The Sports Movies Collection

Alibi Ike
    Starring: Joe E. Brown, Olivia de Havilland
                        & William Frawley

Rookie pitcher Francis "Ike" Farrell comes seemingly out of nowhere to help the Cubs go for the pennant. His idiosyncratic ways, which include excuses and alibis for everything, drive his manager and fiancée crazy in this baseball farce.

April Love
    Starring: Pat Boone & Shirley Jones

A potential juvenile delinquent is sent to work on a Kentucky farm. There he meets the apple-cheeked girl next door and decides that mending his ways might be an option. Before long, he is devoting himself to the task of training a horse to become a winning trotter. Nominated for an Academy Award, the film's title song proved to be one of Pat Boone's most durable hits. A musical remake of 1944's “Home in Indiana”.

The Babe Ruth Story
    Starring: William Bendix & Claire Trevor

The famed slugger is played by Bendix, who resembles Ruth slightly in looks. The film traces the "life and times" of Ruth, including his famous "called shot" in the 1932 World Series.

A Big Hand for the Little Lady   
    Starring: Henry Fonda, Jason Robbards,
            Joanne Woodward, Burgess Meredith,
            Kevin McCarthy & Charles Bickford

A naive couple and a child arrive to the town on the way to California to buy there a farm. There is a poker play between the richest men in the region. The man cannot resist it and though he is a very bad poker player, enters the game betting all the money of his family. In the climax of the game he suffers a heart-attack. His wife then takes his place in the table. That's the only way of recovering their savings. But there is a little problem. Can anybody explain her how to play poker?

Big Leaguer
    Starring: Edward G. Robinson, Vera Ellen, Jeff Richards,
                        Richard Jaeckel & Carl Hubbell

John Lobert runs a training camp in Florida for the New York Giants. Every year, he evaluates the 18-22 year old hopefuls to pick the best for a minor league contract. They all have dreams and talent, but the elimination whittles them down to a lucky few who will get the $150 a month contract. This year John's niece comes down from the home office in New York and is attracted to tall quiet Adam.

Body & Soul
    Starring: Jayne Kennedy, Leon Issac Kennedy,
        Perry Lang, Muhammed Ali & Peter Lawford

Based on the 1947 classic of the same name, this "entertaining" (The New York Times) rags-to-riches tale about a vivacious young fighter from Chicago pulls no punches in its portrayal of boxings dark side. Featuring the always-animated Muhammad Ali as himself, Body and Soul is "a rousing good time" (LA Herald-Examiner)! Golden Gloves champ Leon (Leon Isaac Kennedy) has no interest in becoming a pro boxer; instead, he wants to be a doctor. But when his little sister requires immediate and expensive medical treatments, he decides to go for the title and all the money it will bring. On his way to the top, however, Leon succumbs to the temptations that come with success: money, flesh, ego. As a result, he begins to lose everyone and everything he used to care about. Can Leon pull his life back together, or is he too far gone to be redeemed?

The Caddy
    Starring: Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis & Donna Reed

A golfer and his scatterbrained manager-caddy cause chaos on the course after they join the professional circuit.

Eleven Men & a Girl
    Starring: Joe E. Brown, James Hall & Laura Lee

(Also released as “Maybe It’s Love ) When a High-School football star is refused admission into college based on his rough reputation, his father, a wealthy alumnus, withdraws all of his financial support from the University. As the University President stands by his guns, the athlete falls in love with the President’s daughter. This only strengthens the President’s resolve to keep him out of the school. That’s when football star decides to change his ways & enters school under a false identity to become the team’s leader.

Elmer the Great
    Starring: Joe E. Brown & Patricia Ellis

Elmer does not want to leave Gentryville, because Nellie is the one that he loves. Even when Mr. Wade of the Chicago Cubs comes to get him, it is only because Nellie spurns him that he goes. As always, Elmer is the king of batters and he wins game after game. When Nellie comes to see Elmer in Chicago, she sees him kissing Evelyn and she wants nothing to do with him anymore. So Healy takes him to a gambling club, where Elmer does not know that the chips are money. He finds that he owes the gamblers $5000 and they make him sign a note for it. Sad at losing Nellie, mad at his teammates and in debt to the gamblers, Elmer disappears as the Cubs are in the deciding game for the Series.

