The Spencer Tracy Collection

20,000 Years in Sing Sing
    Starring: Spencer Tracey, Bette Davis, Lyle Talbot
                  & Arthur Byron

Tom Connors is sentenced to Sing Sing believing his influential friends will soon have him out on parole. A trouble maker, he gets ninety days in solitary and no parole. His girlfriend Fay is injured and Warden Long lets Tom visit her on his honor to return. During a fight with mobster Joe Finn Fay shoots Finn, Tom jumps out the window and is blamed for the death. He gives himself up but it sentenced to the electric chair.

The Actress
    Starring: Spencer Tracy, Jean Simmons
                    & Anthony Perkins

Former seaman Clinton Jones now works at a lowly job. His daughter Ruth wants to become an actress. Clinton gets fired and Ruth rejects the advances of Fred Whitmarsh. Her father gives her his seaman's spyglass to sell as she heads for New York City.

Broken Lance
    Starring: Spencer Tracy, Richard Widmark,
                        Robert Wagner, Hugh O'Brien,
                        Earl Holliman & E.G. Marshall

Cattle baron Matt Devereaux raids a copper smelter that is polluting his water, then divides his property among his sons. Son Joe takes responsibility for the raid and gets three years in prison. Matt dies from a stroke partly caused by his rebellious sons and when Joe gets out he plans revenge.

Cass Timberlane
    Starring: Spencer Tracy, Lana Turner & Zachary Scott

Judge Cass Timberlane marries a girl from the wrong side of the tracks, Virginia Marshland. A baby is stillborn and she turns more and more to attorney friend of of Cass' Brad Criley. While quarreling the Judge tells Virginia to stay with Brad, but when she becomes sick he brings her home

Dante's Inferno
    Starring: Spencer Tracy, Rita Hayworth & Claire Trevor

Jim Carter moves in on the McWade's carnival concession which shows scenes from Dante's "Inferno". He makes it a going concern, marrying Betting along the way. An inspector calls the amusement pier unsafe but Carter bribes him. The pier collapses, leading to the inspector's suicide, injury to Pop McWade, trial for Carter, and Betty's leaving him. Carter starts over with an unsafe floating casino. This is one of Hayworth’s earlier films where she is billed as “Rita Cansino”.

The Devil at 4 O’Clock
    Starring: Spencer Tracy, Frank Sinatra & Barbara Luna

Three convicts enroute to Tahiti are put to work at a children's leper hospital when their plane makes an unexpected stop on another island. There, Father Perreau is to get off and replace Father Doonan, who's been relieved of his duties by the cardinal. Once on the island, things get out of control when the volcano decides to erupt, and the Governor orders an evacuation. The convicts, priests and leper children are all on top of the island and have no sure way to get down and off to safety. All must work together if any are to survive

Edison The Man
    Starring: Spencer Tracy, Rita Johnson, Charles Coburn,
                        Gene Lockhart & Henry Travers

In flashback, fifty years after inventing the light bulb, an 82-year-old Edison tells his story starting at age twenty-two with his arrival in New York. He's on his way with invention of an early form of stock market ticker.

Edward, My Son
    Starring: Spencer Tracy & Deborah Kerr

Arnold Boult is determined to make his son a success at all costs. He commits arson, causes two suicides, and bribes people. His wife, unable to leave him, becomes alcoholic and dies. His son is killed. After doing time in prison he searches for his illegitimate grandson.

I Take This Woman
   Starring: Spencer Tracy & Hedy Lamarr

Georgi has attempted suicide in reaction to an earlier love affair. Now that Dr. Decker has married her he sets out to get her to love him. To make enough to give her what she wants he becomes physician to the rich, abandoning his clinic services to the poor.

It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World
    Starring: Spencer Tracy, Milton Berle, Jonathan Winters,
                    Sid Ceasar, Mickey Rooney, Ethel Merman, Phil Silvers,
                    Buddy Hackett, The Three Stooges, Joe E Brown, Jack Benny,
                    Jerry Lewis, Jim Backus, Jimmy Durante & Many More

After a long prison sentence Smiler Grogan is heading at high speed to a California park where he hid $350,000 from a job 15 years previously. He accidentally careers over a cliff in view of four cars whose occupants go down to help. The dying Grogan gives details of where the money is buried and when the witnesses fail to agree on sharing the cash, a crazy chase develops across the state.

    Starring: Spencer Tracy, Jimmy Stewart
                    Valentina Cortesa, John Hodiak
                    Gilbert Roland & John Barrymore

Newspaperman Royer convinces government officials of a plan to obtain rubber by stealing it out from under the Japanese. Carnahan is let out of prison to help. While taking out the last load Royer is killed and Carnahan, wounded, must finish the job.

The Murder Man
    Starring: Spencer Tracy & Jimmy Stewart

Steve Grey, reporter for the Daily Star, has a habit of scooping all the other papers in town. When Henry Mander is investigated for the murder of his shady business partner, Grey is one step ahead of the police to the extent that he often dictates his story in advance of its actual occurrence. He leads the police through an 'open and shut' case resulting in Mander being tried, convicted and sentenced to death. Columnist Mary Shannon is in love with Steve but she sees him struggle greatly with his last story before Mander's execution. When she starts typing out the story from his recorded dictation, she realizes why.

The People Against O'Hara
    Starring: Spencer Tracy, Pat O'Brien, John Hodiak
                        & Diana Lynn

James Curtayne has retired from law but he returns to defend John O'Hara on a murder charge. Curtayne's drinking and rustiness result in O'Hara's being found guilty, but Curtayne makes further efforts to prove him innocent.

Stanley & Livingstone
    Starring: Spencer Tracy, Cedric Hardwicke
                    Wlater Brennan & Nancy Kelly

When American newspaperman and adventurer Henry M. Stanley comes back from the western Indian wars, his editor James Gordon Bennett sends him to Africa to find Dr. David Livingstone, the missing Scottish missionary. Stanley finds Livingstone blissfully doling out medicine and religion to the happy natives. His story is at first disbelieved. When Livingstone later dies, Stanley returns to continue the good doctor's work.

Test Pilot
    Starring: Spencer Tracy, Clark Gable, Myrna Loy,
                        Lionel Barrymore & Virginia Grey

Jim is a test pilot. His wife Ann and best friend Gunner try their best to keep him sober. But the life of a test pilot is anything but safe.

Tortilla Flat
    Starring: Spencer Tracy, Hedy Lamarr, John Garfield, 
                    Frank Morgan, Sheldon Leonard & Betty Wells

Based on the Steinbeck novel, the story involves Tracy and Garfield, their paisano friends and their adventures. Garfield's inheritance of two houses brings him instant respectability yet estranges him from Tracy and his other pals. Both Tracy and Garfield vie for the affections of a lovely woman and become near-enemies in the process.

Up The River
    Starring: Spencer Tracy, Humphrey Bogart,
                   Joan Marie Lawes & Claire Luce

Two prisoners, Saint Louis and Dannemora Dan, escape during a theatrical production in order to go to the aid of Steve, a former prisoner whose past is about to be exposed by the man who framed Judy unless Steve agrees to help him commit another crime.

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