The Robert Walker Collection

Her Highness & The Bellboy
    Starring: Robert Walker, Hedy Lamarr & June Allyson

The romance between a New York bellhop and a European princess falls by the wayside as each secretly longs for another.

Please Believe Me
    Starring: Robert Walker, Deborah Kerr, Peter Lawford
  Mark Stevens

Alison Kirbe of London, receives a telegram from Texas, that she has inherited a livestock ranch. It is plastered throughout the London newspapers that Alison has become a rich heiress, and is sailing to the United Slates alone to claim her inheritance. Or so she thinks. Three men, Terence Keath, Jeremy Tayler, and Jeremy's lawyer, Matthew Kinston take an interest in Alison, after reading about her in the papers. They all board the ship hoping to become involved with her, but, all for different reasons. Terence, is a gambler and wants to marry a rich women to pay his debts. Jeremy, a multi-millionaire wants a wife, and Matthew wants to protect Jeremy's fortune, for he belives Alison is actually running a scam. All aboard!

See Here Private Hargrove
        Starring: Robert Walker & Donna Reed

Journalist Marion Hargrove enters the Army intending to supplement his income by writing about his training experiences. He muddles through basic training at Fort Bragg with the self-serving help of a couple of buddies intent on cutting themselves in on that extra income.

The Skipper Surprised His Wife
    Starring: Robert Walker & Joan Leslie

When Daphne is incapacitated by a broken leg, the skipper takes over management of their home. A stickler for nautical discipline, Lattimer tries to run things "the Navy way," but this proves not only futile but ridiculous.

What Next, Corporal Hargrove?
    Starring: Robert Walker, Kennan Wynn & Chill Wills

The hilarious sequal to “ See Here, Private Hargrove”, finds Hargrove getting promoted, the squad in France, and all kinds of troble along the way. Not to mention, there’s a war on.

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