Final Shot: The Hank Gathers Story
    Starring: Victor Love, Duane Davis, Nell Carter
                   George Kennedy, Sam Hennings
                   Terrence Williams

The true life story of two childhood friends who rose out of the ghetto and became two of the greatest basketball players in college history. Both destined to play in the NBA, Gathers’ sudden death on the court derails the dream, and forces his childhood friend to keep the dream alive for both of them.

Fireman, Save My Child
    Starring: Joe E. Brown, Evalyn Knapp & Lilian Bond

Joe Grant is an inventor, fireman and baseball ace in his small hometown. He gets an offer to play in a big game. He hopes to get more money for his inventions. But he is invited to present his invention to a fire-extinguisher company at the same time when he is supposed to play. Will he be able to show the effectiveness of his invention and win the game?

Flashing Spikes
    Starring:John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, Jack Warden
                        & Patrick Wayne

An old ballplayer, thrown out of baseball due to a bribery scandal, becomes friends with a young phenom. The younger player is at first tainted by his association with the oldtimer, but eventually the truth about the scandal is revealed. This Made For TV movie from 1962 is a very rare gem & a true must for an Jimmy Stewart Fan!!

Footlight Serenade
    Starring: John Payne, Betty Grable, Victor Mature,
            Jane Wyman, James Gleason & Phil Silvers

Conceited World Champion boxer Tommy Lundy decides to test his popularity in a Broadway show. Tommy always has an eye for the ladies and he starts paying attention to beautiful chorus girl Pat Lambert. Pat's boyfriend Bill Smith isn't impressed with Tommy even though Tommy gets him a boxing part in the show. When Tommy finds out that Pat and Bill were secretly together the night before the show opens, he angrily plans to turn the boxing scene with Bill into a real bout.

The Freshman
    Starring: Harold Lloyd, Jobyna Ralston
                    & Brooks Benedict

One of Lloyd’s best feature-length comedies,features the bespectacled regular guy as Harold Lamb, a naïve young man who heads off to college believing campus life will be just as it is in the movies; he even learns a little dance he saw one of his favorite actors do in a film. However, Harold soon discovers that real life isn't all that much like the pictures, and he quickly becomes the laughing stock of the university. Determined to prove himself, Harold tries out for the football team, but he serves as water boy and rides the pine until he finally gets a chance to redeem himself at the big game. Along the way, Harold also tries to woo a lovely co-ed, Peggy.

Going Places
    Starring: Dick Powell, Ronald Reagan, Anita Louise
                        & Louis Armstrong

Mr. Mason is a salesman at Detridge & Frome who wants to advertise their line of riding clothes. Since they have the rights to famous jockey Peter Randall, who is in Australia, Peter will impersonate him at the Steeple Chase. At the event, he is invited to a party by Cora and sees young Ellen. Since all Ellen and Peter have in common is horses, he continues the charade to woo her. But two gamblers named Maxie and Duke, try to make money on the race by fixing him up with the wild 'Jeepers Creepers'. That horse can jump high and run like the wind, but he will only calm down enough to be ridden when Gabriel plays his trumpet.

A Good Sport
    Starring: Lee Remick & Ralph Waite

A Classic Made for TV Movie. A sports columnist and a fashion-magazine editor try to develop a close friendship without allowing sex to intrude.

The Great American Pastime
    Starring: Ann Miller, Tom Ewell, Ann Francis
                     & Dean Jones

Bruce Hallerton becomes coach of the Panthers, a little league baseball team. The fact, that an attractive widow has her son in the team causes problems with his wife.

Home in Indiana
    Starring: June Haver, Lon McCalister, Walter Brennan,
                    Ward Bond & Jeanne Crain

A lad with a penchant for trouble is sent to live with his aunt and uncle in Indiana. Though he's not happy about the arrangement at first, his love of horses and his affection for a young colt that he plans to race makes life bearable. He also finds romance with tomboyish Char who shares his love for horses. Wonderful film for lovers of horses and racing.

