmer Meadows, Robert Preston, Gilbert Roland and Gable himself. This informative and entertaining film was also used by the Army under the title Sustineo Alas.

W.C. Fields: Festival of Shorts

This is a collection of 4 classic shorts starring the legendary W.C. Fields..

The Golf Specialist - At a Florida hotel, absconding miscreant J. Effingham Bellweather goes slapstick golfing with the house detective's flirtatious wife and an incompetent caddy.

The Dentist - After preliminaries with ice and golf dentist Fields turns to the problems of his patients. He wrestles one woman all over the office during an extraction. One man is so heavily bearded he can't find the man's mouth and uses as shotgun to flush birds out.

The Fatal Glass of Beer - Mr. Snavely, a Yukon prospector, lost his only son years ago to the temptations of the big city; now the prodigal Chester, released from prison, comes home to Ma and Pa. A parody of Yukon melodrama; includes the famous looking-out-the-door routine.

Pool Sharks - This is Fields' first movie, a one-reeler, it stars Fields performing the pool game routine, which he had performed often in vaudeville.

As an added bonus: trailers to some of Fields’ films & an outtake filmed during an actual earthquake in California.

Walt Disney's Alice Cartoon Collection 1925-1927

Before Walt Disney formed his famous studio, he went to work for Winkler Productions, where he wrote and directed these extremely rare silent cartoons that featured a live action Alice. A true marvel at their time.

The 9 cartoons featured in this collection are:
    Alice in the Jungle / Alice Jailbird / Alice Orphan / Alice Rattled by Rats / Alice the Toreador / Alice’s Tin Pony / Alice Solves a Puzzle / Alice Chop Suey / Alice’s Eggplant

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