The Un-Aired TV Pilots Collection

    Starring: Justin Hartley, Ving Rhames,
                    Lou Diamond Phillips, Denise Quinones
                    & Amber McDonald

A young twenty-something diver living in the Florida Keys discovers he has the power to breath underwater. He also learns the truth about his past, for he is the Ruler of the undersea kingdom of Atlantis. But in doing so, he has now made himself a target of the enemies of Atlantis as well, and they are sworn to destroy him. Will Aquaman be able to stop them? Based on the DC comic.

+ A special bonus feature included - The 1984 independent pitch pilot: Aquaman. This pilot was also never picked up nor was the idea even sold. A very amateur feature of fair quality, but a fun little bonus just the same.


This 1964 sitcom pilot was an attempt to bring to the small screen the comic book characters of Archie, Jughead, Betty, Veronica and all the other kids from Riverdale. In this episode “boy genius” Archie Andrews introduces viewers to his wiz kid inventions and learns about teenage love. A very well done pilot that surprisingly was never picked up.

Captain Fathom
        Starring: Don McGowen

When an evil scientist and his hoods try to corner the uranium market by harvesting an illegal mine beneath the seas, Captain Fathom and his crew of adventurers must stop him or the world faces a nuclear dictatorship.

Dick Tracy
    Starring: Ray MacDonnell & Victor Bruno

This campy version of the Comic Book Ace Detective, never made it past this pilot that wasn’t picked up. Done by the people that brought you the Batman Series of the 60’s,  features Victor Buono ( Batman’s nemesis, King Tut) as the villain, Mr. Memory, who’s ability tap into any computer by hooking up his brain to the machine, threatens to destroy a missing ambassador’s plans to bring an important peace initiative to the UN. Eve Plumb ( the future Jan Brady) makes a cameo appearance in the opening credits as she was slated to play Tess Truhart’s ward, but this never came to be as the series was never aired.

Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart
   Starring: Mickey Dolenz, Davy Jones,
                        Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart

After the Monkees, Mickey Dolenz & Davy Jones got together w/ Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart to record 2 albums and a TV Variety show…the albums flopped & the variety show never got picked up  & here it is, the entire pilot that never aired.

Electra Woman & Dyna Girl – The 2001 Un-Aired Pilot
    Starring: Markie Post, Anne Stedman, Ashley Hale
                    & Shanola Hampton

In Fall, 2000 the WB network commissioned this pilot to be made for a new Electra Woman and Dyna Girl to be set in contemporary time. The plot was advertised as the once world-famous superheroine Electra Woman who, since the departure of Dyna Girl to become a supermodel, has become a disillusioned, foul-mouthed, trailer-park alcoholic. Judy Bennett, a journalism student rescued as a child by Electra Woman and Dyna Girl returns the favor by getting Electra Woman back in action and becoming her sidekick Dyna Girl.

* Please note that the quality of this feature falls into the  “Fair- Good” range and is listed at the lower price of $17.95

For Love or Money
    Starring: Bob Hope & Janet Leigh

This unaired pilot from 1967 for a series featuring 2 big name stars failed to make it. Hilariously funny, this spy spoof, finds a pair of tourists to a tiny South American country being recruited by the US Government, to conduct a subversive mission for the sake of international security. All they have to deal with is their own reluctant State Dept, the inept Dictator, the bumbling army, & their own incompetence. These 2 make 86 & 99 seem like geniuses!!! A true rare gem & Must Have for any collector of Hope or Leigh!!

The Human Target
    Starring: Rick Springfield

A Vietnam vet named Chance sets up a unique service for people who feel their lives are threatened. For a fee, the client goes into hiding while the Human Target impersonates him, hoping to draw the killers out.

Justice League of America

And what is this? An evil Weather Man intent on destroying New Metro City with a series of malevolent meteorological mishaps? Can the super-powered (and semi-employed) Justice League of America save the day? Or will New Metro be drowned in a humongous tidal wave? Starring David Ogden Stiers ( of MASH fame) as the MARTIAN MANHUNTER…other members of the JLA are GREEN LANTERN, FLASH, ATOM, ICE & FIRE.

Misfits of Science
    Starring: Courtney Cox, Mickey Jones, Diane Cary,
                    Dean Paul Martin  Kevin Peter Hall,
                    Jennifer Holmes & Leslie Easterbrook

Drs. Hayes and Lincoln are researchers in biological oddities for the Humanidyne Company. When they find a man still alive after being frozen for 50 years, their greedy boss fires them and takes the Iceman to use for military experiments. Left without jobs, Hayes and Lincoln decide to get a group of "freaks" (including a telekinetic 17-year-old and a rock guitarist who shoots lightning from his hands) together to rescue the Iceman and stop their boss' reckless experiments.

Mr Terrific
     Starring: Alan Young

Stanley Beamish, the weakling clerk of a Washington shoe store, is also a top-secret super agent. The government recruits Stanley for the Super Hero Pill Project. When the Government's Bureau of Special Projects needs Stanley, he takes a pill that gives him an hour's worth of strength, courage and flying time. However, it doesn’t seem to go quite as planned. Mr. Terrific was picked up for the ’67 TV schedule, but in the series Alan Young was replaced by Stephen Strimpell, and Stanley then owned a gas station. This is the Un-Aired “pitch” pilot that was shopped around the networks in ’66.

Power Pack

The Marvel Comics super team comes to life in this un-aired pilot. This live action feature has our young heroes tackling the evil DR.MOBIUS and still getting home in time to do their chores & homework before mom & dad get home.

Roy Rogers & Dale Evans: Pilots & Rarities

This round up of rare Roy & Dale TV items leads off with the Un – aired pilot of  “Queen of the West”, a 1950 unsold pilot starring Dale Evans. Also featured is the 1951 promo film for “King of the Cowboys” & the pilot episode for “The Innocent Fugitive” (later retitled “The Innocent Pursuit”) starring Roy Rogers. Also included is a guided tour of The Roy Rogers & Dale Evans Museum in Victorville, CA.

Super-Heroine Double Feature:
    The Un-aired Pilots of Batgirl & Wonder Woman

    Starring: Adam West, Burt Ward & Yvonne Craig
This "short" was presented to ABC executives to introduce the Batgirl character into the Batman TV Series (1966-68) and proved to be successful. The series ventured into a third season, which also turned out to be it's final. The villain in this presentation was Tim Herbert as The Killer Moth, although the villian was never used on the series. This film was never shown on television. …Also included are 2 Batgirl commercials: one for the Batman series, the other for the US Dept of Labor.

Wonder Woman
    Starring: Ellie Wood Walker
At the height of the popularity of "Batman" (1966), producer William Dozier produced this short film in hopes of getting approval from Warner Brothers to produce a pilot episode for a "Wonder Woman" series, based on the comic book. Unlike "Batman," which was campy adventure, "Wonder Woman" was going to be a straight comedy series, along the lines of "Captain Nice." The resulting short written by several writers on the Batman series failed to win Dozier that approval.

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