Hot Shot
    Starring: Jim Youngs, Pele,  Billy Warlock, Jeremy Green
                  Penelope Ann Miller, Mario Van Peebles
                  & Rutanya Alda

The story of an American soccer player trying to make it big who turns to Pele, the greatest soccer player of all time, for guidance. They've got nothing in common but the determination to be the best.

The Iron Major
    Starring: Pat O'Brien, Ruth Warrick & Robert Ryan

The true saga of WW1 hero-cum-football coach Frank Cavanaugh,. Leaving home and hearth behind to serve his country in the Great War, Cavanaugh goes on to lead the Dartmouth, Boston College and Fordham football teams to victory. His credo throughout is "Love of God, Love of Country, Love of Family"-inspiriational words indeed in war-torn 1943. Based on the memoirs of Cavanaugh's wife Florence.

It Happened in Athens
    Starring: Jayne Mansfield

This is a frivolous light hearted comedy about about Greek farm boy, Trax Colton, who decides to enter the first Olympics in 1896. The movie follows his struggles through to his success. It's amusing to watch the primitive conditions athletes competed under back then, and the lack of formality. Real-life Olympic hero Bob Mathias plays the American captain. A real attraction is Jayne Mansfield, who as a beauty promises to marry the winner of the marathon. She appears in a number of skimpy, revealing costumes, trying to tempt the virtuous Colton, to humorous effect.

The Kid From Left Field
    Starring: Dan Dailey, Anne Bancroft, Lloyd Bridges
                    & Billy Chapin

Coop's an ex-ballplayer is now a peanut vendor, who takes too much of an interest in the game. But he's passed on his craze for baseball to his son, Christie. When his dad gets fired, Chris makes friends with the former team owner's niece (and her boyfriend Pete), and not only gets his dad's job back, but a batboy position for himself. With his dad's help, Christie begins to make a few suggestions here and there. And as a publicity stunt, the team makes him their youngest manager on record. But when Chris gets sick, Coop has to come to the rescue.

Kill The Umpire
    Starring: William Bendix & Una Merkle

Ex-baseball player Bill Johnson, failing at many jobs when his ball-playing days are over, reluctantly takes the advice of his father-in-law, Jonah Evans, a retired umpire, and enters an umpire-training school. Assigned to the Texas League, he does fine until the championship play-offs when a riot develops over one of his calls. The involved player is knocked unconscious in the proceedings and cannot verify that Bill made the correct call. Despite lynch mob plans to at least tar-and-feather him, Bill's family, his daughters Lucy and Susan and his wife Betty, help Bill reach the ballpark safely the next day through a series of hair-raising encounters.

Little Miss Thoroughbred
    Starring: Ann Sheridan, John Litel & Janet Chapman

A small-time gambler claims to be the father of a girl in order to avoid trouble with the law. The girl is thrilled with the idea but the gambler has no use for her until she shows amazing skill at picking horse race winners. Somewhere along they way, they bond with each other.

Local Boy Makes Good
    Starring: Joe E Brown & Dorothy Lee

John is a timid student who works at the University Book Store. He is studying to be a botanist and has a secret crush on the lovely Julia. One day, one of his letters gets accidentally mailed and Julia receives it. When the letter says that he is a fraternity man and a big track star, Julia rushes right over to see him. But John is neither and Spike, Julia's boyfriend, is a track star at a nearby College. John does not want to enter the track meet so Julia tries to use psychology on him. That and a good wrestling hold makes John timidly agree to enter the race, but Spike still scares him.

The Man From Left Field
    Starring: Burt Reynolds, Reba McEntire & Joe Theismann

After taking a job managing a little league team, a homeless man inspires the kids to reach for it all and they inspire him to reclaim his life.

    Starring: John Payne, Walter Brennan & Brenda Joyce

When a widow, tormented by the hunting death of her husband, she forbids her son to have anything to do with horses. But when her son falls for the daughter of his father's trainer, he defies his mother by entering the annual Maryland Hunt.

The Milky Way
    Starring: Harold Lloyd & Adolphe Mennjou

Timid milkman, Burleigh Sullivan, somehow knocks out a boxing champ in a brawl. The fighter's manager decides to build up the milkman's reputation in a series of fixed fights and then have the champ beat him to regain his title

Money from Home
    Starring: Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis & Sheldon Leonard

A down-and-out gambler is given the unsavory task of fixing an important steeplechase to pay off his debts. But nothing can ever be easy for Martin & Lewis.

