The Gene Tierney Collection

Belle Starr
    Starring: Gene Tierney, Dana Andrews & Randolph Scott

The setting is the Civil War and its aftermath. Belle's family has lost their land to Yankees. She marries Confederate guerilla leader Sam Starr and they continue activities against exploiters until she is shot riding to alert Sam to a trap. Highly romanticized and little connection with history.

Black Widow
Gene Tierney, Ginger Rogers, Van Heflin
                        & George Raft

Broadway producer Peter Denver takes in young actress Nanny Ordway while his wife is out of town. When Nancy is found murdered in his penthouse apartment, the two prime suspects are Peter and Brian, the neglected husband of Lottie a temperamental Broadway star, who had also been dallying with the dead girl. Detective Bruce figures out the true identity of the killer.Black Widow is a "film noir" at heart.

China Girl
    Starring: Gene Tierney, George Montgomery
                        & Robert Blake

The exploits of two-fisted newsreel photographer Johnny Williams stationed in Burma and China in the early stage of WW II. Captured by the Japanese, he escapes from a concentration camp with the aid of beautiful, enigmatic "China Girl" Miss Young .The two arduously make their way back to friendly lines so that Johnny can deliver the vital military information he's managed to glean from his captors.

Daughter of the Mind
    Starring: Gene Tierney, Ray Milland, Don Murray,
                      John Carradine, Barbara Dana
                           & Edward Asner

A professor of cybernetics comes to believe that his dead daughter is communicating with him from the netherworld. An extremely rare and well done TV movie from 1969.

    Starring: Gene Tierney, Vincent Price & Walter Huston

In 1844, farmer's daughter Miranda Wells is invited by Nicholas Van Ryn, distant relation, to live in his mansion as companion to his daughter. Arriving in high hopes, Miranda finds the Van Ryns a bit strange. The parents barely know daughter Katrine; Nicholas faces a revolt of his tenant farmers; the servants hint darkly of curses and visitations. And what does Nicholas really do up in his tower room?

The Egyptian
    Starring: Gene Tierney, Victor Mature,
                    Jean Simmons & Peter Ustinov

In eighteenth-dynasty Egypt, Sinuhe, a poor orphan, becomes a brilliant physician and with his friend Horemheb is appointed to the service of the new Pharoah. Sinuhe's personal triumphs and tragedies are played against the larger canvas of the turbulent events of the 18th dynasty. As Sinuhe is drawn into court intrigues, and bizarre secrets are revealed to him, he learns the answers to the questions he has sought since his birth. Short on historical accuracy but strong on plot and characterization.

Hudson's Bay
    Starring: Gene Tierney, Paul Muni & Vincent Price

Highly fictionalized early history of Canada. Trapper/explorer Radisson imagines an empire around Hudson's Bay. He befriends the Indians, fights the French, and convinces King Charles II to sponsor an expedition of conquest.

The Iron Curtain
    Starring: Gene Tierney, Dana Andrews & June Havoc

This little cold war story tells the tale of an ordinary man caught up in the intrigue of the atomic spy scandal of the 1940's in Canada. Working as a code clerk in the Soviet embassy in Canada Igor Gouzenko learns that atomic secrets are being forwarded to Stalin through his office. The problem for the Soviet Union is that while in Canada Gouzenko begins to realize that the government he works for and fought for is more of a threat to its people than a protector. He also realizes that the Canadians around him are decent people and no threat to his people. A true story.

    Starring: Gene Tierney, Dana Andrews, Clifton Webb
                    & Vincent Price

Detective Mark McPherson investigates the killing of Laura, found dead on her apartment floor before the movie starts. McPherson builds a mental picture of the dead girl from the suspects whom he interviews. He is helped by the striking painting of the late lamented Laura hanging on her apartment wall. But who would have wanted to kill a girl with whom every man she met seemed to fall in love? To make matters worse, McPherson finds himself falling under her spell too. Then one night, halfway through his investigations, something seriously bizarre happens to make him re-think the whole case.

Left Hand of God
    Starring: Gene Tierney & Humphrey Bogart

A man in priestly robes, seemingly the long-awaited Father O'Shea, arrives at a little-frequented Catholic mission in 1947 China. Though the man seems curiously uncomfortable with his priestly duties, his tough tactics prove very successful in the Seven Villages, as around them China disintegrates in civil war and revolution. But he has a secret, and his friendship with mission nurse Anne (an attractive war widow) seems to be taking on an unpriestly tone.

On The Riviera
    Starring: Gene Tierney & Danny Kaye

Jack Martin, an American entertainer working cabarets on the French Riviera, does an impersonation of philandering industrialist Henri Duran so convincingly that even Duran's beautiful wife is fooled by it. When Duran's business interests compel him to be in London when he should be hosting a large soiree at his home, Martin is persuaded to impersonate Duran at the party. But matters threaten to get out of hand when Martin is confronted by several of the philanderer's women, and by Duran's ruthless business rival, M. Periton.

The Pleasure Seekers
    Starring Gene Tierney, Carol Lynley & Ann Margret

Three American lovelies room together in Madrid and all manage to get themselves into seemingly unhappy relationships with fellows.

Rings on Her Fingers
    Starring: Gene Tierney & Henry Fonda

A couple of grifters enlist the aid of a naive store clerk, in order to pull off numerous swindles against rich socialites. When one of their victims turns out to be a sweet honest working-man, their ingénue falls for him thus jeopardizing their next great caper.

Thunder Birds
    Starring: Gene Tierney, Preston Foster, Jack Sutton
                    & Jack Holt

In this ultra-patriotic ode to the WW2 flyer/flying instructor, a free-wheeling veteran aviator (Preston Foster) and a trainee (John Sutton) compete for the affections of flirtatious Gene Tierney.

Toys in the Attic
    Starring: Gene Tierney, Dean Martin, Geraldine Page
                      & Yvette Mimieux

Sisters Carrie and Anna Berniers have been supporting their ne'er-do-well brother Julian through various failed businesses; now, he returns home with a sudden fortune and his young bride. Jealousies both old and new will play a part as the sisters try to understand what Julian's been up to, and as his wife wonders if there's another woman involved.

Where the Sidewalk Ends
    Starring: Gene Tierney, Dana Andrews & Karl Malden

Cop Mark Dixon is already in trouble with his superiors for his brutal tactics when he accidentally kills a murder suspect. To protect himself, he decides to cover it up and pin the killing on a racketeer he hates and knows has committed many crimes like this in the past, Scalise.

    Starring: Gene Tierney, Richard Conte & Jose Ferrar

The wife of a psychoanalyst falls prey to a devious quack hypnotist when he discovers she is a habitual shoplifter. Then one of his previous patients now being treated by the real doctor is found murdered, with her still at the scene, and suspicion points only one way.

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