The Suzy Parker Collection

10 North Frederick
    Starring: Suzy Parker & Gary Cooper

At her father's funeral, Ann Chapin thinks back over the last five years of his life, years of apparent political and personal failure dominated by a selfish and dissatified wife and eased only by alcohol. But it starts to emerge that there was in fact one brief and unsuspected period of happiness and love.

The Best of Everything
    Starring: Suzy Parker,
Joan Crawford, Hope Lange,
            Stephen Boyd & Robert Evans

Amanda Farrow is a waspish, hard edged editor in a paperback publishing house. Jaded and embittered, she is involved in a disappointing affair with a married man and tends to take out her frustrations on the girls under her charge, including Gregg Adams, an aspiring actress who is involved with a Broadway stage director, David Savage, and an ambitious young secretary Caroline Bender, who has just been jilted by her boyfriend and has turned to one of the editors, Mike Rice, for consolation. April Morrison is a young typist who is seduced by rich playboy Dexter Key and soon finds herself pregnant and abandoned by her unsympathetic lover.

A Circle of Deception
    Starring: Suzy Parker &
Bradford Dillman

Unbeknownst to him, a soldier is sent on a doomed mission because of the high likelihood of him divulging secrets if captured and tortured.

The Death of Manolete'
    Starring: Suzy Parker & Jack Palance

This Made for TV movie was originally presented on the Playhouse 90 TV series in 1956, and tells the story of the great matador Manolete'. A young matador rises through the ranks to become the best in all of Spain. But facing death over and over again begins to take a toll on him physically, emotionally & spiritually. He soon realizes the woman he loves will leave him if he ever stops being the #1 matador. There is also a new fighter who wishes to challenge him for his title…An extremely rare feature, and a must for any fan of Palance or Parker.

Flight From Ashiya
    Starring: Suzy Parker, Yul Brenner, Richard Widmark,
                      George Chikaris & Shirley Knight

Featuring an all-star cast and on-location shooting in Japan, where the story is set, three US Air Force rescue pilots must overcome their personal problems and differences to embark upon a dangerous mission to save raft-bound Japanese survivors from a murderous storm-tossed sea. As they head for their location, the film flashes back to chronicle the pasts of each pilot to make clear their mixed feelings about their upcoming assignment.

Kiss Them For Me
    Starring: Suzy Parker, Cary Grant & Jayne Mansfield

Three decorated Navy pilots finagle a four day leave in San Francisco. They procure a posh suite at the hotel and Commander Crewson, a master of procurement, arranges to populate it with party people. Lieutenant Wallace is trying to get the pilots to make speeches to rally the homefront at shipyard magnate Eddie Turnbill's plants, but they're tired of the war and just want to have fun. While Crewson begins falling in love with Turnbill's fiancée Gwinneth Livingston, he tries to ignore the distant call of war.

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