Navy Blue & Gold
    Starring: Jimmy Stewart, Robert Young,
                    Lionel Barrymore & Florence Rice

Three freshmen--simple soul Truck Cross (Jimmy Stewart), blue blood Richard Gates Jr. (Tom Brown), and cynic Roger Ash (Robert Young)--meet at the prestigious Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, and take an instant liking to one another, quickly becoming roommates. Though Truck is a fine football player, he gets kicked off the gridiron because of allegations that he entered the school under false pretenses. He fights the charges, claiming that he altered his application because his father was bounced from the Navy years ago over a misunderstanding. Truck had better clear his name soon, because his chums need their star center to snap the ball in the upcoming contest against archrival Army. If the three young men can hold fast to the Navy's traditions of honor and loyalty, they just might stay in school--and even win the big game.

Paper Lion
    Starring: Alan Alda, Lauren Hutton, Alex Karras
                      & Vince Lombardi

George Plimpton wants to write a story for Sports Illustrated on what it is like to be a quarterback for an NFL team. No one is willing to allow a klutzy amateur to go on the field for fear he'll kill himself. After several teams turn him down, Plimpton got the Detroit Lions to let him go to training camp. He tries to keep his true identity a secret from the real players. This is based on a true incident and many of the players play themselves in the movie.

The Pride of St. Louis
    Starring: Dan Dailey, Joanne Dru & Richard Crenna

The story of Jerome "Dizzy" Dean, a major-league baseball pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals and Chicago Cubs in the 1930s and 1940s.

Pride of the Yankees
    Starring: Gary Cooper, Teresa Wright, Walter Brennan,
                        Dan Duryea & Babe Ruth

This Biopic traces the life of Lou Gehrig, famous baseball player who played in 2130 consecutive games before falling at age 37 to ALS, a deadly nerve disease which now bears his name. Gehrig is followed from his childhood in New York until his famous 'Luckiest Man' speech at his farewell day in 1939.

The Prizefighter & the Lady
    Starring: Myrna Loy & Max Baer

Steve is just a heavy duty bartender when Edwin J. Bennett, known as the Professor, starts training him for the ring. While doing road work, he is almost killed by a speeding car which crashes into a ditch. In the car is Belle Mercer and her driver. Steve takes Belle to a farmhouse and is smitten by her, but she is Willie Ryan's Girl. The fight is a breeze and later, Steve again meets Belle with Willie. That night, Steve and Belle disappear and return married, much to the disappointment of Ryan. Then Steve starts training in ernest and is 19 for 19 in the ring. However, he has an eye for the women and an expanding ego to match.

The Return of October
    Starring: Glenn Ford, Terry Moore & James Gleason

An heiress discovers her racehorse is the reincarnation of her rich uncle, back to win the Kentucky Derby.

Rookie of the Year
    Starring: John Wayne, Vera Miles, Ward Bond
                    & Patrick Wayne

A reporter recognizes a hot young baseball player as the son of a former famous - and infamous - ballplayer who was accused of throwing the World Series. This is a long lost TV movie from 1955 & is very rare!! A true must have for any fan of the Duke.

Six Pack
    Starring: Kenny Rogers, Diane Lane
                   Anthony Michael Hall, Erin Gray
                   Barry Corbin

Stopping briefly in a small Texas town, an itinerant race car driver finds that his stock car, on a trailer behind his motor home, has just been quickly and expertly stripped. He chases down the miscreants, who turn out to be six orphan children. He has no recourse to the law, for the corrupt local sheriff takes most of the proceeds of their thievery in exchange for not putting them in an orphanage. They are charming rogues who are in turn charmed by him. Disliking their arrangement with the sheriff, they stow away with him, and he finds himself becoming a reluctant stepfather. Thanks to their enthusiasm and incredible mechanical know-how, he begins to make a name for himself on the racing circuit. But the sheriff doesn't take kindly to losing his extra income.

    Starring: Jimmy Stewart & Una Merkel

Terry is the chief car tester for Emery Motors and Frank is an Engineer. Jane has just been hired to work in publicity. Frank and Terry both want Jane to be their girl. Terry has designed a new carburetor that should bring him fame and money, but he cannot get it to work correctly. Terry and Gadget have tested it for over a year, but it still is not perfected. Emery Motors assigns Frank to help Terry with the carburetor, but Terry is not happy because Frank is an Engineer and is also vying for Jane. They finish the carburetor, and to test it, they enter a car in the Indianapolis 500 race. Terry is not yet satisfied with the carburetor before the big race even though it has passed all the tests.

    Starring: Harold Lloyd, Babe Ruth & Ann Christy

Speedy loses his job as a soda-jerk, then spends the day with his girl at Coney Island. He then becomes a cab driver and delivers Babe Ruth to Yankee Stadium, where he stays to see the game. When the railroad tries to run the last horse-drawn trolley (operated by his girl's grandfather) out of business, "Speedy" organizes the neighborhood oldtimers to thwart their scheme.

Sporting Blood
    Starring: Robert Young, Maureen O'Sullivan
                    & Lewis Stone

Myles Vanders feuds with hardnosed stable owner Davis Lockwood. Myles takes revenge by romancing and marrying Lockwood's daughter Linda. But as the big race looms nearer, Myles is distracted to discover that he really loves Linda.

Sunday Punch
    Starring: Dan Dailey, William Lundigan & Jean Rogers 

The routine of a group of fledgling boxers all living in Ma Galestrum's boarding house is interrupted when Ma allows her roving niece, beautiful Judy Galestrum, to move in. Especially interested is ex-college boy Ken Burke who is trying to quickly make it to the top, and young brawny Swedish janitor Olaf Jensen who believes Judy will fall for him if he becomes a champion boxer. The rivalry between the two friends leads them to an inevitable meeting in the ring

That’s My Boy
   Starring: Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Ruth Hussey
& Polly Bergen

Junior Jackson is the son of an All-American football great from Ridgeville College, but he is nothing like his father. In fact, he is the exact opposite: introverted, studious, shy, and very little athletic ability. When Junior attends his father’s alma mater, Dad arranges for his son to room with the current football star, Bill Baker. Bill is offered 100.00 a month to take Junior under his wing and make him into a football player his father can be proud of. Along the way Bill & Junior become best friends, and though Junior isn’t measuring up, Bill begins to feel he is betraying his friendship due to his arrangment with Junior’s father.

They Made Me a Criminal
    Starring: John Garfield, Ann Sheridan
                    & The Dead End Kids

Johnnie is a boxer. The same evening he won the world championship, he is charged for the murder of a reporter and is taken for dead. Running away from New York, he ends up in a ranch in Arizona, run by an old lady as a work farm for delinquent teenagers. He falls in love with Peggy and became the teenagers' hero. But there is that New York Detective, Phelan, that does not believe he is dead and is chasing him

Too Many Girls
    Starring: Lucille Ball, Desi Arnez, Richard Carlson
& Ann Miller

Mr. Casey's daughter Connie wants to go to the Pottawatomie college and he sends without her knowledge four football players as her bodyguards. The college is in financial trouble, so her bodyguards use their salary for the college. The football players join the college team, and so the team becomes one of the best. One of the football players, Clint, falls in love with Connie, but when she discovers, that he is her bodyguard she decides to go back to the East, her bodyguards follow her, so the football team is very weak for the game next day.

Top Speed
    Starring: Joe E. Brown, Bernice Clark & Jack Whiting

In this musical comedy, a bored office clerk finds much-needed excitement by masquerading as a millionaire. To do so, he borrows the speedboat of his girl friend's father. Slapstick mayhem ensues on the water until the lad ends up winning the big race. Songs include: "Goodness Gracious," "I'll Know and She'll Know," "Keep Your Undershirt On," "What Would I Care," "Sweeter Than You",”As Long as I Have You and You Have Me", and "Reaching For the Moon" .

Trouble Along the Way
    Starring: John Wayne, Donna Reed, Charles Coburn,
                      Marie Windsor & Chuck Connors

Struggling to retain custody of his daughter following his divorce, football coach Steve Williams finds himself embroiled in a recruiting scandal at the tiny Catholic college he is trying to bring back to football respectability.

W.C. Fields: Festival of Shorts

This is a collection of 4 classic shorts starring the legendary W.C. Fields..

The Golf Specialist - At a Florida hotel, absconding miscreant J. Effingham Bellweather goes slapstick golfing with the house detective's flirtatious wife and an incompetent caddy.

The Dentist - After preliminaries with ice and golf dentist Fields turns to the problems of his patients. He wrestles one woman all over the office during an extraction. One man is so heavily bearded he can't find the man's mouth and uses as shotgun to flush birds out.

The Fatal Glass of Beer - Mr. Snavely, a Yukon prospector, lost his only son years ago to the temptations of the big city; now the prodigal Chester, released from prison, comes home to Ma and Pa. A parody of Yukon melodrama; includes the famous looking-out-the-door routine.

Pool Sharks - This is Fields' first movie, a one-reeler, it stars Fields performing the pool game routine, which he had performed often in vaudeville.

As an added bonus: trailers to some of Fields’ films & an outtake filmed during an actual earthquake in California.

Where The Red Fern Grows
    Starring:  James Whitmore, Beverly Garland
                    Stewart Peterson, Jack Ging, Lonny Chapman                     Garland McKinney

Where the Red Fern Grows is the heartwarming and adventurous tale for all ages about a young boy and his quest for his own red-bone hound hunting dogs. Set in the Ozark Mountains during the Great Depression, Billy Coleman works hard and saves his earnings for 2 years to achieve his dream of buying two coonhound pups. He develops a new trust in God as he faces overwhelming challenges in adventure and tragedy roaming the river bottoms of Cherokee country with "Old Dan" and "Little Ann." The movie follows the inseparable trio as they romp relentlessly through the Ozarks, trying to tree the elusive "Ghost" raccoon. Their efforts prove victorious as they win the coveted gold cup in the annual coon-hunt contest, capture wily ghost coons and bravely fight a mountain lion. Through these adventures Billy realizes the meaning of true friendship, loyalty, integrity and heroics, in this timeless and poignant coming of age story

A Winner Never Quits
    Starring: Mare Winningham, Keith Carradine,
                        Dennis Weaver & Ed O'Niell

Fact-based story of a young boy who lost his right arm in a childhood accident, but went on to fulfill his dreams of playing major-league baseball. Pete Gray (Keith Carradine) had to overcome the early taunts of his childhood playmates. With the support of his Pennsylvania coal mining father (Dennis Weaver) and his brother (Ed O'Neill), who dreams of being a boxer, he learns to battle for what he wants. Finally in 1943, he is hired to play for a minor league team - the Memphis Chicks in the Class A Southern Association. Initially considered a freak and a box office attraction, he survives the taunts of his teammates and bats .333 his rookie year, steals 63 bases and led the league' outfielders in fielding percentage. Ultimately he won the league's MVP award. In 1945, the St. Louis Browns brought him into the major leagues. A parallel story is also told about the ball player's friendship with a young boy (Huckleberry Fox) who had also lost his arm and dreamed of one day playing baseball. In fact the idea for the movie came from co-producer James Keach whose brother had gone to school with the younger boy and became aware of the events involving the ball player and boy.

The Winning Team
    Starring: Ronald Reagan & Doris Day

Based on a true story, Ronald Reagan stars as Grover Cleveland Alexander, a former worker for the telephone company whose hobby is pitching baseball. Recruited by the Philadelphia Nationals, Alexander rises to stardom while only losing about 200 games over twenty years. After playing with the Nationals, "Alex the Great," as he was known, was traded to the Chicago Cubs, and later, to the St. Louis Cardinals where he was befriended by Frank Lovejoy who plays the manager. Doris Day is exceptional as his beautiful and loyal wife, Aimee.

You Said a Mouthful
    Starring: Joe E. Brown, Ginger Rogers, Preston Foster
                      & Guinn Williams

Both Joe E. Brown and Guinn Williams are named Joe Holt; Brown is a shipping clerk and Williams is a champion Canadian swimmer. Socialite Ginger Rogers gets them confused and thinks that Brown is the inventor of an unsinkable swim suit and enters him in a 20 mile swim race.

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